Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: September 22, 2014 through September 28, 2014



Portrait of bird-of-paradise, impatiens, and calla lily flowers 1947

Portrait of bird-of-paradise, impatiens, and calla lily flowers 1947

We start the week with big shifts that must be managed efficiently. I hope you got enough rest over the weekend!


On Monday Pluto turns direct after being retrograde since April 2014. Do you remember the Grand Cardinal Cross in April? During the intensity of that time you required privacy in order for the transformation that was required of you.


As Pluto turns direct this week, the door we closed at that time, opens and our transformation comes into the light of day. We feel a newly tentative security regarding our transformation; we are ready to accept and face the change.


Here in the Northern Hemisphere Monday is the Autumnal Equinox; in the Southern Hemisphere it is the Spring Equinox. Because I am in the northern hemisphere I will speak of it from this perspective.


The Equinox occurs at the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator. The Earth’s axis generally tilts either away from, or toward the Sun. However, at the time of the Equinoxes, Fall & Spring, the Earth’s axis is perpendicular to the Sun’s rays. These times are called equinox to represent the fact that night and day are equal in time.


As the Sun leaves Virgo behind to enter Libra our deepest energy turns toward creating balance and partnership to support our lives as we move forward.


This week begins in the Dark of the Moon and Wednesday bringing us to the New Moon in Libra.


Take the time to prepare a ritual to bring diplomacy, love, and beauty into your life. If you are seeking more connection with others, your best bet is to create beauty around you. Both internal and external beauty will attract love and connection.


Mercury enters Scorpio on Saturday as our minds turn toward the underworld and the changing of the seasons. Our thoughts anxiously seek out the intensity our ongoing transformation requires.



This week’s VOC* Moon!

Block off these times in your schedule and avoid making significant decisions or working on important projects during these times. During VOC* Moon, focus on routine tasks. You will be surprised at how this one change will smooth the edges of your life!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Moon is VOC* following a Conjunction to Venus at 8:58AM EDT, ending at 12:01AM EDT on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 as the Moon enters Libra.

Friday, September 26, 2014 Moon is VOC* following a Conjunction to Mercury at 8:39AM EDT and ending 10:29AM EDT as the Moon enters Scorpio.

Sunday, September 28, 2014 Moon is VOC* following a Sextile to Venus at 4:31PM EDT and ending at 6:49PM EDT when the Moon enters Sagittarius.




Monday, September 22, 2014:


Pluto, having been retrograde since April 2014, now turns direct! Doors that have been firmly closed since mid-April (remember the Grand Cardinal Cross?) will open over the coming days. We now have the opportunity to get a clear view of the parts of your life that have been transformed behind closed doors in the past 5 months! Look to the area of 11degrees Capricorn in your horoscope to get an idea of where this transformation has occurred.

At 10:28PM EDT the Sun enters Libra. Following a month of the Sun in analytical efficient Virgo hour energy now turns toward a desire to balance and socialize our lives in a more harmonious and cooperative fashion. As we move toward the winter months we seek romance and partnership. Our creative energies increase as does our desire to surround ourselves with beauty.



Tuesday, September 23, 2014:


Tuesday the Moon is in Virgo, VOC* following her Conjunction to Venus at 8:15 AM EDT. This can be an extremely productive day as long as you stick with routine tasks and not put this energy into a new project or something you are trying to build. This is great energy of maintenance and energy to get routine tasks accomplished. With the Moon in Virgo we are able to see and understand the potential of our situation. It is important to remember to be kind to self and keep our expectations practical. The potential we see ahead requires time and self-care to reach. Do not be critical of where you find yourself today. Always plot the path forward with kindness and full awareness the reason for reaching this potential is for the service of others.

A great time to focus inward, here at the Dark of the Moon; take time alone for contemplation.



Wednesday, September 24, 2014:


Long before we wake on Wednesday morning the Moon will have entered Libra and reached her New Moon phase. This begins a new cycle, an opportunity to reconnect with love and partnership. Carefully consider the seed you are planting at this time. Find time alone to contemplate how you wish to create more co-operative, diplomatic, and graceful partnerships with others. Consider not only your romantic relationships, but also your domestic partnerships, your business partnerships, and your closest friends. Within this range of intimate relationships where do you need to focus on growth in the coming month? Set an intention, an aspiration, and a plan!


