Hindu Chhat

As Wednesday (right after midnight) begins, the Moon enters the intangible realm of Pisces (and joins hands with Neptune) bringing our imagination to the surface, insisting we give space to our dreams and mystical yearnings.
The sweetness of this Pisces energy is quickly overshadowed by Venus (Aries) squaring Pluto several hours later. There are situations in your life involving finances and/ or intimate relationships that must be looked at clearly.  Now is the time to open our eyes and take in the reality of our situation. Perhaps you have been living with some delusion about the state of your finances or the state of your love life.  Open you eyes and look clearly at what you need in these situations, it may be that you simply have to accept the truth/reality.
This is not new information, your awareness has been growing for some time.  There has been prior warning. We may have avoided looking at it, but we have been aware of the rumbling underground. No matter how we have tried to avoid the reality, eventually it is undeniable. The pain and difficulty is in the denial.  Rather than fight this information/situation take steps to open to the reality now.  Work to get a clear grip on what the situation is.  Face the reality.  Without clarity there is no possibility in changing the course that you are on.
There is a shift that is taking place at this time.  Sidestep the power plays, get to the reality. It may be that you need to end that relationship, or allow it to look very different from what you had expected. Or maybe you have to face the reality of selling a home you have been attached to or losing a job that you thought would support you for many years to come.
Something that you have been attached to is transforming and you do not have as much control as you had hoped for.  It is best to surrender and allow yourself to love what is really there to love.  Open to what is real.  it may not look the way you expected it to, we each have our pictures of how we want things to be. the sooner we can release those pictures and love the reality as it is, the more joy we will have in our lives and the more joy we can share with others.
True love is not in those false pictures we have carried in our minds for so long. True love is in real human connections between flawed human beings with open hearts and minds.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.