In my most recent professional transformation (aka “career track”), I’ve become an astrologer.
I didn’t know one could get such a job, but lucky for me, my long time mentor, Laurie Farrington has generously supported and pushed me forward on this path. Which constitutes the need to “come out” as an astrologer to my skeptical family.
Astrology is highly dubious to my parents, partly due to the robotic Nancy Reagan’s obsessive daily need to consult an astrologer and partly due to the image of me in a robe in front of a crystal ball predicting a multitude of future dark strangers coming your way, with a dash of “this is why we sent you to college?” thrown in.
Much to my chagrin, and despite being 43, I still desire some kind of understanding from my family, or at the very least, to not be ridiculed. True to someone with an exact Sun/Moon square, I take this as a personal challenge for growth, hence these ruminations on astrology’s validity and precisely why

Jennie Date - Astrologer for Astrolore

Jennie Date – Astrologer for Astrolore

this path. Surely, anyone with an interest in astrology has had some form of this debate or another.
So, why astrology?
Interestingly enough, my father is a mathematician and my mother is an artist. You would think that somewhere between these two polar opposites, there would be plenty of room for the wild card of astrology.
In truth, I see astrology essentially as a blend between these two disciplines, the study of patterns coupled with the creative acts of interpretation, correlation, and counseling.
We study the natural cycles of the moon, the seasons, and the planetary bodies in conjunction with the archetypal structures within the human personality. In this way, we trace the lineage of our relationship to self, each other, the collective, our cultural myths, our planet, and the solar system.
Astrology takes the ultimate subjective geocentric view, an acknowledgement of our most basic human predicament, and uses the steady movement of natural cycles within that view as a map, setting practical guides for how to move our lives forward and chart the course ahead.
Astrology is unique in its therapeutic paradigm of providing personal insight, linking it to ancient human themes, suggesting tools to use in rediscovering balance, and presenting a timeline in which to do it in.
Ultimately, my hope as an astrologer is for each consultation to serve as a catalyst for my client to tap into their natural heritage of relationship with the planet and the cosmos, to find their deeper path, and to make peace with themselves and others.
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With love,
Jennie Date