Dreams and Delusions. Imagination and Confusion.

PISCES MOON continues on its way through the 12th sign as we languish in elusive space, suffer bouts of self-delusion,  or catch the beginning taste of transcendent mysticism. Ah, days of PISCES/NEPTUNE energy are so very DEEP. On the surface it is really a very simple day so, where do we go from here?

Go with the fantasy, it shouldn’t hurt us much this time around. We have a beautiful transit of MOON TRINE VENUS. Lovely. Open your heart to Love, feel the level of attraction, sensuality. A moment of potential beauty… balance… harmony. Enjoy.
Another piece to the puzzle of today: MOON SQUARE MARS. We feel the energy to move toward that beauty, there is no need or inclination to hesitate! There is strength and courage in the desire to move forward… toward the goal that we are unsure of but that we feel, insistently building.
Make of it what you will.  By next week-end we will have very different stories to share as the LEO SUN will enter CENTER STAGE; LEO has the ability to change the game plan without even trying.  Ahh. The WARMTH!