Last night, shortly after mid-night… 1:56 AM (to be exact) EDT Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn, make contact for the second of seven exact squares.
Times of conflict and chaos are so much more than that.
Times of conflict and chaos are also time of joy, pleasure, hard work, and satisfaction.
There is so much more to be learned, and more value to be absorbed and received during these difficult times.
Simple times do not demand much of us. Now it is time to step up to the plate. Face reality.
The air is fraught with possibility and potential.

Keep your eyes open for the doors that open; simply turn away from the ones that close sharply. Don’t push too hard, turn aside if there is no give, move forward where space appears.

What are the lessons we are learning? What does Pluto, the God of Power & Transformation desire to show us? What does Uranus, the God of Revolution & Upheaval bring to our attention?

When these outer planets join together, it is often the social, economic and/or political forces of the larger culture that wreck havoc in our personal lives. We are out of our depth, we have no control on things that so deeply control the very fabric of our lives.
We are unable to escape the forces of the outside world, of the culture that surrounds and supports us. Our world has long been moving in a manner that is in dire need of change.  If we try to fight against changes that are inevitable, it is all too easy to get caught in an ugly situation right about in the middle of that pattern.
We must be as flexible as a willow tree. We must use our energy to help others to face the transformations in their own lives.

Perhaps as we understand the inevitability and the intensity of major change we will choose to embrace that change. We may suddenly find ourselves ready to jump at the chance for a rebirth. Perhaps we are finally ready to throw off the shackles that have held us back, perhaps we are no longer willing to submit to the obstacles that have previously held us in check.

With eyes wide open, look within; what is the change that you know your soul desires? This is the time to let go of all that has held us back, face the change, do not cling out of familiarity or fear. Change is inevitable; welcome it, embrace it! Assist in its birth!

This combination of Uranus and Pluto may also reveal long held secrets, on the world stage, in the political arena, and in our own personal lives. We must face ourselves squarely and with full unfiltered honesty. Can you imagine if everyone came clean? What a different world we would live in.
When others come to us with long held secrets, things that have been to hard to talk about, stay very quiet until your heart breaks open in love at their willingness to share with you what is most difficult in their heart. Speak only when your heart is full of compassion and deep understanding.
We are rapidly heading for a new world. We can facilitate that process by helping, loving, and caring for one another.

Do you have planets or angles in your chart close to 7 degrees of any cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)?
Do you know what houses these planets are moving through in your chart?
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