The Changing Moon this Week

The Moon sets the emotional tone as she moves through the Zodiac day-to-day. It takes approximately 28 days to traverse the entire Zodiac. Learning to work with this rhythm will help you align with and relax into an easier flow with the Universe. The luminous Moon spends approximately 2 ½ days in each sign before she moves on to the next.
Monday: The Moon begins her travels in Aries this week. As you begin the day you feel energized, as though you are waking from a dream. With the Moon in Aries, you sense that there is no time to waste. You may feel frustrated and impatient if anything stands in your way. During this time it may be a good idea to spend time alone in solitary physically invigorating activities, go for a run, a hike, a bike ride.
Tuesday: The Moon remains in assertive Aries today forming a lovely trine aspect to Venus early this morning. This will ease the need to play a solitary role and encourage supportive connections with others
Wednesday: The Moon comes to full illumination at the Aries Full Moon at 10:57 AM EDT. Look for clarity of vision. At 3:59 PM EDT, the Moon enters the cool calm realm of Taurus. The clarity of the Full Moon and the sensuality of Taurus offer a great mix for planning a mid-week date night.
Thursday: The Moon continues through Taurus forming a difficult square to Saturn this morning. This suggests nothing more than passing frustration. At supper time with a conjunction to Uranus, share a story that no one would expect from you. Make it a pleasant surprise. 
Friday:The day has other complications but the Moon continues to sail gently through Taurus for one more day. In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, this will change when the Moon enters Gemini, kicking off a more social weekend.
Saturday: The morning begins with the Sun having entered Scorpio and the Moon now in Gemini. The Earth turns, the seasons change. The Moon forms a trine aspect to Saturn this evening, encouraging serious significant conversations. Gather information, learn what you can.
Sunday: The week comes to a close with the Moon continuing through the Mutable Air sign of Gemini. This offers another day for quick-moving conversations and activities with friends and neighbors. A square aspect to Neptune at 10:14 PM EDT supports a dreamy start to a good night’s sleep. 

Keep in mind that transits to your natal planets can override these more universal ones.

Monday, October 18, 2021


Both Jupiter and Mercury station direct today. This is significant and we will see forward motion picking up speed over the coming days. In the coming days, you can set aside your list of things you needed to catch up on and begin new projects and plans. Jupiter has been in retrograde motion since June 20th. Look to the house that holds Aquarius in your natal chart, this is where life will pick up speed. Jupiter is now plotting her path toward her ingress into Pisces, a sign she rules, on December 29th.
The Moon entered Aries as the day began which seems appropriate for a day of new beginnings and forward motion. You likely feel energized after a passive Pisces Moon weekend. When the Moon is in Aries we don’t have a great deal of patience. Remind yourself that Mercury and Jupiter will take several days to get up to speed. Don’t move too fast, although with Mars trine Jupiter, I’m not sure you could go wrong nevertheless.
At 10:36 PM EDT Mars trines Jupier. This is a lovely transit bringing high motivation and the desire to begin something new. This is a positive transit for learning, taking a new direction, making travel plans, or discovering cultures outside your current understanding. This suggests a renewed optimism about the future, your physical abilities, and your confidence. This transit will be with you for several days. 
_The Pisces Moon is void-of-course until she enters Aries at 6:04 AM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Anticipate a simple day with a great deal of physical energy. The Moon remains in assertive Aries throughout the day. This is the Cardinal Fire sign and always brings with it quick movement, fast action, and very little patience.
The day begins with the Moon forming a lovely trine aspect to Venus. Venus is the planet of love and beauty and is currently passing through Sagittarius. This brings us an active and firey day. There will be little to slow you down in your desire to acquire what you find yourself attracted to today. Your attraction could be to an activity, a person, or an idea. This aspect shakes the Aries Moon out of its need for solitude. You may find yourself engaging others in active pursuits or being pulled into dynamic pursuits by others.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021


The Aries Moon forms difficult aspects to both Mars and Pluto as the day begins. This brings powerful intensity and a need for action to the Aries Full Moon at 10:57 AM EDT. Full Moons bring a time of illumination and clarity. Consider the seed that was planted on October 6th at the Libra New Moon and at the Aries New Moon on April 11, 2021. Look for connections between those times and what you see clearly now. Watch as life unfolds. Something uncomfortable may come into focus now. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, a Cardinal Fire sign. What you see clearly may require new beginnings and fast action.

There will be a separate posting on the Full Moon with tips for each sign and a video with Jennie (of Hidden Path Astrology) and myself discussing how this will impact each of you.

