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Welcome to the first full week with Venus Retrograde!

Monday, October 8, 2018:
The week starts with a Libra New Moon at 11:47 PM EDT. Hold off on doing your New Moon ritual until Tuesday. Remember, that a New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon hold the same space in the cosmos. The metaphorical seed that you plant will be better able to grow if you give it some time to step out of the Sun’s overwhelming light and heat.
While the Moon is in Libra, you may have a strong desire to be liked and to please others. This is a good day to commit yourself to seek balance, fairness, and pleasure in all your interactions. It may be difficult to take a stand as it will be far easier to flow with what is presented than to make a set determination.
Find ways to offer kindness and bring beauty into the world.

~ New Moon Ritual ~

Over the next day or two, plan and implement your New Moon ritual. Keep it simple. First, take a moment to write down what changes you wish to begin, create, or increase in the upcoming Moon cycle. For the Libra New Moon, set an intention regarding relationship, justice, fairness, love, beauty, or money.

If you know what house in your birth chart holds Libra, consider this to be the area where new growth seeks manifestation. For example, if Libra is in your 1st house, set an intention to express more diplomacy; in the 4th house, set an intention to create more beauty in your home; in the 7th, the intention may be to bring more cooperation to your partnerships; in the 10th, you may understand that you need to bring more diplomacy and fairness to your workplace… bring flowers for your office desk.

If you don’t know what house is involved, simply go with your intuition regarding the area of life that you would like to see grow in fairness and beauty.

Have two candles available for the ritual; light the first candle to represent yourself, just as you are in this moment. Light the second candle as an aspiration of what you intend to create. Each day, take a moment to focus on yourself as you light the first candle. When you light the second candle, focus on drawing to you what you are choosing to create as you bring the two candles closer together. Do this each day and at the Full Moon in two weeks, you will bring them fully together and acknowledge the result of what you have created.

The Libra New Moon suggests that you plant a seed of love and beauty. Share this ritual with your friends and loved ones.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018:
The Libra Moon is very quiet all day making no aspects other than a difficult square to Pluto that you will very likely sleep through. You may wake from dark, even frightening dreams; smudge yourself with a bit of sage and move into the day.
Don’t expect much in the way of accomplishment but instead spend time socializing, enjoying cultural activities, and intimate gatherings.
It may be challenging to take a stand, be decisive, or speak up for yourself. Let yourself off the hook. Rest in the pleasure. There is always another day to take action or speak up.
At 8:40 PM EDT, Mercury, the planet that represents our communication and thought processes, leaves the diplomatic sign of Libra behind to enter the deeply emotional Scorpio waters. Mercury will remain in Scorpio until October 31st.
Whatever sign Mercury is in suggests the general tone of our thinking and communications. While Mercury was in Libra (since September 21st) we were concerned with keeping others happy and not rocking the boat. Now, as Mercury enters the intense waters of Scorpio, the gloves come off and we are more willing to not only rock the boat but jump overboard in search of some truth that may be below the surface.

The Libra Moon is VOC* from 4:51 AM EDT until she enters Scorpio shortly after midnight. When the Moon is VOC*, there will be no result from anything that is begun. This simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018:
Wednesday morning with the Moon having joined Mercury in the profoundly deep waters of Scorpio you will find that your thoughts, considerations, and communications are deep, intense, and emotional. Your emotions are full of complex thought, you may be willing to delve into the darkest, scary corners of your psyche and that of the culture in order to find the truth of what is hidden below the surface.
At 1:35 PM EDT, Mercury opposes Uranus. Uranus is the Awakener, currently prodding our minds into wakefulness. Revolution in the air, in our minds, and all the conversations around us. Remember, how you took the gloves off and determined to go ahead and rock the boat when Mercury moved into Scorpio. It is time to stop being polite? Listen to your own voice, the voice of those around you, and the voices in the culture. There is defiance on clear display.
At 10:29 PM EDT, Venus, in her current retrograde state, forms a square aspect to Mars. This is a challenge between the feminine and masculine energies in our culture. We don’t have to look very far to see it. Venus in Scorpio is digging deeply looking for truth; Mars in Aquarius is coolly detached, seeking objectivity. Seek to balance these energies within yourself, in your intimate partnerships, and in your dealings in the world.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018:
The square aspect between Venus and Mars dig its nails in deeply on Thursday. Consider the challenge in your own life between masculine and feminine energies. This conflict is on clear display in the culture. For you, it may be an internal issue within your own psyche or it could be playing out powerfully in your intimate relationships. Perhaps, you are dealing with it in all these areas, the culture, your psyche, and your relationships.
Listen respectfully to the intensity of feminine rage (Venus in Scorpio) and the dispassionate objectivity of masculine detachment (Mars in Aquarius). Do your best to balance on this tight-rope while respecting both sides of the equation.
The Moon continues through Scorpio, allow these contemplations to go deep into the muck you may prefer to avoid. These issues can not be avoided.
Shortly after midnight with a square aspect between the Sun and Pluto, you will continue over the next few days facing this intensity. Face fear. Look it in the eye. You are far braver and stronger than you know.

