Signs of The Zodiac
The SIGNS are one of the MAJOR pieces in the puzzle that is Astrology.
When exploring a horoscope/chart, the other two MAJOR players are the PLANETS and the HOUSES.

Each planet in our chart resides in a SIGN; the sign provides the planet with its method of expression.

As we read about a particular sign it is natural for us to think of people who we identify with that sign. We often are aware of the SUN SIGN of our friends and members of our families.

As an example, think about someone you know who’s Sun sign is PISCES, VIRGO, SCORPIO, or whatever sign you may be most familiar with. As we read about that sign it is important not to anticipate or assume that what is said about that sign will perfectly fit that person. The Sun Sign is only a part of a very complex system, no-one is a full expression of any particular sign.

We each have all the signs somewhere in our charts and somewhere in our psyche.

Certain signs are highlighted in each of us and in all the people we know. The Sun Sign, the Moon sign, and the sign on the Ascendant (cusp of the 1st hours) will likely be the strongest contenders in our lives.


It is important to remember that no one is fully an Aries or a total Aquarius!

The sign that the Sun resides in, indicates the basic core energy that we have available to us in this life. The sign that the Moon is in speaks of the core NEED that must be fulfilled to bring us a satisfactory life, and the Ascendant is simply the role we have learned to play in this life, or we can think of it as the mask that we wear to present ourselves to others.

Each sign falls into one of the four ELEMENTS and one of the three MODALITIES. There is so much to say about the Elements and the Modalities but for today I am just giving a few key words for each. Mull them over, give thought to how these work together to create the groupings of the different signs.
keywords: JOY, enthusiasm, warmth, high spirited
keywords: BEAUTY, practical, grounded, conservative
keywords: WISDOM, conceptual, idealistic, curious
keywords: LOVE, introverted, sensitive, impressionable
keywords: WILL, initiation, beginning
keywords: POWER, sustaining, determination
keywords: CHOICE, change, adaptability


For each sign we will present:

  • The image, or symbol, of the sign
  • The potential benefit we gain as we work with the energy of the sign
  • How to reach for that benefit
  • The helpful resources that are available to the sign
  • The difficulties that the sign is apt to encounter
  • A few keywords that stand out in working with that particular sign

(cardinal, fire)
The Image:
The Ram!
Imagine the ram, fierce and unyielding, scraping his hooves against the hard ground, snorting loudly.
The Potential Benefit:

The development of courage and independence
How to Achieve this Benefit:
The Ram develops courage through independent action, through facing stress, anxiety, and fear head on!
What Inherent Ability Helps Aries Reach this Benefit?
Aries possesses naturally independent, combative, warrior energy. Aries does not shy away from fear but stands up to it, ready to face it down.
What Does Aries Struggle With?
Fighting the wrong battles! If someone with strong Aries energy finds themselves in deep levels of frustration, look at the battles that are being fought. Finding a worthy cause is important to anyone with a strong dose of Aries energy.
Aries Keywords:
Courage, Assertive, Independent, Determined, Dynamic, Forceful

(fixed, earth)
The Image:
The Bull!
Think of the tranquil solitary bull with nothing to fear, no point to be made.
The Potential Benefit:

To attain and maintain serenity, inner calm, physical security and reverence for life
How to Achieve this Benefit:

The bull develops reverence for life through times spent in nature, through silence, through the stillness within music, and through the touch of flesh on flesh.
What Inherent Ability Helps Taurus Reach this Benefit?
Taurus possesses a natural aversion to noise and drama, and possesses a natural love of simplicity.
What Does Taurus Struggle With?
There is a danger in seeking material security alone! If we find ourselves sinking in boredom we must broaden our horizons and step out of our comfort zone. Continuing to find ways of moving forward is important to anyone with a strong dose of Taurus energy.
Taurus Keywords
Sensual, Deliberate, Stable, Dependable, Conservative, Stubborn

