The Moon sets the emotional tone as she moves through the Zodiac day-to-day. It takes approximately 28 days to traverse the entire Zodiac. Learning to work with this rhythm will help you align with and relax into an easier flow with the Universe. The luminous Moon spends approximately 2 ½ days in each sign before she moves on to the next.

Monday’s Cancer Moon begins the week with a note of sensitivity and warmth. Cancer is a cardinal water sign that thrives on nurturing, protecting, and caring for others. Focus on family, emotional security, and loving connections. The Moon remains in sensitive Cancer Monday and most of Tuesday.

Tuesday evening at 5:57 PM EDT, the Moon enters Leo where she will remain until late on Thursday. While the Moon is in Leo you want to love and be loved. You long for love that is expressed with drama and heartfelt over-the-top expressions. While the Moon moves through this Sun-ruled sign playfulness, creativity, and self-expression take center stage.

On Wednesday the Leo Moon makes challenging aspects to Uranus and Saturn. You may have a palpable sense of yourself being pulled in different directions. Excitement pulls you one way while caution pulls in another. Sit with it and find the middle path.

At 11:26 PM EDT on Thursday the Moon enters practical hard-working Virgo. She will stay in this unassuming Mutable Earth sign until the wee hours of Sunday morning. With the Moon in Virgo focus on what you can do to make a practical difference in the life of others. Closer to home, you can tidy up, repot your plants, put away the laundry. You will feel much better when your environment is neat and tidy. The Moon remains capable and efficient in Virgo until she enters Libra on Sunday morning at 1:23 AM EDT.

On Sunday, with the Moon in Libra, focus on diplomatic understanding, pleasing others, and avoiding conflicts. At 2:48 PM EDT, we reach the Libra Full Moon. The Full Moon brings us to the illumination of what began at the Pisces New Moon on March 13th. Consider also the wider cycle that began at the Libra New Moon on October 16, 2020. Something that you have put great effort into in the past 6 months is paying off now.

The week comes to a close with the Libra Moon forming a lovely trine aspect to Saturn. This supports romantic or diplomatic endeavors, socializing, and/ or creating art.


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Keep in mind that transits to your natal planets can override these more universal ones.

WAKE UP AND SPEAK UP – Monday, March 22, 2021

The week begins with the Moon in tender, loving Cancer. Oftentimes people think that because Cancer is sensitive it is somehow weak. Ha! Cancer is no shrinking violet!

Cancer is a Cardinal sign, suggesting that it is active and dynamic. Think about the mother bear protecting her cubs. It doesn’t get more engaged, dynamic, and protective than that. Notice how your emotions are engaged in needing to offer protection or raise awareness that others need protection.

In the early morning hours, the Moon forms a sextile to Uranus the planet of collective sudden change. She then forms a trine to Mercury, the planet that represents our ability to speak up. Pay attention to how you are being called to be a voice for necessary reform in order to protect those who need protection in our culture.

FEEDBACK LOOP OF DELIGHT – Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Today’s Moon in domestic comfort-seeking Cancer brings your attention to caring for and protecting those you love.

At 11:27 PM EDT, the Moon opposes Pluto, the planet of destruction and empowerment. The energy of this transit will pass quickly if you don’t let yourself be pulled into power dynamics. Don’t take the bait and it won’t be a problem. If you do get pulled into this difficult dynamic, it may cause problems for the remainder of the day

At 5:57 PM EDT, the Moon enters the warm, sun-ruled sign of Leo, bringing us an evening of self-expression. When you express generosity it acts as a boomerang, bringing warmth back to you in a delightful feedback loop.

At 11:26 PM EDT, Mercury squares Mars. Is there something bothering you as the evening comes to a close? Your task is to express the problem simply and without malice. In this manner, the path is clear to pick up the conversation in the light of day once morning comes. Sleep on it.

_The Cancer Moon is void-of-course from 11:27 AM EDT until she enters Leo at 5:27 PM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._

EXPRESSION ON THE MIDDLE PATH – Wednesday, March 24, 2021

When the Moon is in Leo we practice and learn to creatively and authentically express our personalities. While the Moon is in Leo it is important to show others your warmest and most generous self-expression.

