Bring Fantasy to Solid Form

Tuesday, November 20, 2012:

Today’s FIRST QUARTER MOON is exact in AQUARIUS at 9:32 AM EST.

The FIRST QUARTER aspect of any planetary cycle signals a time when an action must be taken to move forward the new cycle which began at the Conjunction.

Last week, on Tuesday, November 13th we had the New Moon in Scorpio and also the Full Solar Eclipse! What was begun at that juncture?

That cycle began in the sign of Scorpio indicating an intense personal encounter. What intense encounter occurred that may have ongoing ramifications in your life?

What action can you take today to forward the movement that began then.

The First Square insists that an action be taken. We may encounter an internal or external crisis of some sort. If we are to continue moving in a forward direction, we must face the crisis that shows itself now and take an action.

Do what needs to be done.


And then…. the energy shifts again!

The MOON changes sign about every 2 1/2 days. Shortly before Noon she drifts out of the unconventional and non-emotional sign of Aquarius and into the dreamy, sensitive, elusive realm of PISCES.

The afternoon may find us a bit vague, spacy, or lost in dreamland!

Don’t try to hold onto ground that isn’t there. Allow a certain amount of drifting, take time to dream, meditate, or simply escape from the solid world through poetry, film, or music.

The afternoon offers us the opportunity to use some of this Pisces energy to create something beautiful and tangible.

Very often Pisces creations are not of the solid, tangible type! This evening while the Moon makes flowing aspects to both Mars and Saturn we have the ability to create something out of fantasy and imagination and into solid form and substance!

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