(mutable, air)
The Image:
The Twins!
Think of the ability and inclination to communicate between twins… born together, never apart, and yet separate.
The Potential Benefit:

To gather all the information that one can. To find where information resides and pull it forward into experience.
How to Achieve this Benefit:

The Twins develop the ability to extract information from others. They become experts at communication, and at discovering sources of information. The Twins must read, speak, and they must learn to listen.
What Inherent Ability Helps Gemini Reach this Benefit?
Gemini possesses a quick wit, a strong vitality and a natural curiosity about others and about all of life.
What Does Gemini Struggle With?
Manipulation and high anxiety! With Gemini’s quick wit and ability to access information, manipulation comes easily. Being aware of and resisting this tendency is important to anyone with a strong dose of Gemini energy.
Gemini Keywords
Perceptive, Enthusiastic, Curious, Versatile, Clever, Restless

(cardinal, water)
The Image:
The Crab!
Imagine the crab, the strong shell protecting the very soft underbelly.
The Potential Benefit:

To open the heart, to feel the depth of life, the pain and the pleasure, to feel the depth of Love.
How to Achieve this Benefit:

The Crab develops a tough outer shell to protect the intense sensitivity within. The key is to keep the door open enough to feel, and shielded enough to protect from harm.
What Inherent Ability Helps Cancer Reach this Benefit?
Cancer possesses a naturally kindness, nurturance, and supportive concern for others. Cancer’s natural tendency is to move toward love.
What Does Cancer Struggle With?
The very thing that helps can also become a mask to hide behind. The kindness and support for others must be genuine and must not block one off from one’s own feelings. Opening the heart to deep love is important to anyone with a strong dose of Cancer energy.
Cancer Keywords:
Protective, Sensitive, Nurturing, Family oriented, Emotional, Domestic

(fixed, fire)
The Image:
The Lion!
Think of the proud majestic Lion; queen/king of the jungle; respected by all!
The Potential Benefit:

To openly express all that is within, to creatively develop full expression of personality.
How to Achieve this Benefit:

To face life with joy and celebration, to play!
What Inherent Ability Helps Leo Reach this Benefit?
The Lion has a great love of life and is quite naturally an ‘open-book’! The Lion has a generous spirit and includes everyone in her simple desire to celebrate the joy of life!
What Does Leo Struggle With?
The lion’s pride can prevent her/him willingly show vulnerability. Finding creative expression for all of what is internal is the key to the Lion’s joy!
Leo Keywords:
Dramatic, Expressive, Generous, Playful, Creative, Loyal

(mutable, earth)
The Image:
The Virgin!
The image is that of a woman unbound by social expectations, aloof and pure.
The Potential Benefit:

To be of service to others.
How to Achieve this Benefit:

To find the area within the self to develop and perfect in order to have something of value to bring to the world.
To face the work of developing the self.
What Inherent Ability Helps Virgo Reach this Benefit?
Virgo has a great ability to work hard, is very responsible and methodical in her work.!
What Does Virgo Struggle With?
Virgo’s self criticism and ability to get lost in the details, losing sight of the big picture can be a problem in accomplishing the goal.
Virgo Keywords:
Discrimination, Industrious, Analytical, Perfectionist, Efficient, Humility

(cardinal, air)
The Image:
The Scales
The image of scales represents balance and equilibrium.
The Potential Benefit:

To attain a mental state of refinement and inner harmony
How to Achieve this Benefit:

To seek out and create beauty, and to develop social harmony in relationships
What Inherent Ability Helps Libra Reach this Benefit?
Libra has the ability to see truth on both sides of any coin and is highly attuned to beauty and aesthetic harmony.
What Does Libra Struggle With?
Libra suffers with indecisiveness and a difficulty holding to a clear and solid opinion.
Libra Keywords:
Diplomacy, Social, Balance, Graceful, Indecisive, Cooperative

(fixed, water)
The Image:
The Scorpion/ The Phoenix
The image of the scorpion represents the intensity of life and death. The image of the phoenix represents the transformation that is available out of darkness.
The Potential Benefit:

