Expect the Unexpected

6 planets in Aries. Isn’t it time to make a move?
Aries Moon connected with Uranus yesterday (Friday).  I hope you didn’t get your fingers stuck in any light sockets! You, and those around you, were probably feeling the need for BIG CHANGES! On an emotional level an upset of some sort may have been required…. perhaps it was the only way to get out of a stuck spot. Aries won’t tolerate being stuck even if anger, negative passion or aggression is the only way he can see to get unstuck!
With this type of energy it is important to find a new perspective or a new approach to the things that may seem stale in your life. Initiate action on a new project, a new study or a new way of seeing. There is electric energy here that can tap in to brilliant new ideas and ways of seeing the world. Allow energy to move but think ahead because how this is handled will affect the rest of your weekend!
Late Friday night/ early Saturday morning you will likely feel some intensity possibly due to putting your finger in that light socket!  Or perhaps due to someone else doing the same! By noon you will feel more content and solid with your world. Brunch with your friends is the best way to start the day. Any shopping you must do, do in the earliest part of the day. Spend the rest of Saturday developing structure and value in your relationships with friends and loved ones.
Sunday will bring strong energy! Find a way to direct it out into the world. Get out and exercise, accomplish something, ride your bike, go on a hike! Don’t stay indoors with this energy, get yourself and any kids in your life outside!
Have a great weekend. Love to all.

Sunday Morning Brunch