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Time Marches On

It is hard to believe that we reach Libra Season before the end of this week. The Summer passes by so quickly, always managing to evade our efforts to hold onto it!

The Sun marks the Fall Equinox as it enters Libra here in the Northern Hemisphere on Thursday. At the time of the Equinox, the length of day and night are equal. This fact itself gives us a clue to the meaning of Libra. Libra represents issues of balance and justice. We seek harmony, peace, and equality as the Sun moves through this sign.

As the days get shorter over the coming weeks we seek to connect and form relationships with others. Rather than looking for family, playmates, or workmates, now we seek equal partnerships. Those who balance our thoughts and emotions. Who will you hunker down with over the coming months of cold weather?

Do you have friends and partners who will support you through the season ahead? Libra season is the time to develop or stabilize those relationships that will hold us safely through the coming months.




Monday, September 19, 2022

Kairos in a basket! 🙂

Today’s Cancer Moon deeply desires emotional comfort. When the Moon is in this cardinal water sign we want to focus on domestic concerns. We long to spend our time at home with loved ones.

With the Moon in Cancer, your emotions are of primary importance. You are aware of a deep sensitivity that is focused on love, family, and other private issues.

As evening approaches you may be surprised by a boost of excitement or possibility. The Moon forms sextile aspects to both Venus and Uranus. Another way to think of this is that the Moon is at the mid-point of Venus and Uranus. Either way, your current domestic sensitivity can open an exciting and unexpected doorway to love, money, or resources. Receive what is offered, be it a surprise gift, love, or money.



Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Grove Cemetary, Belfast Maine

At 12:44 AM ET Venus forms a flowing trine aspect to Uranus. Relationship dynamics bring excitement and change. An unexpected gift or even a windfall could come your way.

The pattern of your connections to others may take an unexpected turn away from the ordinary. Your relationships are open to an unusual shift in focus or direction.

Positive and exciting opportunities for love or money may come your way. Look for an unusual flow of excitement.

Venus’ impact as a transiting planet is relatively brief. You can expect the influence to last for approximately 24 – 48 hours.

The Moon remains in sensitive Cancer for much of the day. This keeps your emotional attention on family and your innermost life. At 8:59 AM the Moon opposes Pluto pulling you into deep nostalgia. Consider how powerful issues of the past may still hold you, hostage, in some way. Contemplate the work and healing from early childhood trauma that is still needed.

​​At 4:38 PM ET the Moon enters Leo. This is a playful Moon allowing your emotions to catch up with the excitement of Venus trine Uranus. Leo is ruled by the Sun and brings the potential for enthusiasm and optimism. Make plans to spend the late afternoon and evening in playful or creative endeavors.



Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Grove Cemetary, Belfast Maine

All else being equal, the Leo Moon simply feels good. Leo is a very personal self-oriented sign. When the Moon is in Leo, we seek a greater level of attention and dramatic expression.

We are more able than usual to exude playfulness, courage, and confidence. This offers us the opportunity to let the fun-loving self-assured side of ourselves come alive and speak with spunk and tenacity.

While the Moon passes through Leo is also a great time for romantic and creative activities. It is important not to let petty or unimportant ego issues get in the way of grand sell expression. Step onto the stage of your life and seek attention for all that makes you special and unique.



Thursday, September 22, 2022

Tamzen – This woman lived a good long life. and what a great name!

The Moon continues through Leo today, making stressful aspects to both Saturn and Uranus. Complications this morning are probably connected to cultural stress. The upcoming election season may already be invading and impacting your emotions.

Leo is a very personal self-oriented sign. To manage the stress go all out in expressions of generosity and warmth. With the Moon in Leo, we seek a greater level of attention and dramatic expression.

At 9:03 PM ET, we come to the Equinox. At the Equinox, day and night are of the same length. The Sun ingresses into Libra marking the entrance into the new season of Autumn (in the Northern Hemisphere). This is a time to think ahead and reorient yourself in the direction of the upcoming season.

Libra is a Cardinal sign meaning it is very strong and represents new beginnings. In Libra, balance and the cultivation of equal partnerships is of primary importance. The scales that you see as a symbol of Libra represent the power of balance between self and others. In learning diplomacy and equality we find the peace and harmony of relationships in our lives.

As we think ahead to the coming cold season our relationships have less space to function out in the world as we come inside to close out the cold. We must learn to gather warmth in the mirror of our partnerships. In order to have a partner to keep us warm, we must learn the skills of negotiation, compromise, and meeting others halfway.

