‘Wet Road’ photo by Laurie

Sit down. Be still. Be quiet.
Feel the silence, the shift, as we attempt to stabilize.
Hold steady.

This is not easy.
What must be looked at here?
What have we avoided with our busy mind?
Breath it in.
Feel it all the way to the core.
Let it go.
Use all pain to learn compassion.
Pain is unavoidable, the important thing is to see where others experience what we experience.
Breath that pain deeply into yourself and breath out relief to all who experience the same.
Look around, see that pain etched on the faces you pass.
Notice where you pull away and don’t see/ acknowledge the humanity around you.

Write a poem,with deep, dark intensity. It comes from the core and touches the core.
Pray, meditate… whatever you chose to call it. Touch the untouchable.
Let music fill that space of mystery.

Moon in Pisces.
Mercury retrograde, approaching conjunction with Pluto, then Mars.
While the Moon conjuncts Uranus.

Heavy few days or so…..
Rest with the depth of understanding that comes with time.
Live the life you have in front of you to live.
Stay steady.
Approach the intangible with a light touch, let it move you, be gentle with those around you.

Maintain curiosity about all of life.
It is an amazing experience we are in the midst of.

‘Boots’ photo by Laurie

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