A seasonal shift (Sun moves into Libra – the Equinox – 11:02PM EDT) followed almost immediately (5:17AM, tomorrow) by the Full Moon at the first degree of Aries!

The season we have just passed through has demanded many changes for us individually and collectively. It is time, now, to set our feet firmly in our chosen direction, being fully conscious as to what direction that is.
Look back at your life in June. Doesn’t it seem like a different world altogether? Where have you managed to plant yourself since then? Where will you be at the end of this season if you stay on this path? What do you need to change?
Now is a moment in time to look clearly at your aspirations. Firm up the places that support your healthiest vision and find the courage (Moon in Aries) to leap onto another path at the places that are leading you in directions that are not the best for your larger community and yourself.