On Saturday, October 14th – Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse.

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You will receive a full post about Saturday’s eclipse over the coming days. You can watch the video now or wait until we get closer to the event. You will want to pay attention to this! There is no need to plant a seed when the New Moon is an eclipse. The seed has been long since planted and we are in line for a karmic makeover. This is a time of resetting social contracts in whatever house Libra is for you.

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Please have your natal chart handy as you read the daily posts. Using the Whole Sign House System will help you understand. Watch where the transiting planets are moving in your own birth chart. For instance, if I’m talking about the Moon being in Leo on a particular day, find the house that holds Leo in your chart. Understand that is the area of your life where you will feel the playful emotional energy of the Leo Moon. Contemplate these things deeply. If your Moon is in Leo, or you have thoughts or ideas about Leo, notice how that informs your understanding of this house and the energies of the day! When there is a transiting aspect occurring between two planets on a particular day, look at your chart. Learn to see where it happens in your own chart. Perhaps you have that same aspect in your natal chart! 

**Following the daily posts you will find a list of the houses and some of their main significations. 

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Monday, October 9, 2023

With the Moon in Leo today, it’s a time of vibrant self-expression and a desire to bask in the spotlight. This is a day when we all want to showcase the boldest side of our personalities. Whether you’re heading to work or stepping out for a social event, plain and comfortable attire won’t cut it. The Leo Moon encourages us to embrace bold and eye-catching fashion choices, exuding confidence and charisma. It’s as if the world is your stage, and you’re ready to dazzle the audience with your presence.

Where is Leo in your chart? This is the area of your life where you can most easily express yourself authentically. Regardless of what sign your Sun is in, it expresses itself through this house.

However, as the day progresses, there’s a twist in the flow. At 4:35 PM EDT, the Moon forms a challenging square aspect to Uranus, the planet of unexpected change. While this lunar transit may not bring about earth-shattering transformations, it can stir up a sense of restlessness and excitement. You may notice a sudden craving for something new and unconventional. Embrace change and spontaneity, even if it’s just a small shift in your routine.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

We wake this morning under the influence of Venus (newly in Virgo) opposing Saturn (in Pisces). In this situation, Venus refers to your values, relationships, and finances. If you are paying attention you find yourself feeling restricted in your ability to express or receive love, or you feel a tightness and worry regarding money. Pay attention to what is most important in your relationships, your values, and how you use your resources. Look at the houses that hold Virgo and Pisces in your natal chart for more understanding of how this personally impacts you.

At 8:02 AM EDT, the Moon calms down and cools off as it enters Virgo. When the Moon is in Virgo, our emotions become a great deal more reserved than they have been over the past few days. You may find that you are analyzing your emotions rather than feeling them. Notice the house that holds Virgo in your natal chart. This is where your emotional concerns and analysis will be for the next few days.

At 9:10 PM EDT, Pluto stations direct at 27:54 Capricorn. Nothing stops it now as it will creep slowing toward Aquarius once again. We are wrapping up the story of Pluto’s time in Capricorn where it has been since 2008. Remember that Pluto was in Aquarius for a short period of time between March 23rd and June 11th. What house, holds Aquarius in your natal chart? This is an important area to watch over the coming years. Pluto will enter Aquarius once again on January 20, 2024, only to dip back into Capricorn one more time before finally settling into Aquarius for the long haul on November 19, 2024.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

The Moon is in Virgo today emphasizing practicality, attention to detail, and a desire for organization. These are the things that will keep you calm and emotionally centered today. You will want your environment to be uncluttered, neat, and tidy.  At 11: 05 AM EDT, the Moon forms a lovely trine aspect to Jupiter bringing an expanded sense of flow and harmony. Any tasks involving meticulous attention to detail will flow easily and you will feel great about your accomplishments.

Find the house that holds Virgo in your natal chart. This is an area of your life that you find yourself continually analyzing and perfecting. You want to be of service to others here as well. Here is where your emotional attention will be drawn today

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Thursday, October 12, 2023

The Moon is still in meticulous, tidy-seeking Virgo as it forms a Grand Trine with Uranus and Pluto. This suggests an exciting and powerful day as it relates to your emotional state and need for clarity and precision. Again, look to the house that holds Virgo in your natal chart.

However, the real news today is what occurred very shortly after midnight last night. Mars is the planet of action, determination, anger, and sexual energy. Since late August Mars has been rather cranky as it passed through the Venus-ruled sign of Libra. It is hard to take direct action when trying to please everyone else! Now Mars has very happily entered Scorpio one of the signs that it rules. Mars is ready to rumble and happy to do so. Mars will remain here in its domicile until November 24th when it will move into Sagittarius. Watching Mars transit through the houses of your natal chart, is a fascinating process. Find the house that holds Scorpio in your chart and you will see where you are now being pushed to take direct, possibly private, or even secretive action.

