Were we expecting this summer to be full of easy, hot days without a care in the world??  By now we probably have gotten the idea that is not what the planetary patterns have in mind for us.
Have we noticed the underlying stress that has been with us for the past month and is now building stronger? Just what we were hoping to avoid!  The Cardinal Grand Cross is the rough, intense energy that is in the background of everything that we encounter as we move forward. Does any of this seem eerily similar to the stresses and difficulties of last summer?  Very likely it does, as the three outer planets involved are continuing the dance begun in the summer of 2010.
We are in the firm grip of a grand cross pattern involving Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. The Sun in Cancer moves to the 4th point for several days and is then replaced by Venus in Cancer.  June 26th – July 13 are the approximate dates to watch, the time when this thing will be at its strongest. Those of us with planets between approximately 4 to 10 degrees of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will be even more intensely affected than the general public.
If you know the houses these planets are transiting in your chart you will know where the story is in your life. These are areas of challenge and intense growth in your life.
July 1st will also bring us the 3rd and final eclipse of the season, this time in Cancer bringing even more emotion to the issues involved in each of our particular, and current stories.
If we are able to drop the story of our current situation and connect with the energy and emotion beneath that story line we may use this time to heal the patterns that have us stuck here. These stories are our own patterns in action, we need to look in the mirror and take responsibility for the stories we have written. If we can work to heal our own issues without placing judgement on the issues of the person sitting across the table from us.

In working with Astrology we really get to see how the patterns are our own and we find the wisdom to learn to work with our own issues rather than laying the responsibility on others. It is one of the many gifts of astrology.
On a lighter note The Summer Solstice has brought us to the mid-point of the year and our Sun is now firmly in Cancer.  During this time we should reevaluate where we now find ourselves (very possibly somewhere we did not expect to be). This is an opportunity to make whatever shifts need to be made to adjust to our new situation. Pay attention to any places in our lives that need to be reassessed. Do you need to shift your approach to some situation, or find a new perspective?
Mars entered Gemini on Monday and yesterday squared Neptune.  It is important that we now allow space for a softer approach around the issues that are the hottest on the table. We don’t need to draw any hard lines in the sand right now. Hold steady and make space for an easy flow of energy. We have had the support of the Sun trine Neptune. Breath deeply, meditate, daydream or spend some time at a body of water! Relax into the new reality that is now manifesting in our lives. Contemplate what it would be like to simply surrender to your new reality!
Today (Thursday) could be a challenging day.  The Moon enters Aries at 4:24am, for myself, I am hoping that I will be able to sleep!  As the day moves forward the Moon squares the Sun conjunct Uranus and squares Pluto. Keep yourself out of difficult power struggles with family, coworkers or friends. Keeping steady today will be a challenge worthy of the effort!
There is a great deal going on that doesn’t necessarily meet the eye. It is not obvious the extent and depth of the changes that are happening. You may as well relax into them because fighting against change has never been very successful for any of us!