‘Sunlight on Snow’ photo by Sylas

Today’s Moon in Virgo will certainly help those of you who celebrated Christmas to whip the house back into shape. Get those dishes washed and put away. Take care of all the wrapping paper and scattered packaging and get the kids to pick up their new toys!

However, be prepared for a bit of a crash once that has been accomplished.

It is difficult not to have very high expectations leading to the holiday. It is particularly hard for children, after all the build-up not to crash as we come back to a bit of reality.

Today the Sun conjuncts Pluto bringing an intensity to that crash.

Regardless of who you are with – family or friends – be aware of the gathering intensity throughout the day.

This intensity will last for several days and brings with it an extremely powerful energy. This could bring you to the top of the world or to the depths of despair, determined by your individual horoscope, your personal responses and circumstances.

This is an energy of transformation, powerful and karmic. Be aware of what is happening on a level beneath the surface of awareness.

Breath deeply, hold steady… anticipate transformative intensity.

‘Woods_Snow’ photo by Sylas

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