To live a full life of intensity while embracing the awareness and reality of death.
How to Achieve this Benefit:
On an emotional level, to fully accept and embrace the vulnerability inherent in sexuality and the reality of death.
What Inherent Ability Helps Scorpio Reach this Benefit?
Scorpio is drawn to search out the truth and the intensity of what is deeply held within self and other.
What Does Scorpio Struggle With?
Too much inner searching results in depression, avoidance of inner darkness results in anxiety. These are the dangers.
Scorpio Keywords:
Intensity, Transformative, Empowerment, Mysterious, Introspective, Private,

(mutable, fire)
The Image:
The Archer (the arrow)
Think of the view from the perspective of the arrow itself as an expression of freedom.
The Potential Benefit:

To expand awareness and experience life as a perpetual quest for adventure.
How to Achieve this Benefit:
To live life as an adventure, opening to new ways of seeing the world. One must be willing to let go of ties to convention in order to satisfy philosophical and practical curiosity.
What Inherent Ability Helps Sagittarius Reach this Benefit?
The undeniable requirement for freedom and faith in personal ideals.
What Does Sagittarius Struggle With?
Too much optimism, poor judgment and over stepping ones abilities can potentially be problematic.
Sagittarius Keywords:
Optimistic, Idealistic, Expansive, Philosophical, Extravagant, Opinionated

(Cardinal, Earth)
The Image:
The Mountain Goat
The ability to reach the highest peaks, depending on the self alone, without losing one’s footing.
The Potential Benefit:

To develop the highest level of personal integrity, approval of the self, and to master the art of solitude.
How to Achieve this Benefit:
To develop total satisfaction in being alone, to publicly express full integrity but seek approval only from the self.
What Inherent Ability Helps Capricorn Reach this Benefit?
Capricorn has an amazing amount of self discipline, determination, patience and the ability to see what is deeply practical in all situations.
What Does Capricorn Struggle With?
Capricorn may suffer with loneliness or a closed heart, if too focused on ambitions.
Capricorn Keywords:
Integrity, Ambitious, Authoritative, Responsible, Disciplined, Cautious

(Fixed, Air)
The Image:
The Water Bearer
The water being poured from the jugs represents knowledge being offered to all of humanity.
The Potential Benefit:

To develop an absolute commitment to the Truth and to Freedom.
How to Achieve this Benefit:
To develop the ability to turn our back on social pressures; to answer only to the truth as we see it. To be able to detach from family, friends, and lovers when necessary to go where we must.
What Inherent Ability Helps Aquarius Reach this Benefit?
Aquarius has the ability to think thoughts that are truly unique and has the natural ability to stay true to the self regardless of pressures put to bare by others.
What Does Aquarius Struggle With?
The danger to Aquarius is if he/she tries to live a conventional life which results in not living true to the self, this results in deep levels of alienation.
Aquarius Keywords:
Detachment, Unpredictable, Humanitarian, Independent, Inventive, Objective

(Mutable, Water)
The Image:
The Fish – or the Ocean they swim in!
The fish live within the deep mystery that is water. The image is that of the mystery itself.
The Potential Benefit:

To develop an experience and an awareness of the deepest inner flow of our human nature.
How to Achieve this Benefit:
To develop the experience of this awareness we must find a way to let go of the solid world that normally holds our attention. The possibilities are many and may include: meditation, music, poetry, prayer, and deep fantasy.
What Inherent Ability Helps Pisces Reach this Benefit?
Pisces has the gift of deep imagination, an awareness of consciousness, and an awareness of the ability to transcend the boundaries of the self.
What Does Pisces Struggle With?
Pisces is cautioned to find healthy ways to explore this inner territory as there is the potential to get lost in an inner world of imagination and fantasy. Looking for escape is suspect. Please avoid drugs and alcohol.
Pisces Keywords:
Mystical, Transcendent, Intangible, Impressionable, Compassionate, Imaginative
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