Keep in mind that the Moon sets the emotional tone as she moves through the Zodiac day today. Every 2 ½ days the Moon enters a new Sign. Learning to follow and work with this rhythm will help you go with the flow and feel more aligned with the Flow of Life.

With so few outer planet transits this week, the days will be directed by the shifting emotional tone as the Moon moves from sign to sign.

Monday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday (until 4:45 PM EST) the Moon will be in Gemini. When the Moon is in Gemini we tend to be talkative, curious, and restless.

Wednesday evening until Friday night the Moon will be in Cancer. When the Moon is in Cancer our attention turns to family and domestic issues, we may feel protective and moody.

The weekend offers up a playful Leo Moon. When the Moon is in Leo we may be expressive and dramatic. This is a time to open your heart to the power of generosity.

Please keep in mind that transits to your natal planets can override the universal ones that I discuss in these daily posts.

INFORMATION FEEDS ANXIETY – Monday, November 2, 2020

The Moon enters Gemini shortly before the day begins and passes without complication. Gemini is generally a lighthearted social sign. Your attention span may be short due to a powerful restlessness in the air.

You will want to spend time with others, talking and joking, and keeping the anxiety of the coming election at bay.

Possibilities dance in your mind as curiosity, anxiety, excitement, and anxiety all take their cues from all the information that is calling for your attention today.

As the Moon trine Venus at 7:32 PM EST hope and excitement take the upper hand. Spend the evening with others if you can safely do so. There is so much you want to talk about. If you are home alone, pick up the phone. Make social contact to express and share thoughts, ideas, hopes, and fears.

***The Taurus Moon is void-of-course from until she enters Gemini at 5 AM EST. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact.


Normally Mercury turning direct, which it does today at 12:50 PM EST, is cause for celebration. However, we sure wish it wasn’t making that shift today, of all days!

When Mercury stations, either direct or retrograde it is standing still causing a pinpoint of focus. Nothing is moving forward. Today’s point of focus connects with Saturn, suggesting restrictive and difficult conversations, stories, and ideas.

The last time Mercury stationed on a US Election day was in 2000. Due to complications with the election results in Florida, the Supreme Court determined the candidate. How will the process of this year’s election mirror 200? The mirror will certainly be in the contested results. It is unlikely that we will have a clear result today or perhaps for many days to come. We don’t need astrology to tell us any of this but the reflection is clear in the planetary cycles.

With the Moon in Gemini, we are all feeling jittery and anxious. If you work with crystals put a hematite stone in your pocket for powerful grounding.

At 5:43 PM EST, the Moon squares Neptune suggesting confusion and deceptive information. Your emotions may be difficult to understand leaving you disoriented and befuddled.

Use the positive side of this aspect to empathetically connect with yourself and other. We are all in this together. Breath and offer a helpful voice of love and reason.

HOLD YOUR LOVED ONES CLOSE – Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Astrologically today is another rather uneventful day. We continue under the Gemini Moon for most of the day. Keep your expectations low, manage anxiety, and help others to do the same.

Rather than staying focused on situations and events that you can not control reduce your anxiety by keeping your mind busy in simple yet productive ways. You may not be able to focus on deep issues but this would be a great day to clear out your email inbox or file papers. Consider what simple loose ends you can tie up today.

At 4:45 PM EST the Moon losses much of her anxiety as she enters Cancer. You are ready to let go and cuddle on the couch with your loved ones. You are looking for a safe nest away from the anxiety and the conversations that have been spinning all around.

Prepare a meal that will comfort your soul and watch a sentimental movie. Hold your loved ones close.

***The Gemini Moon is void-of-course from 8:49 AM EST until she enters Cancer at 4:45 PM EST. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact.

SENSITIVITY, VULNERABILITY, LOVE – Thursday, November 5, 2020

Today’s Moon in Cancer continues supporting you to remain close to home and loved ones. Because the Moon rules Cancer she is powerful here allowing for emotion, sensitivity, and vulnerability to emerge.