Illustration of Calla Lilies - circa 1930s

Illustration of Calla Lilies – circa 1930s


Thursday, September 25, 2014:


Oh, what can I say about this day?? I love this energy! Jupiter at 14 degrees Leo Trine Uranus at 14 degrees Aries! These two planets of expansion and excitement began their current cycle in the summer of 2010 at 0 degrees Aries. If you have planets in the Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius) between 12 – 16 degrees you will be most powerfully impacted!

There is no choice but to change and grow as the energy flows freely between these two! Can you feel the excitement in every fiber of your being?

Due to the retrograde of Jupiter, this energy will be with us for nearly a year, bringing us direct ‘hits’ now, again in March 2015, and finally in June 2015.

Having a direct hit now along with Wednesday’s Libra New Moon we can anticipate our relationships will not fit with the expectations of conventional mores. We long for independence, intensification, and originality in how we create our lives and our most intimate relationships. Watch as those around you defiantly make their own rules; allow yourself to make the rules that work best for you, your partners, and your life. Celebrate the ability to move outside the boxes prescribed! This transit is exact today has been impacting us for some months and will deeply color our lives for the better part of the upcoming year. Expect big irreversible changes in your most conventional and traditional connections!


Friday, September 26, 2014:


Keep your eyes open to the ways that the world is expanding in its understanding and acceptance of eccentricity and non-conformist ways of being in the world. We are all given the opportunity to open our minds and accept the many varieties of human experience. As we come to understand and accept others, we can offer that same acceptance to our selves, as well.

Friday starts with the Moon still in Libra; following a conjunction to Mercury at 8:39AM EDT, she is VOC* until she enters Scorpio at 10:29AM EDT. The rest of the day we are asked to go deep in contemplating emotional power/ empowerment. Our connection to others wants to go into deep places. Light superficial interactions are of no interest. Connect with those you are able to get real and go deep with. Open yourself to vulnerability. If you are tempted by drink or drugs consider that you may be avoiding the depth and vulnerability necessary to move your relationships forward. Go deep; be vulnerable.



Saturday September 27, 2014:


This Saturday bring us a deeply intense and powerful Scorpio Moon.

Secrets could easily come to light as Mercury enters Scorpio also at 6:39PM EDT. What is below the surface, hidden away in hopes that it will not upset the equilibrium you have tried so hard to maintain? Is it worth it? What unknown harm is done to the soul when we are not honest about who we are, when we keep our desires hidden?

As Mercury moves into Scorpio we begin to consider the depth and hidden forces of the underworld. What is in that hidden place in our own heart? We may run in fear, and yet, it is always in those places of deep intensity, fear, and power that our most precious resources exist. Consider that once we dig below our fear we come to the richest soil, the compost.



Sunday, September 28, 2014:


We may be even less interested, or capable, of engaging in polite surface interactions on Sunday morning. Perhaps we feel a bit emotionally hung over and even anxious for the weekend to be over.

At 4:31PM EDT the energy loosens up a bit with a Sextile to Venus. Following that final aspect the Moon becomes VOC* until she enters Sagittarius at 6:49PM EDT.

Enjoy the evening, probably the easiest part of the weekend. We are finally ready to look outside of ourselves and engage in more positive interactions. Gather with friends. Look at the world from a more expansive perspective. Watch a movie that expands your intellect and your heart.


Bird of Paradise by Doug Landreth

Bird of Paradise by Doug Landreth



* In these weekly reports I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to it’s VOC time, as that aspect holds it’s influence throughout the VOC*
The Aspects I consider: Conjunctions, Sextiles, Squares, Trines, and Oppositions
The Planets I am working with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
*VOC (void of course) refers to the period of time between the final aspect that the Moon makes while in one sign until she enters the next sign. This can consist of several minutes or many hours. These periods are best handled with little expectation of accomplishment; times ideally suited for rest and contemplation.

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