Today’s MOON IN GEMINI provides us with all the enthusiasm, alert perceptions, and curiosity to gather the information we need to move forward in a way that will propel our lives in the direction we are hoping to move in!

Our attention is consumed today with our intimate relationships, our creativity, or our finances. In one of these areas we are fairly certain that we don’t have the information we need to make the informed decisions that seem necessary. Today we can easily find that information. Simply follow the line of curiosity.
All day we feel the energy building toward VENUS OPPOSING URANUS which will bring unexpected, exciting, or disruptive news in the realm of VENUS (Relationship, Creativity, Finances).
Think about the circumstances of your life in early February of 2012.
What did you begin at that time that may have seemed unusual or unconventional regarding your relationship dynamics?  At that time did you begin working on a creative project?  Did you shift the rules of your relationship?  Did you begin to explore new and unusual ways of creating or working with your finances?
What result do you see now regarding the issues that began in February 2012?
What you see now is a result of what began at that time.  Now we see what we created and how it played out. Now we gather information, we look clearly at our success or our failure on what began then.
The most important thing is to consider what we have learned through this energy. Where have we truly learned to take responsibility for our own desires, regardless of what others may think or expect of us? Where have we learned to stand up and say what we know to be true regardless of how unpopular the message may be?
Throughout this process we have acquired great wisdom regarding beauty, love, creativity, and all things of personal value. Over the next few months we will have the opportunity and the responsibility to pass this wisdom on, to teach what we have learned.