‘Train’ photo by Laurie

Things certainly feel different now that we have all this focus of planets in Pisces!
Last week we had a line up of planets in the last few degrees of Aquarius. Everywhere we looked, revolution was in the air.

Have you felt the pull inward? Suddenly there has been more difficulty pushing ahead. Pisces requires that we pull back and take some time in quiet contemplation. What is it that must be sacrificed before we push ahead with more vigor than ever as Uranus enters Aries?

On March 11th, the planet of Revolution (Uranus) enters the sign of the Warrior (Aries)! The first degree of Aries is a very public spot. This is not an issue that can be hidden from public view. Issues that have been hidden will likely come to light during this time. While Uranus has moved through Pisces there have been many secrets but now the lid is blown off and all bets are off! With sudden ferocity much is brought out into the open.
Shortly after the Sun and Mercury will also enter Aries and then Mars….
Ahhh, the warrior, the pioneer, the kicking, screaming child will have his day.
During this move of Uranus we all sense the need to break free, to remove the shackles that have kept us in bondage. We feel an intense flush to open the door to whatever winds of change are ready to move in!
As we move forward, we are without fear.
The Warrior; The Pioneer.
It is time to ACT.

‘Train_2’ photo by Laurie