The cycles and patterns of the slower moving planets enable us to understand the cyclical changes to cultures and societies. The largest cycles are seen through major upheavals such as war, famine, and pandemics.

For years now we have awaited 2020 and the major conjunction of planets in Capricorn. As this Capricorn stellium has been building we have watched and waited to see what would bubble to the surface. Saturn and Pluto joined together in January, with Jupiter and Mars currently approaching.

The Coronavirus is not the only cultural/ societal issue represented by this cycle but it is the one most captivating our attention. I’m sure the current focus is obscuring other issues that, from their current seed form, will grow to transform society and our personal lives.

Jupiter’s inclusion in this cycle promises that no matter how dire things appear, the ultimate result will be positive.

The planets currently involved in this Capricorn stellium:

  • Pluto’s ultimate job is to transform
  • Saturns ultimate job is to stabilize
  • Jupiter’s ultimate job is to expand
  • Mar’s ultimate job is to take action

Consider that these planets all in Capricorn, the sign of power, business, and governments.
Pluto’s job of transformation is not possible without destruction. Consider where we personally and our society has become complacent and overly comfortable.
Saturn’s job of stabilization can only be accomplished when we take responsibility and work hard.
Jupiter will expand whatever it encounters, so we must do the hard work that Pluto and Saturn are demanding of us.
Mars gives us the energy and the drive to take the action required.
This is a powerful combination of cycles indeed. The path ahead will unlikely be an easy one but it can be rich, fulfilling, and satisfying.
It is most important that we:

  • Learn acceptance, resiliency, and responsibility
  • Focus on flexibility, resiliency, and personal responsibility
  • Embrace change, take a break, spend time in solitude
  • Study something new that will broaden your perspective
  • Focus on growing your heart and love for others.

The changes required are unavoidable, we are all in this together.
Also, don’t forget to wash your hands.
Sending much light and love, Laurie

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