Honor Your Feelings

December 26, 2023, 7:33 pm EST (adjust for your timezone)

Laurie and Jennie discuss the Moon phase cycle, the meaning of Cancer, the lovely aspects from Jupiter and Saturn, and the impacts on your personal chart based on your Ascendant (rising) sign. The Cancer Full Moon arrives the day after the Christmas holiday and on Kwanzaa, when it is likely that many of you will be spending time with family. It presents an ideal opportunity to be kind, caring, and loving towards those you spend the day with. Make sure you take time alone, whether for 30 seconds, 30 minutes, or longer, before fully embracing group time so that you can arrive fully present and emotionally available. Take 10 deep nourishing breaths, pour yourself a cup of hot tea, meditate, or go outside to connect with nature. You won’t regret the moment of self-care!

This Cancer Full Moon sextiles (60º aspect) the great benefic, Jupiter which holds steady in Taurus. The opportunity to create a safe, grounded structure for your tender feelings awaits – all you have to do is take it. The Moon also trines Saturn, indicating easy accessibility to empathy and the understanding that everyone else holds vulnerabilities too. Retrograde Mercury is heading towards a conjunction with Mars (perfecting on Dec 27 at 7:31 pm EST) as well. While this could result in angry opinionated words, it also could result in games, humor, and a willingness to share memories of the past for the purposes of connecting. Use it wisely and the holiday could be a bright spot in the collective memory for months to come.

Remember that your natal chart is the most important thing as you consider how much this lunation may affect you. If you have planets or angles in early cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn), you feel this the most! Please watch the Capricorn season, the Mercury Retrograde, and the Saturn in Pisces videos for more information.

Watch the first 24 minutes for a general understanding of Cancer Full Moon and then skip ahead to your Rising sign to watch and understand the personal impacts for you. If you don’t know your Rising sign, use your Sun sign and then email us to get more information about your Rising sign.

This piece was written by Jennie! 

Start: 00:00
  • Aries: 23:47
  • Taurus: 25:52
  • Gemini: 30:35
  • Cancer: 34:15
  • Leo: 38:17
  • Virgo: 42:15
  • Libra: 46:20
  • Scorpio: 51:16
  • Sagittarius: 57:30
  • Capricorn: 1:01:05
  • Aquarius: 1:06:45
  • Pisces: 1:10:39

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