Expanding Differentiation of Self

It is important that we embrace our independence and expand our differentiation of self, as we prepare for major transformation and change.

Read that  statement again.

Stop for a moment and give serious consideration to what area/s in our personal lives requires us to take on a serious practice of learning courage, self reliance, and independence.

Where will our personal sense of freedom and individuality serve us as we move toward the future? Where will our attempts to hold on to others, and to the past, burden our motion forward?

Look at the bigger picture of our communities, our country, our culture. As we widen our view to include a full global view, continue to ask this question:

Where do we need to learn the courage to move forward on our own, to say what we know must be said, and to allow others to, not only disagree with us but to be disappointed in us.

Just to be clear: when I speak of independence and individuality I am not speaking of selfishness or lack of consideration for others.

There is no question that this is a balancing act, indeed! We must learn to think for ourselves, follow our own truth, even as we respect and support the truth of others.

It is important that we support each other in the development of a well-differentiated SELF which allows us the space to understand our appropriate dependence on others, without losing our ability to stay calm and clear headed in the face of conflict, criticism, or rejection.

We must be able to distinguish the best course of action in a given situation. We must not allow our clarity of mind to be clouded by our need to be right in the minds of others. We must follow our true hearts vision to lead the way. 

We are currently embroiled in the energies of Uranus and Pluto, which we have been talking about a great deal over the past year! The ongoing struggle between them builds (to one of it’s 7 peaks between 2012 – 2015) and is amplified over the coming weeks.

Yes, Uranus represents the future, and in that respect always ‘wins’ so to speak.

However, Pluto has the power to transform the course that Uranus takes.

We must learn to truly think for ourselves, be willing to act on what we witness, to react for the good of our brothers and sisters. Uphold each other. Work from a broader perspective, consider humanity as a large system of which we are a small part.

As we heal and support ourselves and those around us we are supporting and healing the community, the culture, the world, the Universe.

We are not alone in this. We are in a very large web of relationship with all of the Cosmos.

Each of us can effect the whole by playing our part with creativity, detachment from minor concerns, and love for one another.

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. ~ Lao Tzu

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