Here we are at the date that the world has anticipated for so long!

I believe we will still be here to greet tomorrow. I certainly intend to continue offering my perspective on life with the planets as constant companions!
Everyone seems to have so many ideas and theories of what this day means and what is going to happen. When I look to the planetary placements there is nothing terribly unusual occurring. There is an interesting alignment today, but not anything particularly special!
Yes, it is The Solstice which is certainly worth celebrating, and we will address the Yod alignment, below.

We are in times of great change and transformation in the world, many people believe, and have said, many powerful and unusual things about this day.
Given all the focus, it is certainly worth paying attention to!
There are gatherings happening all over the world with the intention of bringing awareness and peace to our damaged planet and our collectively bruised soul.
Please do take advantage of any gatherings in your area!  Meditate, dance, sing, and pray together.
Doing so, as a community of folks who love and care about each other and our planet, has very powerful potential to move change forward. These are intense times.
Yes, gather together! Join love across the world.

Jupiter is making an important aspect with Saturn and Pluto. This came into affect yesterday and will continue through Saturday (December 22nd). The aspect is known as a Yod and is sometimes called “The Finger of God”. (See below)

I’m going to keep this simple. It is our faith and our belief in the ultimate good of the world and of human nature that needs to be aligned today. Yes, pray and meditate.

There are adjustments that are being made through our expansive effort to the world of power and authority. Open our hearts and the shift is with us as we move forward into a new season, a new involvement with our communities and the world. 

We are asked to drop old programing that no longer works, live a life of purpose.

Begin today.