Yesterday (Wednesday) was not an easy day. The dreaminess of the previous few days gave way to more intensity and the need to open our eyes to some dynamic issues that we really would have liked to keep rose-colored glasses on for! However, in facing these circumstances (people or situations) head-on we have the opportunity to develop independence and courage. The MOON entered ARIES in the early afternoon (Wednesday) and continues in this energetic, impatient sign today and Friday as well. Stand tall and face whatever demons are moving through your life.
ARIES demands that we learn the development of courage. Each month when the MOON moves through this forceful, assertive sign we have the opportunity to face our fears and move toward them, learning lessons of bravery.
Wednesday evening with MOON CONJUNCT URANUS we may have felt a need for independence and possibly an intensification of anger or fear. Perhaps we faced the situation with detachment, removing ourselves emotionally. Several hours later as MOON SQUARE PLUTO the depth of the darkness in the situation was exposed and our emotions were too powerful to ignore.  An emotionally intense evening to be sure.
Today our demons have moved into a different form as we must face issues of responsibility. Reality and caution are heavy on our minds as MOON SQUARE SATURN.  Life places restrictions in our path and we much face ourselves, mature and accept limitations. Through this process we develop self-respect. Bring a calming energy to your emotions by allowing the stabilizing function of SATURN. With time we learn to love SATURN which moves our lives into a very different form.

ARIES MOON is a great time to get out and do something physical! We learn a great deal of courage through the use of our bodies! Climb a mountain! Dig a ditch! Do something on your own, this is not the energy of a team sport! Mountain biking, kayaking, sky diving!

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