Examining Our Experience of Desire

Tuesday, May 15, 2012:
Today we move into a six week stretch of Venus retrograde.
As with the retrograde period of any planet, we must understand the best use of this time in order to avoid potential difficulties. I believe these retrograde periods are cycles during which, if our lives were not so intensely speedy, we would just naturally understand the need to slow down and look at where we are pushing forward too aggressively, to soon, or too quickly.
In the case of Venus’ retrograde we are offered the opportunity at this time to carefully examine all the ways and all the places where we attempt to fulfill our desires.
VENUS speaks to us of loving relationships and personal resources (money & things of beauty and/or value). Think about the things in our lives that we desire, those things that we hold most dear. We desire relationships and we desire things that money can buy.  The realm of Venus encompasses your spouse, your lover, your new car, an item that has recently been acquired, or anything that you own or posses that you view as beautiful or of value. 
Desires of all types come up for examination during this retrograde cycle as we are given the space to seriously contemplate how desire works in our lives.
The new shiny thing, unmarred by time, often blinds us to the deep value in what we have held close over time. We seem to always want what is new. It is easy to set aside that which has been around for awhile. We have grown accustomed, and potentially bored, with those things which have lost their initial shine. We get tired of the old car, the old furniture, the old house, the old relationship. We long for something new, something that will bring a spark to our eyes and make our heart beat just a little faster.
During the course of our lives we have tossed many things (and relationships) to the curb. 
Why is it so difficult for us to simply be satisfied?
This is the question that Venus retrograde asks.
As our understanding of money, and how we relate to it, is transformed (Pluto slowly moving through Capricorn) we are coming to a new appreciation of value, we are slower to toss things aside without thought. Perhaps this will change our willingness to toss relationships aside as well. Over time I believe it will. We are coming to understand that our relationships are a very important resource that has a deep impact on our finances and our future ability to support ourselves and our families.
So, bottom line – during this time: Look carefully at what you value, don’t throw out what has been with you through time. Don’t take any steps toward what is new and shiny.  Don’t let a new relationship sweep you off your feet, and don’t even think of buying that new car right now. Take your time. Contemplate how desire supports your future or puts it at risk.
Relationships from the past can come into focus and come back into your life during this time. Take the opportunity to resolve whatever was left unfinished from the past. Current relationships and future relationships can’t move forward without the past being resolved.
Contemplate how you have managed relationships, money and acquisitions since the last Venus retrograde (Oct. 8, 2010 – Nov. 18, 2010). Do what you can to clean up any messes you have left in your wake since then and be ready to move forward after June 27th!
Once again ask yourself: Why is it so difficult to simply be satisfied?


One more thing:

Let me take a moment to explain why my blog posts have been so few and far between. I had surgery on my wrist several months ago. Because I was very concerned about losing my insurance coverage at the time, I had the surgery at a very poor time, astrologically. The surgery itself went just fine but the healing has been very difficult and I am not sure yet what the next step will be. It is extremely painful to type, or write, or really do to much of anything. So, when you are scheduling your surgery, please consult your astrologer and wait until the time is right!


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