Think about how dynamic the scales of balance are. There is continual motion as balance constantly has to be re-negotiated and navigated. Tolerance, understanding, and seeing both sides of every issue must be learned.

We misunderstand Libra if we think it is all about peace, harmony, and beauty. That is the goal, but think about how much effort it takes to get there.

This is a time to focus on understanding the things that make us similar to others. Seeing both sides of every issue can be a gift and a curse. Do your best to build bridges between yourself and others.

This is a time to be social and work toward fair-mindedness. Resist passive-aggressiveness and superficiality.



Friday, September 23, 2022

Grove Cemetary, Belfast Maine

The inferior conjunction between Mercury and the Sun occurs at 2:49 AM ET. This is a window of time during the retrograde when you can explore deep intellect, begin new directions of mind, and even take on new projects. We are halfway through the retrograde, the main challenge has passed.

This is the bright spot of the Mercury Retrograde and is a powerful time of illumination. Pay attention to the direction of your thoughts and conversations.

Prior to the inferior conjunction, Mercury was following the Sun into the morning sky and setting in the evening after the Sun. Following today’s inferior conjunction Mercury will rise before the Sun and set in the evening before the Sun. If you want to see Mercury in the sky in the coming months get out of bed very early and watch the horizon before sunrise.

It is important to note that this conjunction happens at zero degrees of Libra, an important point in the zodiac. Zero degrees of any Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) is a publicly powerful point. Understand that any issue that shows up in the outer world at this time (yesterday and today) will have great weight. Pay attention.

Following this conjunction, the Moon enters Virgo (3:54 AM ET) and Mercury retreats back into Virgo (8:04 AM ET). Our attention turns to the analysis of emotions, projects, and whatever has captured your mind. Pay attention to the practical things that need to be done today. Make lists and pin down your plans for the upcoming weekend. Make the most of the clarity of the moment to get organized. How grounded and stable you feel over the coming days will be directly connected to your level of practical organization.



Saturday, September 24, 2022

Grove Cemetery, Belfast Maine

When the Moon is in Virgo, we seek practical grounding to maintain emotional balance. That may mean that you need to tidy up the bedroom, the kitchen, or your office in order to settle down to practical tasks.

Yet, with Venus opposing Neptune at 4:50 AM ET, there are other factors to consider. Sensitivity is heightened, as is your vulnerability. Boundaries can dissolve, leaving you in a beautiful romantic haze. If that is your experience, enjoy it!

However, you can also lose sight of your values and inadvertently sacrifice your boundaries for someone else. Pay attention to your dealings with others. Notice your tendency to compromise your position more than may be conducive to your well-being. You may feel confused or misunderstood. Do you have the full picture of what is happening in this interaction? Things may not be as they appear to be. Keep your eyes open. Don’t take any steps forward that can not be retraced once the air clears.

Venus’ impact as a transiting planet is relatively brief. You can expect the influence to last for approximately 24 – 48 hours.



Sunday, September 25, 2022

AbbyLiza did not live long. The baby graves are sad to see. What a lovely name.

The day begins with the Moon still in analytical detail-oriented Virgo and in its darkest phase right before the New Moon. Spend the morning on practical tasks that leave you feeling you have accomplished something useful.

At 12:42 PM ET, the Moon enters Libra turning our attention to pleasing others in order to find personal satisfaction. We seek intellectually diplomatic solutions to relationship challenges rather than practical earth-based solutions.

At 5:55 PM ET, we reach the Libra New Moon. At each New Moon, the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, thereby we see no reflected light. The idea of what is coming and what is possible is felt in an intuitive and subjective manner.

At each New Moon, we plant a metaphorical seed of our intent. The seed we plant germinates in the dark and reflects an important desire as we move forward.

In Libra, we see perspectives beyond our own. This is where we learn diplomatic skills to develop relationships that are balanced, fair, and equitable. Plant a seed for the growth of equal partnership, love, and intellectual devotion.

Do you need to discover new ways of relating with others? This relates, not only to romantic partnerships but other types of one-on-one interactions as well. Business partners and close friends are often part of the picture.

The illumination of this cycle and the growth of the seed you plant now will come into focus at the Aries Full Moon on October 9th. The longer cycle brings us to the Libra Full Moon on April 6, 2023. The seed planted now will enliven and illuminate your relationships at that time.


In these weekly reports, I explore the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and give rise to fleeting moods. The aspects under consideration are conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions. The planets I work with are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.