Yesterday the Moon and Mars entered bold assertive Aries, each have since made contact with Uranus. We may feel assertive and yet not terribly attached to whatever unconventional outcome we seem to be pushing for.  Mars is thrilled to be in his sign of choice, where he is clear that he will be granted whatever he has the courage to insist upon!
Today’s Aries New Moon brings us another indication that we are ripe for a rebirth, or a new cycle. Get clear about what it is you want and are ready to take action on; move with courage in that direction. An Aries New Moon suggests the new cycle is one of action and courage.
What is it that you have been holding back on? What has yet to be completed that you are now ready to move ahead on?  With Mercury still retrograde and Saturn opposing this New Moon, we must exhibit far more patience than Aries is accustomed to or cares for!
This may not be a new situation but, perhaps a new beginning or a new cycle of something that you have been working with for some time.  Expect a certain amount of frustration due to the ‘holding back’ energy of Saturn, but stay with it. Hold steady and maintain courage. If our patience can hold out, the results will likely help us develop an increase in courage and, potentially, the fruition of our desires.  With Jupiter in the mix as well, there is excitement in the air! Even as Saturn insists on adding a dose of  seriousness and effort, we are optimistic and ready to expand our awareness.
Let’s hold out for some of the simple LUCK the old time astrologers associated with Jupiter! A little luck goes a long ways and with all the aggression of Aries let’s hold out for that Luck, along with some of Saturn’s reality and planning as we move into this new cycle of Aries!
Happy Spring!
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