The Scorpio Moon is VOC* from 7:13 PM EDT until she enters Sagittarius at 5:53 AM EDT on Friday morning. When the Moon is VOC*, there will be no result from anything that is begun. This simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.

Friday, October 12, 2018:
Friday brings a day of great intensity and challenge. As the Sun forms a difficult square aspect to Pluto, consider how is your worldview is being transformed. This deeply powerful change is probably occurring through your personal circumstances and what you see in the culture around you. Consider what began during the second week in January. If you can identify some difficulty at that time, you will better understand your response to the current challenge. It is time to take some action on what began in early January.
There is a blessing offered today as well. We are offered support and a helping hand as Mercury forms a sextile aspect to Saturn. This brings an opportunity to speak your truth or hear the truth of another. You will have the ability to stabilize your mind, communications, and thoughts.
The Moon is in Sagittarius on Friday bringing your emotions into a lighter space. You are more able to manage the intensity than you may know. This may be a good weekend for a road trip. It would be good to look at the world from a broader perspective. Open your eyes to a new vision and seek an adventure.
Remember: you are stronger than you know.

The Scorpio Moon is VOC* until she enters Sagittarius at 5:53 AM EDT. When the Moon is VOC*, there will be no result from anything that is begun. This simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.


Saturday, October 13, 2018:
With Saturday’s Moon in Sagittarius, we may get stuck in our opinions and insist that we are right. Remember that everyone’s opinions are just that – opinions! No matter how we may feel, it is important to understand and accept that no one has a direct line to TRUTH. Consciously cultivate understanding, humor, and wisdom this weekend.
This is a great weekend for a road trip, it will be good to get away from all the hard issues of the week and see different sights. Interact with folks outside of your normal circles. Release the deep contemplations and difficulties of the past few days, kick up your heels, go dancing, and have fun!
Spend the weekend expanding your view of the world, seeking wisdom, or just heading to a fun party!

The Sagittarius Moon is VOC* from 8:59 PM EDT until she enters Capricorn at 3:17 PM EDT on Sunday afternoon. When the Moon is VOC*, there will be no result from anything that is begun. This simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.

Sunday, October 14, 2018:
Sunday begins with the Moon still in freedom loving, idealistic Sagittarius. Enjoy socializing with people outside your normal circle of friends. Find ways to see beyond yourself to a world view unlike your own.
At 3:17 PM EDT, the Moon leaves optimistic Sagittarius behind to enter serious, restrictive, hard-working Capricorn. Life is serious business and when the Moon is in Capricorn we are acutely aware of that fact. This is not a bad thing. There are times it is important to maintain a serious outlook, understanding that our actions have consequences and we need to keep our attention on creating the life we want.
The Capricorn Moon helps us to focus, to develop clear goals, and determine the steps to get us where we want go. Spend time this afternoon or evening contemplating your goals, putting them down on paper and getting serious about the process that will lead you in the right direction.

The Sagittarius Moon is VOC* until she enters Capricorn at 3:17 PM EDT. When the Moon is VOC*, there will be no result from anything that is begun. This simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.


“We use astrology most constructively and creatively when we gain from it a sense of what is possible for us at the highest levels of our potentialities. Seeing that, the challenges is then to keep our eyes open to life itself, to be able to respond appropriately when some event or change of circumstances…”
~ Dane Rudhyar, Astrological Aspects – a Process Oriented Approach, 1980.

* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets.  I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.
* The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
* The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.