At 3:59 PM EDT, the Moon enters the cool calm realm of Taurus. Given the clarity of the Full Moon and the sensuality of Taurus, this offers a great time to plan a mid-week date night. Look for sensuality and intensity in connecting with a loved one. 

_The Aries Moon is void-of-course from 10:57 AM a.m. EDT until she enters Taurus at 3:59 PM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._

Thursday, October 21, 2021


The Moon remains in lovely Venus-ruled Taurus throughout the day. Taurus is the most simple, grounded, and sensual sign of the zodiac. Plan to create and enjoy beauty and comfort today, remember that Taurus’ idea of beauty and comfort doesn’t involve anything fancy or opulent. Simple, even minimalistic pleasures are the terrain of Taurus. Wear your most comfortable clothes and cook yummy, delicious, and simple meals. 
The Taurus Moon makes tough aspects to Saturn early this morning and Uranus this evening. This is likely to throw a bit of a curveball into an otherwise pleasant day. Remember that these are simple fast-moving Moon transits that will pass if we let them. Keep the day as uncomplicated as possible and do your best to avoid stress. 


There is another curveball that comes into full focus shortly after midnight with Mars forming a difficult square to Pluto. You will feel intensity building through the afternoon. When Mars and Pluto join together you may encounter powerful energies that may be difficult to manage. Keep a low profile and don’t engage in power dynamics over the next few days.

Friday, October 22, 2021


The Moon continues to sail gently through Taurus for one more day. However, the Moon’s activities are firmly overshadowed by the early morning square aspect formed between Mars and Pluto. This can be a difficult aspect to manage as it suggests an overwhelming desire to dominate and assert power. Pay careful attention to who is wielding power over you and who you may be wielding power over. This transit also provides tremendous energy and assertiveness. Make sure you are using these powerful energies in a way that helps rather than harms others. 
The best way to do so is to focus this considerable energy on hard work toward laudable goals. Stay focused on what is yours to accomplish and resist the desire to retaliate against others. If you tend to hold anger, frustration, or resentment bottled up inside until you explode, use your body to move that energy out. Lift weights, go for a run, play a hard game of tennis. 

_The Taurus Moon is void-of-course from 4:36 PM EDT until she enters Gemini very early tomorrow morning. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._


Saturday, October 23, 2021


By the time you start the day the Sun has stepped out of Libra and into Scorpio, beginning Scorpio Season, the time of spooks, and dark emotions.
The Sun enters Scorpio at 12:51 AM EDT. With Scorpio Season the deeper/ darker side of life comes into focus. Emotions go to profound depths and we all become more introspective. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we see the writing on the wall (yes, Winter is coming). It is time to focus on deepening self-reflection in order to embrace this powerful change. 
Scorpio Season brings us into the deepest, darkest, most intense waters of all. We may find ourselves searching for the answers to the greatest mysteries of life. Perhaps we are ready to truly embrace the darkest and most unacceptable feelings and emotions within.
As the Sun steps into this powerful Fixed Water sign the rulers of Scorpio (Mars and Pluto) are in a difficult square aspect to each other. This suggests that this will be a particularly intense transition this year.
Embrace the power that is hidden in darkness, find the beauty that has been kept out of sight. Remember the valuable rich compost that we find under the garbage, hidden in darkness. Find Dark Beauty.

On a lighter note, the Moon has entered Gemini encouraging conversations and the gathering of information. At 6:12 PM EDT, the Moon forms a stabilizing trine aspect to Saturn, encouraging conversations of a serious nature. Gather information, learn what you can.

_The Taurus Moon is void-of-course until she enters Gemini at 3:58 AM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._

Sunday, October 24, 2021


The week comes to a close with the Moon continuing through the Mutable Air sign of Gemini. This offers a day of quick-moving conversations and activities with friends and neighbors. Early this morning with a trine aspect to Mercury make sure you really want to say what is about to come out of your mouth. The newly minted Scorpio Sun would like to keep some privacy. This is a great day to listen and learn from what others let slip without fully thinking through their communications. 

One of the difficulties today is that this conversation wants to stay light and airy even as the Scorpio Sun wants us focused on deep intensity. This is simply an adjustment. Find the balance.

A square aspect from the Moon to Neptune at 10:14 PM EDT supports a dreamy start to a good night’s sleep. 


In these weekly reports, I explore the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and give rise to fleeting moods. The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions. The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

In order to strive toward your truest life path, you must understand and transcend your past. You must understand what the past is has taught you and use that understanding to free yourself and others. When you fully accept the past you open fearlessly to the future. The moment of the present time is a point of tension between already lived stories of the past and the creativity that draws you to create unbelievably rich stories for your future. Astrology guides the path. – Laurie Astrolore