May 13, 2013
Today I want to let you into my life, to tell you a bit of my process and where I now find myself!
We all live very busy lives and mine is no different! I am lucky enough to be in a position where I can now loosen some of the restrictions on my life and put my energy into what I believe to be my life purpose.
Life purpose is an interesting, and important concept to consider.
Do you suppose we all have a ‘life purpose’?
I think we do.
How do we know what it is?
It is that one thing that, when we are engaged in it, we lose track of time! It is that one thing that we have always done in one manner or another. It is the thing that we will do with or without being paid to do it!
For some of us it is a compelling pull that will not leave us in peace until we are firmly on the track. For some I think it is a subtle thing, barely perceptible, but likely it is embedded in our lives, something we have always been drawn instinctively toward.
My utter fascination with astrology began the day I first encountered those interesting glyphs and symbols. I had no idea what I had stumbled upon!
I was about 12 or 13 years old and my interest was piqued strongly. Little did I know that I had discovered the one thing that could hold my interest throughout the course of my life, through all the ups and downs, all the turmoil, and upheaval.

The study of astrology was never set very far aside.
The thought that I could actually make a living with astrology did not occur to me for many years.  I never encountered Astrologer as a career choice!
When I did encounter the possibility, I determined that Astrology would be my retirement plan!
My thinking was that when I was old and could no longer work, I would be able to sit, watch the  planets and talk to folks about their lives. I would keep my eyes focused on the Universal truths I had found hidden in those glyphs and in the motion and cycle of the planets.
Two weeks ago I ended outside employment. It was not an easy decision for me, the safety of a regular paycheck (regardless of how small!) was not easy to let go off.
Now, finally I begin the work I have been meant for all along!
Wish me luck! There is so much to do!!

I have not been writing consistently. Now, I determine to change that.
My intention is to have blog posts that will appear in your inbox at least 2 or 3 times per week.
Feel free to hold me to it!
You will hear more from me as we move forward into these days of permanent cultural and personal change and transformation!
Keep up the good work as you each are encountering your own major shifts and discoveries!