Today’s CAPRICORN FULL MOON comes in the middle of a very intense summer with a good deal of upheaval! We have finally emerged from the difficult eclipse season which has left many of us feeling pushed through an old ringer washing machine! We have emerged on the other side and can now rest a bit more easily.
FULL MOONS always bring something to light. Illumination is brought to an area that has been previously hidden or unclear. It is an important time to open our eyes to how the two sides of this polarity are playing out in own lives. The CANCER SUN speaks to us of home, family and domestic comfort. The CAPRICORN MOON speaks to issues of ambition, accomplishment and integrity in the outside world. These are two side of the same coin.  Give some thought to how these areas are working in your personal life. How are we balancing our own needs and the needs of others? How are we balancing our inner and outer worlds?
I think this CAPRICORN FULL MOON is very much about getting real, about opening our eyes to REALITY, to exactly the spot we are sitting at this very moment in both our inner and outer worlds!  Forget about what we hope for, what we expected or dreamt would be the case! Look at the exact reality that we wake up with in the morning!  Before we can move forward we must know where we are! Reality is not always pretty. But we need to know it, to understand it, to open our eyes to it and move forward from that space.
The URANUS PLUTO SQUARE is very close right now, it will not be closer for another year. This transit is pivotal in understanding this FULL MOON chart. URANUS demands individuality, independence and intensification; PLUTO works with the deepest level of power/empowerment, destruction and transformation. With the illumination and integrity of the CAPRICORN FULL MOON shining forth on this super powerful URANUS = PLUTO energy we are put in a position where we are required to make very serious decisions that will profoundly affect our lives (individually and collectively). If we do not make these choices they will be made without our imput. Not making a decision is making a decision, without consciousness. We can not afford such a sloppy approach, we must take our own future, the future of our loved ones, our communities and our planet very seriously at this time. Our individual decisions and efforts affect the whole more than we can imagine.
There is a balance between our ambition and our homes, our inner and outer lives that must now be understood and worked with consciously. We would do well to put our energy in each area equally, find that balance.  Commit to developing a balance. Do the work that is yours to do. Create the home and family that supports that work.  Understand that these areas support one another, neither can function properly without the support of the other.

The FULL MOON illuminates! Strengthen your foundation!

Listen to your own wisdom and move forward! Happy FULL MOON!