At 8:22 PM EDT, the Moon moves from Virgo to Libra. Until the Moon enters Virgo again next month you will not be so compelled to analyze your emotions regarding the house that holds Virgo. Now, your emotional needs and interests turn to your relationship and desire to please others. We are only a few days away from the Libra Solar Eclipse. Pay particular attention to the house that holds Libra in your chart. If you have been listening to the videos that Jennie and I make you know the importance of this area of your life right now.

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Friday, October 13, 2023

With the Moon still in Libra today, there’s a strong emotional emphasis on relationships, fairness, and cooperation. People are inclined toward seeking harmony and compromise in their interactions with others. We are at the very darkest point in the lunar cycle suggesting a turning inward. Because this is happening in Libra this turning inward may include a partner or friend at your side or it may include a sense of loneliness and turning away from others, possibly by over-pleasing.

At 8:28 AM EDT, Mars, now in Scoprio forms a trine aspect to Saturn, in Pisces. As you consider the implications, find what houses hold Scorpio and Pisces. These are emotionally sensitive areas of your life. Over the next few days, you will be able to take action on something significant between these two houses. As an example, if you have Scorpio rising, the houses activated are your 1st (Scorpio) and your 5th (Pisces). This suggests a flow of very personal creative expression. Pull out your easel and art supplies or write a short rather poetic story with you as the protagonist.

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Saturday, October 14, 2023

Today’s New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 21° Libra at 1:55 PM. This reflects a heightened focus on relationships and a powerful need for balance. We are prompted to reevaluate our connections with others, whether in personal, professional, or even societal contexts. It’s a time to seek harmony and fairness while addressing any imbalances or unresolved issues.

Eclipses are portals in the fabric of time allowing necessary karmic adjustments to be made. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water but do pay attention to the opportunity to take back an important element of your personal autonomy. Over the coming months, you can anticipate powerful and important changes to occur, especially in matters related to partnerships, fairness, and justice, setting the stage for transformative changes in our lives.

Look and consider carefully the house that holds Libra in your natal chart. This is an area where you have very likely placed too much focus on pleasing others and where these adjustments will be made, as fate intervenes at eclipses.

As Libra is ruled by Venus, this eclipse may also inspire a desire for refinement and creativity. You might find yourself drawn to artistic endeavors, seeking to enhance your physical appearance, or making changes to your living space to create a more aesthetically pleasing environment. The emphasis on diplomacy and communication during this time can facilitate important conversations, allowing for resolutions regarding previous challenges. Emotions may run deep, embracing the potential for personal growth and more authentic connections with others.

Normally New Moons ask that we plant a seed for growth, however, when the New Moon is also an eclipse, pay careful attention, knowing it is out of your hands. No seed to plant, the growth is in the hands of fate.

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Sunday, October 15, 2023

This morning at 7:04 AM EDT, the Moon is done with cooperation and enters the domain of Scorpio. The emotional atmosphere becomes charged with intensity as we process a strong desire for powerful change. We need time for deep introspection as we probe our deepest nature and dive into matters that have been lurking beneath the surface.

The Moon trine Saturn this morning adds a stabilizing and disciplined influence to the emotional intensity and encourages us to take a structured approach to our feelings. This will help us manage any overwhelming emotions and find a way to use them constructively. It’s a good time for long-term planning, focusing on responsibilities and achievements.

The Moon also forms a conjunction with Mars which intensifies our emotions and can make us more assertive and determined in pursuing our desires. This aspect lends courage and energy to tackle challenges head-on. The more challenging suggestions of this aspect will be nullified by the stabilizing impact of Saturn. Embrace your inner depths, work diligently towards your aspirations, and turn any emotional obstacles into opportunities for growth.

What house, holds Scorpio in your natal chart? How is this area of your life imbued with intensity and ongoing introspection?


Simple Meanings of the 12 Houses

  • 1st House (House of Self): Represents personal identity, physical appearance, how others perceive you, as well as the energy that calls you forward
  • 2nd House (House of Possessions): Focuses on personal resources, finances, material possessions, and your self-worth
  • 3rd House (House of Communication): Governs communication, siblings, short trips, and your immediate environment
  • 4th House (House of Home): Concerns regarding your home, family, roots, ancestry, and emotional foundation
  • 5th House (House of Creativity): Relates to self-expression, romance, creativity, children, and pleasure
  • 6th House (House of Routines): Deals with day-to-day routines, health, personal self-care, daily responsibilities, and service to others
  • 7th House (House of Partnerships): Involves relationships, marriage, business partnerships, and all one-on-one relationships, including open enemies
  • 8th House (House of Transformation): Focuses on shared resources, other people’s values, shared intimacy, the management of boundaries, and powerful transformation
  • 9th House (House of World-View): Relates to higher understanding, long-distance travel, education, philosophy, and religion
  • 10th House (House of Career): Relates to your career, vocation, public image, reputation, and worldly aspirations.
  • 11th House (House of Community): Governs community, like-minded Others, social networks, and those who support your goals and aspirations
  • 12th House (House of Deep Knowing): Deals with the subconscious mind, spirituality, hidden knowing, retreat from the world


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