La Soiree Huile Sur Toile by Daoud Peintre via Wiki Commons

La Soiree Huile Sur Toile by Daoud Peintre via Wiki Commons

The week begins with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Taurus; the Moon and Jupiter in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn. That’s 6 out of 10 “planets” in Earth signs. We can expect the week to begin with a sense of slow deliberation.
On Monday afternoon, the Moon enters Libra where she remains until the wee hours of Thursday morning. Saturday at 1:49 PM, she enters Sagittarius where she will remain through the end of the weekend.
The early days of the week (Monday through Thursday) are quite uneventful. Of course, there are the general ups and downs reflected by the lunar aspects but there is nothing terribly significant to speak of. Remember, that the aspects made by the Moon pass by very quickly. When the slower moving planets aspect each other, we are looking at a longer term process.
However, we can expect the quiet uneventful days to end on Friday when the Sun enters Gemini at 9:36 AM EDT. The Sun’s entrance into Gemini moves us from slow and steady into a more energized activity of growth. Communication and curiosity replace deliberate predictability.
You can think about Taurus as Ferdinand the Bull and Gemini as the Road Runner.
Gemini is a mutable Air sign. Mutability speaks to the versatile, adaptable nature of Gemini. The element of Air speaks to the intellect, bringing curiosity, versatility, and inquisitiveness to the table.
Gemini wants to explore the possibilities available, whereas Taurus simply wanted to sit on the sidelines and hold space of consistency and reliability.
On Saturday, we come to a Full Moon in Sagittarius. The lunar cycle has been building since the New Moon on May 6th. Whatever we began building at that time is now released into full expression. A Full Moon in Sagittarius is a time to celebrate expansion. Look at the expanding possibilities!
On Sunday, Mercury turns direct! We are all delighted with this news and are ready to proceed forward with new projects, ideas, and communication.
On to the Dailies!
Have a wonderful week.
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Monday, May 16, 2016:
Even with Mercury and Mars still retrograde, the week begins with a sense of ease and predictability. Routines feel easy to maintain and we have the patience to stick with them.
At 12:33 PM EDT, the Moon enters Libra, the sign of diplomacy and social graces. This is a day meant for artists and lovers. Expect to feel a pull toward beauty and love.
Don’t sit around waiting for love or inspiration to find you, put yourself out in the world where you can interact with others. With the Grand Earth Trine still active between Jupiter, Pluto, and Mercury, you likely feel a strong pull toward sensual pleasures. The only drawback to this planetary configuration is the tendency to overindulge in food, drink, or spending. Unless you have the money to spend, leave the credit cards at home!
This should be a great evening for any social activities or simply a pleasant evening to share with family.
Tuesday, May 17, 2016:
With the Sun, Venus, and Mercury still in Taurus and the Libra Moon moving quietly throughout the day, there is nothing to do but continue putting one foot in front of the other. Nothing is apt to happen in a hurry today but steady progress can be made on whatever you choose to put your attention on.
At 6:35 PM EDT, the stable Taurus Sun sextiles Saturn, the planet that forms structure and stability in exchange for our efforts. What area of your life are you working to build a stable foundation? If you pay attention this evening, you may hear as quiet whisper encouraging you to explore a new path for emotional stability.  By May 22nd, you will see more clearly the appropriate action.
This will not take you on any radical new path. Remember that tiny incremental steps move us forward just as surely as radical leaps into the unknown. For now, it is slow movement forward.
Enjoy the slow pace of the continued Taurus energy as she is still enjoying the company of the full Grand Earth Trine. It won’t last too much longer.
Pay close attention to the reality of your life and encourage pleasure to grow.
Wednesday, May 18, 2016:
Explosión de Supernova by Tel2368045 via Wiki Commons

