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Sunday, December 2, 2012:

The big news for today is an OPPOSITION BETWEEN JUPITER AND THE SUN!

The Sun is in Sagittarius (which rules Jupiter) so these two delight in their connection today!

The opposition brings us to the apex of the relationship cycle between Jupiter and The Sun.

At the Opposition two planets are in full view of each other, they are able to see and understand each other fully.

Together they delight in the presence of each other’s brightness and size. Today it is easy for our opinions to get overblown and bigger than we know how to manage productively.

Try to find ways to explore, express, and share those opinions and bring them to light without too much personal attachment to them so as not to antagonize others.

Jupiter can get carried away with what s/he believes to be ‘right’, and with the warmth and heat of the Sun radiating on him/her we can easily become convinced that our way is the only right way.

Use this energy to explore the cultures, ideas, and opinions of others.

There are so many ways to view the world. None of us has all the answers and everyone has a perspective that we can learn from!

It can be difficult to keep our minds open to the fact that others do not see or experience the world in the same what that we do.

 What is true and right for me is not necessarily true or right for you. Never forget this.

Today, make space in our hearts and minds for what others believe as well as what we may be sure is the only truth!

We may be surprised by what we learn once we release our attachment.


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