On October 26th, at the Scorpio New Moon, a seed was planted, on November 2nd the First Quarter Moon in Aquarius found us working hard to discover new ways to support the growth of those seeds. On November 10th we saw the illumination of that seed at the Taurus Full Moon.

Today with the THIRD QUARTER MOON IN LEO, we come to a crossroads. There are serious choices and decisions to be made. We must be ready to let go of what is no longer necessary, to willingly release what has served its purpose.
We must hold on to the core, distill the essence of what we have learned throughout the earlier parts of the cycle.
This distilled essence will become the seed for the next cycle, at the next New Moon. We must have the necessary discrimination to know what to release and what to hold. Our powerful sense of purpose is activated and we feel an intense pressure as we face these important decisions.
This is a time of re-orientation. We have a LEO MOON (encouraging generosity and an open heart) at the exact Quarter,  then enters VIRGO (suggesting discrimination and service to others) while still in this phase.
During the next few days it will be of benefit to spend time reflecting on what you are releasing, what in your life has served its purpose and is now ready to move on.  Reflect, as well, on what is worthy of holding onto as we prepare for the upcoming Sagittarius New Moon on November 25th. What are we holding onto and what are we releasing?
This is the last phase of the moon that will support accomplishment or a lot of activity. Make the adaptation that must be made before the Moon enters the Balsamic Phase (early next week). At that time we will require time for quiet and reflection.  Now we must strive to complete what has been left undone.

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