Explosión de Supernova by Tel2368045 via Wiki Commons

Tuesday was a day devoted to the maintenance of pleasure and calm. On Wednesday, don’t be surprised if you wake up feeling abandoned by that pleasure! What happened? Where did that sense of ease and beauty go?
Remember, the square aspect formed by Uranus and Pluto that we talked so much about over the past 4 years? Well, that aspect has been technically complete for some time now. However, think about how slowly both Uranus and Pluto move. It takes Uranus 84 years to fully orbit the Sun; it takes Pluto 248 years. Because of this, they are still very close together in the square of their cycle.
On Wednesday, the Libra Moon squares Pluto (12:38 AM EDT), shortly after she opposes Uranus (11:23 AM EDT). With the Moon linking them together in this way, we are reminded us of the powerful challenges and profound changes that have occurred in our lives over the past 4+ years.
It is important to pay attention to the issues in the culture (and in our personal circumstances) that continue to pit protocol and convention against progress and revolutionary change.
Following the opposition to Uranus, the Moon remains quiet for the rest of the day.
Don’t feel guilty for taking the afternoon off for rest and rejuvenation. You need it more than you may realize.
Thursday, May 19, 2016:
Perhaps Wednesday’s contemplation of recent changes in your life prompted you to look more deeply into your own unacknowledged wounds. If you have been hurt or hurt others during the past 4 years of radical change, it is important that you stop trying to sweep that pain under the rug. You don’t have to blame another to acknowledge your own personal hurt and the hurt you absorb when you hurt others.
When the Moon enters Scorpio at 2:30 AM EDT, most of us will be sleeping. While you slept your dreams have deepened your understanding and view of your current circumstances. Within dream space you can engage the hidden dynamics at work, without your conscious mind getting in the way.
There is nothing light-hearted about Thursday. Allow your self-understanding to expand into uncharted territory. Expect to shed some tears; not the kind that rock you to the core, not the sentimental, or even the manipulative kind. The tears we shed now are tears of deep opening and powerful healing.
At 8:27 PM EDT, Venus sextile Chiron shows us the path that will support the healing of relationship issues that hold us back from deeper joy. The Scorpio Moon is delighted with this deep inner work.
Friday, May 20, 2016:
It’s time to pick up the pace! Slow just went out of style.
Even as the Scorpio Moon continues asking us to deepen our heart connection to the world around us, the Sun shifts us onto a path that speeds up our thinking and insists we pay attention to everything. Pay attention to EVERYTHING?! Imagine the anxiety of trying to do that!
While the Sun is in Gemini, make it a practice to watch your breathing, remain in your body, and keep your mind and awareness in the present moment.
At 10:36 AM EDT, the Sun leaves behind the sensuous, grounded, Earth sign of Taurus to enter the inquisitive, Air sign of Gemini. Perhaps, your life has been moving along at a steady pace, following this shift; it may feel as though someone has put too much pressure on the gas pedal.
With Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet) (and Mars) currently retrograde, it will take some effort to maintain focus without anxiety, anger, or blame getting in the way. Having this awareness will help considerably.
Gemini is a curious, perceptive, and intellectual sign. During this time, our thoughts come ever closer to the surface as we gather information, analyze, and communicate. Gemini brings lightness, and a touch of fun, to every corner of our lives.
Watch how your ability and interest in communication and learning shift and move quickly. We learn so much when we let curiosity guide the way. Follow your curiosity. It will set you on a path of profound learning.
Germany 1912 from Internet Archive Book Images via Wiki Commons

Germany 1912 from Internet Archive Book Images via Wiki Commons

Saturday, May 21, 2016:
Sagittarius Full Moon is exact at 5:15 PM EDT – Make a plan for Saturday evening! It should be a memorable night.
As we expand our curiosity about the world around us, our minds and our hearts expand with understanding and compassion; as we expand our understanding and compassion our curiosity grows.
With the Sun in optimistic Sagittarius and the Moon in inquisitive Gemini, the issue of exploring big ideas is front and center. Think back to the Taurus New Moon on May 6th. You probably planted a seed you hoped would grow into a stable force of support and structure in your life. How do you see that growth from the perspective of the Full Moon? Has your desire for stability shown you that you need to learn something new or has it asked you to begin a new study of some sort?
Do you need to learn something to support your stability or do you need stability to support your learning? Isn’t this a question similar to: which comes first the chicken or the egg? You really can’t have one without the other.
Mars – the assertive planet of initiative and the power of will – is conjunct the Full Moon, bringing a great deal of energy to the table on Saturday evening. Be aware of the tendency to be a bit more self-centered than usual. Luckily, Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs, so we are able to adapt and don’t need to have our own way. Relax and go with what is offered… up to a point!
This is a night to enjoy; we are all seeking a sense of adventure. However, with the Sun opposing Mars early Sunday morning, please consider how this adventure will appear in the light of day.
Sunday, May 22, 2016:
With the Sun opposing Mars at 6:16 AM EDT, we may wake up less than thrilled with how we ultimately choose to spend Saturday night. Perhaps, you followed an adventure that was a bit ill advised. On the other hand, whatever you got ‘up to’ on Saturday night may energize the morning! You feel angry with yourself or you feel energized! Which will it be for you?
You may get a hint if you think back to the beginning of the cycle between the Sun and Mars. This is a cycle of energizing the self, of bringing determination and initiative to consciousness. The cycle began in mid-June of 2015. Perhaps, you began a physical disciple, a sexual connection, or some other dynamic or assertive activity at that time. In early February, you very likely took an action that propelled the energy to where it is now. It is helpful to keep a journal to follow these cycles.
This is certainly set up to be an intensely active, somewhat fun, and somewhat stressful weekend. The Moon brings uneasy aspects to Neptune and Saturn on in the late afternoon. How about we all agree to a kindness to one another, a quiet evening and an early bedtime?
* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.
* The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, textiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
* The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.