‘Warm Home’ photo by Laurie

We are entering a very interesting week with major changes nipping at our heels! We (here in Vermont, USA) have started our work week with a ‘Snow Day’! Very few of us managed to get to work today as we are in near blizzard conditions around the state.

There are amazing CHANGES afoot! It may be wise not to get too comfortable with the soft energy we are still immersed in while there are still so many planets in gentle, imaginative Pisces! By the end of the week these planets will have entered the more independent, dynamic energy of Aries and we will feel the powerful urge and requirement to ‘GET UP AND GO’!

Yesterday afternoon the Moon (which governs our emotional nature and relationships with women) engaged with Pluto bringing intense dark emotions to the surface as we moved into the evening she made intimate contact with the ideailistic expansive planet Jupiter.  This morning we awoke to the Moon encountering the heavy hand of reality which is Saturn. With Saturn in the picutre we must slow down and look at reality.  The awareness of being snowbound was a rude awakening of reality!

We have been in a waiting game for several weeks now, it is not over yet.

We want to, need to, and belive we are ready to move forward. However, there is still something standing in our way. (20+ inches of snow is certainly a show stopper here!)

We feel the horses champing at the bit, waiting at the gate… ready to blast forward…..
Still we must wait. The time is closing in but not yet at hand.

So… while we wait, hold steady. Open your eyes and see that dream ahead. What do you still need to do to prepare for the next step in bringing your dream into the future?

Things will never be the same once those doors have opened. Time will accelerate. Enjoy these last few days where the dream is still a dream. Do what you need on an internal level. Do your last preperations.

Uranus is the energy of sudden irreversible change, the energy of revolution, independence and intensification! It takes 84 years for Uranus to move through the zodiac. This is a one time deal (in our lifetime) into Aries; the sign of courage, new beginnings & determination.

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‘Winter Outside’ photo by Laurie