Cancer New Moon: Time to Plant a Seed of Protection

MoonLore with AstroPath – Jennie and Laurie

Cancer is protective, moody, domestic, vulnerable, and deeply sensitive.

The Cancer New Moon is exact at 2:31 pm EDT on July 17, 2023

The Moon joins the Sun at the end of Cancer season to reiterate the need for sensitivity, self-care, and love for others. As you attend to your emotional needs, you become more available to help support others. With aspects to Pluto (opposition), Neptune (trine), and Uranus (sextile), this is a powerful moment in time to recommit to inward work, for yourself and for the good of all.

In the video Jennie and I discuss the Moon phase cycle, the meaning of Cancer, the aspects that impact this New Moon, and how to best begin this new cycle. Watch the first part of our video for a general understanding of the New Moon, and then skip ahead to watch the section related to your personal Rising and Sun sign.

This New Moon correlates to the Aquarius Full Moon on August 1, 2023, in the monthly cycle, and to the Cancer Full Moon on December 26, 2023, in the annual cycle.

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This is a wonderful and unique way to get the most out of your personal work with the lunar cycles.

Cancer New Moon Workbook on Etsy

Time stamps for the video:

  • Start: 00:00
  • Aries: 16:21
  • Taurus: 18:46
  • Gemini: 21:15
  • Cancer: 25:06
  • Leo: 28:30
  • Virgo: 31:48
  • Libra: 34:19
  • Scorpio: 37:10
  • Sagittarius: 40:39
  • Capricorn: 44:05
  • Aquarius: 46:57
  • Pisces: 49:48

Have a wonderful New Moon! Get outside and take the light of it into your eyes! Open your heart to tender vulnerability.