My weekend was very busy and fully devoted to many levels of family!  I am, now, extremely content to be back in my own sweet home.
I had an absolutely wonderful visit with my two brothers and my Dad. It was the first time in many, many years that I have had any significant amount of time with just with my brother Mark, who is my closest sibling in age and manner of thinking. As children Mark and I were the ‘little kids’; without much identity of our own. It was very special to have time to really connect with him. It is amazing how many years can pass without taking the time to spend with folks we dearly love.
My older brother and my dear old dad graciously opened their home and hearts to our visit. As the beer and wine flowed freely we enjoyed food, laughter, political and philosophical conversations, gossip and memories.
As always I brought with me the charts of all involved! As we talked I spread the charts on the table and observed where the tender spots of Saturday’s GEMINI LUNAR ECLIPSE were affecting each of us. Then I simply watched as the CANCER MOON held us in the space of appreciation, love and family connection. A rare pleasure, indeed!
Amazingly, there was an unexpected peace to the entire weekend! There were no hurt feelings, no defensiveness, no anger, no manipulation or trying to convince anyone of positions not agreed upon! Now, that is unusual in any family gathering!!

It seems we were all able to tap into the tender loving side of the CANCER MOON without the shadow side of feeling overlooked or under-appreciated. Somehow we each understood the importance of keeping ourselves above the negative side of CANCER and stick with the side of CANCER that touches love, gratitude and care!
Today and most of tomorrow the MOON WILL CONTINUE IN CANCER. Spend whatever time you can with those you love. Be kind, appreciative, show love without expectation.