Thursday, March 29, 2012:
Make the most of this day!
Don’t let it just pass without much notice. This is not just an ordinary day in an ordinary life.
Today is bigger than that, and deserves more attention! Where do our lives ache for empowerment, where in our lives do we long for transformation?  On the other hand, many of us are likely attempting to avoid the powerful shift that we feel in the depths of our being. 
The deep rumble feels like an internal earthquake.  Life is already in the process of transforming,  although we don’t yet know the extent of the upcoming changes. Today, the change, already in process gears up a notch!
If we are paying attention, today we will feel the warmth and see the light of the SUN shining clearly on the area to be transformed.
The SUN SQUARES PLUTO today, enabling us to see and prepare for what is to come.
Doors that we thought (perhaps hoped) were securely shut may be opened today. Fresh air is allowed into a stuffy room. Secrets are exposed. Dark corners are seen into. We may not like what we see but our eyes are opened and we must look.
Purification does not happen without the darkness first being revealed. Once we see that darkness, it is our job to move forward, toward the darkness, we must go deep. This is no time to turn away from what may seem overwhelmingly intense. This is the time to move directly toward what we are afraid of, and move to the very depth.
MOON ENTERS CANCER at 6:17pm ushering in an ideal evening to stay close with family and intimate loved ones. We may encounter some moodiness and defensiveness within ourselves or coming from others. If you are feeling moody or defensive shift your thinking away from your own anxiety. It will help immensely to care for, love, and nurture others.
We are all a bit more vulnerable than usual. A bit of affection and tender caring can go a long way. Love each other, and show that love. Don’t expect others to know that you care. Be clear and direct in your expression of kindness and love.