Capricorn New Moon: Integrity & Accomplishment

Friday, January 11, 2013:

Today’s CAPRICORN NEW MOON joins forces with the other planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto) moving slowly and steadfastly through the sign of the Mountain Goat. 

This focus intensifies all the issues of this very serious and solitary, Saturn ruled, sign. 

The energy of CAPRICORN is restrictive, disciplined, authoritative, and cautious.  

We may experience a deepened sense of ambition and feel driven to accomplishment at this time. Yet it is a cautious ambition, we want to accomplish our goals but we don’t want to take chances, we seek slow and steady motion forward.

This is not a time to act quickly in moving toward risky goals, it is important that we advance with a slow steady force that will actually win the race.

Nothing in this world comes to fruition without the planting of a seed. 

The time of the NEW MOON is the time to plant the seed that we wish to take firm root.  When we consider what seed to plant it is important to consider the Sign that the NEW MOON falls in.

In order to determine what type of seed to plant we will want to consider all that we know about CAPRICORN.

Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth Sign.  I think the most important thing about Capricorn is her seriousness and her need for the highest levels of maturity, integrity, and responsibility.

More than any other sign CAPRICORN knows that ‘Responsibility Is Not Transferable’!

Capricorn is symbolized by the Mountain Goat who will reach the very highest ridges regardless of how slowly she must climb to  reach those heights. The Mountain Goat is a solitary creature who calculates each step with serious intent.

Today we take our cues from the Mountain Goat.

Today we plant seeds of integrity, seeds of ambition, seeds of financial stability.

Today’s NEW MOON falls at 21 DEGREES CAPRICORN and is exact at 2:44PM EST. If you know what house holds this degree of Capricorn in your horoscope you will have more understanding of the seeds to sow and where to put your energy and your ambition for accomplishment.

It is wise action to learn, to understand, and to use the MOON CYCLES each month to start and implement plans and goals.

The Lunar Cycle begins at the NEW MOON which always speaks to us of the beginning. This is the time to begin our projects, to plant the seeds, to breath life into something that we want to expand and grow.

As we learn to work with these Cycles it is best to begin with month sized projects so that it will be clear how the cycles works.  More on these Cycles in the coming week! Stick with me! 🙂

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