FAQ and General Information

Q: What is the difference between an Astrology Reading and an Astrology Consultation?

These terms are often used interchangeably.

However, I use the term Consultation for those times when I meet directly with you (on Zoom) for a personal conversation about your chart and your life.
I use the term Reading for a video recording I make and send to you as I explore and dig deeply into your chart.

Think carefully about what you want. Do you want to have a direct conversation or would you rather passively receive the information? If you choose a Reading, you will have the opportunity (for a nominal fee) to schedule a follow-up appointment for questions and verification.

Q: What benefits might I gain from an Astrology Reading or Consultation?

  • an expanded view of self
  • recognition of personal strengths and talents
  • deep insight into ego struggles and how to work with them
  • seeing patterns of life development
  • understanding life purpose/ direction
  • the pattern beneath life experiences
  • support and preparation for upcoming challenges and opportunities
  • a deep connection to the greater universal whole
  • seeing and acceptance of self as a beautiful multifaceted person of great value
  • clarity of personal essence, beyond the stories, dramas, and tribulations
  • clarity of potential, possibilities, and the challenges of the life journey
  • allowing yourself to be seen by an astrologer is an act of courage
Q: What is Your Approach?

My approach to astrology does not fit in a box. I am self-taught through a deep study of multiple approaches to Western Astrology. These include psychological, traditional, esoteric, and evolutionary astrology. My consultations are informed by 50 years of study and 30 years of consultations. I have worked with and consulted with thousands of individuals and couples.

After so many years and so many charts, I am confident that your horoscope will sing to me in its most unique voice. My job is to share with you the tone, texture, rhythm, and melody I hear. I will do my best to share with your its most glorious voice.

  • I use 8 planets along with the Sun and Moon (occasionally Chiron)
  • I use both traditional and modern rulerships
  • I use the 5 Ptolemaic or classical aspects
  • I use the whole sign house system
  • I use the cycles of transits to see upcoming themes and cycles in your life
  • I use two types of Progressions, Secondary and Solar Arcs
  • I use the nodal axis and the natal Moon Phase in past life considerations
Q: What do I need before I schedule my consultation?

Casting your astrological chart requires accurate data. In order to have an accurate and useful chart to work with I will need:

your name
your date of birth
the location of your birth
the exact time of your birth*

*An accurate, exact birth time is essential in order to erect your natal chart. If you are unable to track down your original birth certificate clearly listing the time, this information is often recorded in baby books, saved hospital bracelets, or family bibles. If you are still unable to obtain a birth time, contact me for more information on how to proceed.

Q: How do I schedule an astrological consultation with you?

You can schedule your consultation HERE. If you run into any problems in the scheduling process, contact me directly.

YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION. If you do not, you have not completed the process. Try again or contact me directly.

Q: What if there are no dates or times that work for my schedule?

If you need to meet outside my set hours, contact me directly. Meetings on weekends or after 6 PM Eastern time are at my discretion and carry a 10% premium fee.

Q: How and where will we meet?

Unless previously arranged, all consultations are done as a live video call via Zoom. Zoom is an online conferencing service that is simple to use. Before our meeting you will receive a link that will enable you to join me. As long as you have a computer, I Pad, or iPhone we can meet this way.

Zoom enables me to share charts on the screen and record the session while we chat. Following our call you will receive an email with the recording. It will only be available for you to download for approximately 20 days so please download it right away.

A few minutes into our call it will feel as though you have joined me at my kitchen table for tea and conversation.

I am willing to meet on the phone if necessary but will not have a way to record the session.

Q: What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

You will receive an email reminder one week before and again 24 hours before our scheduled appointment. If you need to reschedule you can do so through that email reminder.

Q: What can I do to prepare for the consultation?

To prepare for our time together please spend some quiet time alone to review the timeline of your life and your overall life development. We may be exploring the past in order to get a clearer view of the present and into the future. Be prepared to talk openly about your life and current situation.

Come prepared with any specific issues you want to discuss during the session so that you do not forget. Also, click on the link you receive to have Zoom downloaded on your computer before we meet.

Q: What is your Confidentiality Policy?

The identities of my clients and persons involved with my clients will always remain confidential. Our conversations and all that you share with me will be held in highest confidence.


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