At 9:46 AM EDT, the Moon forms a challenging square transit to Uranus. You may feel compelled to throw caution to the wind and express the most unusual and unpredictable side of yourself. Do what you must to hold steady and wait to see what the rest of the day brings.

At 1:39 PM EDT, the Moon makes a challenging transit to Saturn. This pulls you in a very different direction, asking that you push yourself toward a more cautious agenda and expression.

You may have a palpable sense of yourself being pulled in very powerful but different directions. Excitement and change pull you one way even as caution pulls in another. Stay steady and look for the middle path. No action is preferable to jumping one way or the other.

PAINT IN BOLD COLORS – Thursday, March 25, 2021

Today brings us the Moon in Leo without the difficult aspects she made yesterday. Regardless of what the day holds, put on your brightest colors and most dramatic pieces of jewelry.
Make it a point to dance, play, and express all the joy you can find within yourself today. Open the paint box and paint in the boldest most beautiful colors. Seek out those folks who resonate with your deepest joy and engage them in creative play.
At 11:26 PM EDT, the Moon moves into Virgo seeking a more practical expression for the coming days. This will help you settle into a good night’s sleep.
_The Leo Moon is void-of-course from 9:28 AM EDT until she enters Virgo at 11:26 PM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._

FOCUS ON LOVE – Friday, March 26, 2021

Early this morning while you slept the Sun joined with Venus at 5 degrees Aries. This transit offers a focus on love and harmony. You are able to connect with others in loving and harmonious ways. Romance is especially beneficial as the importance of love in your life is in the spotlight. You can expect opportunities to connect with others to go smoothly, leaving you content and joyful.

The Moon is in Virgo throughout the day keeping your feet planted in practical reality. You understand that you need to make sure that you and those in your social circle have had your vaccines before jumping on the social bandwagon.
The Virgo Moon asks that you be of service and the transit of the Sun and Venus opens your heart to love. This is a wonderful day to show deep pockets of love through acts of service. There is no lack of people and organizations that are in dire need of your support.


The Moon continues her path through Virgo as she prepares for tomorrow’s Full Moon. Look outside tonight. Isn’t she lovely!?
Today your attention remains on how you can help others. Virgo, ruled by Mercury is the sign of the servant and always asks us how we can be helpful. Aquarius wants us to help all of humanity, whereas Virgo asks that we help in a more ordinary way and closer to home. Do you have an elderly neighbor who could use a hand raking the yard or carrying groceries indoors?
When the Moon is in Virgo there is nothing that will make you feel better than knowing you have made someone else’s day a little easier or a little brighter.
_The Virgo Moon is void-of-course from 7:49 PM EDT until she enters Libra at 1:23 AM EDT on Sunday morning. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._


While you slept the Moon entered Libra in preparation for this afternoon’s Libra Full Moon at 2:48 PM EDT.
The Full Moon can be quite disruptive and exciting as your feeling nature intensifies what has been out of sight comes into focus. Secrets and hidden agendas may be brought into the light for cleansing and uplifting. Because we tend to sleep less on the Full Moon, it is a good idea to schedule extra time for self-care.
Consider what began at the Pisces New Moon two weeks ago, look for the illumination of the seed you planted then. Consider also the wider cycle that began at the Libra New Moon on October 16, 2020. Something that you have put great effort into in the past 6 months is paying off now. Notice this and give yourself a pat on the back.
Look for the archetypes of Libra in yourself and those you encounter today. She will be on full display. The archetypes of Libra include the lover, artist, diplomat, peacemaker, charmer, social host, judge, and indecisive person.
Libra seeks a high level of understanding of how to please others in order to create harmony, beauty, and balance. Libra looks for ways to use interdependency, diplomacy, and cooperation to make the world a better and more beautiful place. Consider and develop your personal expression of the highest side of Libra.

_The Virgo Moon is void-of-course until she enters Libra at 1:23 AM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._

In these weekly reports, I explore the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and give rise to fleeting moods. The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

The symbols of astrology convey a language far removed from the language taught to us by our forbearers. Understanding the gifts of that language can take a lifetime. Receiving the gift can happen in a moment of illumination and recognition and can last a lifetime. – Laurie Astrolore