You are motivated by a powerful desire to keep home and family safe, loved, and protected. We all need to withdraw from the drama of the world and focus closer to home. If you are far from loved ones you may feel deeply homesickness. Call your mom, your aunt, your sister. The Moon calls us to make connections to the women who are closest to us. Don’t hold back expressions of love, say I love you.

Don’t be surprised if tears are very close to the surface. Allow the deep feelings that bubble up to hold your attention. Any attempt at stuffing them down will only backfire.

Take a walk in nature near a body of water if possible. Indulge in dreams and sentimentality. Sooth your soul. If you have rose quartz nearby hold it close to your heart. Rose Quartz holds the energy of love, its presence will help to unburden and calm you.

TOUGH WORDS AND MELANCHOLY – Friday, November 6, 2020

Long before today begins, Mercury, newly direct, forms a square aspect to Saturn. Because of the recent retrograde this is a repeat of an aspect from last Sunday. You may find yourself feeling a bit of dejavu as you engage in similar conversations and thought processes to last week. You may again struggle to speak the words you need to say. Add clarity and try again. Be kind and clear with your words.

The moody sensitive Cancer Moon has a hard path to walk today. Overwhelm seems to be around every corner as the Moon is challenged by hard conversations (aspects) with all the planets in Cardinal signs. Late last night she sqaured cranky Mars and this morning she encounters an opposition with phylisophical Jupiter. This afternoon she opposes obsessive Pluto and this evening she opposes bossy Saturn, and squares perceptive Mercury. There is no way around today’s diffucluties. Tears may be triggered at every turn. Consider how to keep glumness and meloncholy at bay or sink into its warmth to sooth a cold heart.

Nurture and protect those you love. Today that may mean giving them space as you take time to care for yourself. Take a long hot bath, cook your favorite comfort food, call your mom.

It’s okay. Really it is. Things will feel better in the morning as the newly minted Leo Moon will lighten your heart.

***The Cancer Moon is void-of-course from 8:27 PM EST until she enters Leo in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact.

DRAMATIC SELF EXPRESSION – Saturday, November 7, 2020

Perhaps the Universe has given us quieter astrological days this week to manage our emotions given the profound impact of this US election. We all have very strong feelings about who ends up in the White House. Whatever the results, some folks will be elated and some will be devastated. We must all do our best to manage how we feel as we find hope, express kindness, and move forward.

With the Moon now in Leo you are ready to put the sad vulnerable feelings of yesterday aside. You feel stronger and are ready to express yourself with more drama and flair. Please remember to do so with kindness and integrity.

As the Moon moves through Leo, focus your attention on childlike self-expression, playfulness, and fun. Show the world the kindest most generous side of your personality.

When the Moon squares Uranus at 5:50 PM your childlike nature may express itself in quirky unexpected ways. Find children to play with, they have much to teach us about how to get lost is simple play.

***The Cancer Moon is void-of-course until she enters Leo at 2:18 AM EST. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact.

RELEASE WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK – Sunday, November 8, 2020

Today’s Leo Moon comes to her Last Quarter phase at 8:47 AM EST. At both the First and Last Quarter Moon phases, a Square (90-degree aspect) is formed between the Sun and the Moon. These are times of change.

The First Quarter is a change as growth accelerates toward illumination. At the Last Quarter, the change begins the breakdown of the cycle. Correlating the planetary cycles to the plant cycle is instructive. In this correlation, the Last Quarter Phase relates to the time when crops are harvested, plants wither and die in preparation for the next cycle.

We prepare now for a new beginning, we see the end in sight and want to hurry the process with decisions for change. This is a time to embrace changes. Steer into the spin. Recognize what you need to release to set yourself on a new path. The future isn’t here yet but we see it up ahead. Whatever attitudes or behaviors are holding you back can be shaken off now. Don’t sabotage yourself by holding on.

Seek out the highest expression of the Leo Moon. Do something extravagantly generous without receiving credit. Don’t tell a soul.

* In these weekly reports, I explore the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and give rise to fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.

The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.

The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

We use astrology most constructively and creatively when we gain from it a sense of what is possible for us at the highest levels of our potentialities. Seeing that, the challenges is then to keep our eyes open to life itself, to be able to respond appropriately when some event or change of circumstances.

– Dane Rudhyar