I hope that all of you are heading outside to enjoy this lovely season. I am driving over to meet up with folks I knew in High School. Folks I haven’t seen in more years than I’m going to speak of.
I want to officially thank my friend Amy for helping me to get this blog done, especially on this very complex week. Thank you, Amy.  Your help makes all the difference.

From Far Above Camden

Venus Enters Leo Opposes Pluto – Generosity Challenges Power

Monday, June 5, 2023

Early this morning (3:30 AM EDT) the Moon moves into the serious sign of Capricorn. Over the next few days, your considerations will be more practical, prudent, and ambitious. Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign, ruled by Saturn and represented by the solitary mountain goat. This sensible, hard-working sign directs your attention toward personal ambitions, mature efforts, and hard work.

Venus, the planet of love and resources, enters Leo at 9:46 AM EDT today. Due to a retrograde in effect from July 22nd to Sept 3rd, Venus will remain in this Fixed Fire sign until October 8th. We’ll learn a great deal about personal values in the coming months. This learning will focus on the House in your natal chart that holds the whole sign of Leo. While Venus is in Leo, joy, enthusiasm, and playfulness are expressed with more generosity and spontaneity. Show your love for others without restraint.

The opposition between Venus and Pluto at 12:04 PM EDT is big news and a very challenging transit. This suggests intense and powerful pressure in your intimate partnerships and/or relationship with money and personal resources. You may find yourself embroiled in drama, overthinking, manipulation, or difficult power dynamics. If you are suspicious, jealous, or otherwise threatened, consider the underlying cause. If your relationships are unhealthy for you, it is time to consider and prepare for profound adjustment.

This transit will impact you most powerfully if you have planets in the first degree or two of Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). Think about the state of your relationships or finances at the very beginning of 2023 when Venus conjuncts Pluto. What has changed and what have you learned about your personal values since then? Do you need to adjust the expectations that others have of you? Make no mistake, change is on the horizon. Passion can be a powerful form of empowerment. How do desires become unhealthy addictions? Be aware of greed in all its forms.

Early June Beauty

A Boost of Energy

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

The Moon continues through Capricorn today. You will do what it takes to maintain a steady balance, avoiding drama or emotional outbursts. Your focus is on personal singular accomplishment, keeping to the point, and making serious progress. Business aspirations may call to you. It is time to get to work and stop procrastinating. This is not a time for group projects, but a time for solitary efforts.

Those efforts benefit from an earthy energy boost, as the Moon trines two planets in Taurus. First, she trines Uranus at 1:11 PM EDT, followed by a trine to Mercury at 5:34 PM EDT. The positive energy of these transits stimulates exciting movement of thought and mind. Any difficult or troubling emotion will pass quickly. Allow this steadfast energy to keep you focused on important solitary endeavors.

Sea & Sky

Mindful Action & Objectivity

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Early this morning, the Moon leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius (4:42 AM EDT). Intellectual Aquarius offers the gift of cool objectivity and detachment. This frees you from many dramas of daily life. You are unlikely to be moody, overly sensitive, nor allow others’ emotional control over your actions. You can step to the side of the issues, gain perspective, and discern what is important.

Over the course of the day a powerful T-square forms in Fixed signs. The Moon conjuncts Pluto opposes Venus and Mars, and squares Jupiter. Expect a powerful stirring of emotions challenging your personal values and ability to take action.

Remember that this will pass quickly if you do not engage it in a negative manner. If you are moved to act, do so mindfully. How can your higher beliefs support your understanding of what is being asked of you?

Far Above Camden – Mount Battie

A Bird’s Eye View

Thursday, June 8, 2023

The Moon continues through the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius today. Your attention is drawn to intellectual and abstract issues, to life on a larger scale. It is time to make progress on environmental, technological, and humanitarian issues. Spend time with people who open your thinking to new ideas and perspectives. Aquarius is the sign of the visionary and the reformer. Follow your curiosity as you look for ways to make a difference in the world around you. Open your mind beyond the filters that usually contain your thinking.

Support for these big ideas comes when the Moon forms a trine to the Sun in Gemini at 9:30 AM EDT. Engage with the easy flow between your needs and desires. Make the most of today’s good vibes. Get outdoors and watch the butterflies and honey bees move freely from flower to flower. Allow yourself to feel that flow.

At 2:38 PM EDT, the Moon makes a brief square to Uranus. You may find yourself feeling a little dizzy after all your expansive thinking. Allow yourself time to take a break, and avoid acting impulsively on anything you can not change your mind about later.

Mount Battie Tower

Drift on the Gentle Currents of Pisces

Friday, June 9, 2023

The Moon leaves Aquarius this morning and enters deeply sensitive Pisces at 6:14 AM EDT. Prepare for a few days of resting, slowing down, and reconnecting with your intuition. When the Moon passes through Pisces, look for creative pathways, spiritual understanding, and compassion to significantly expand.

Spend time in spiritual pursuits, daydreaming, or in your art studio. Allow yourself to float, letting intuition, music, or poetry move you. If you find yourself feeling lost or confused, make space within yourself to honor those feelings. What is your soul asking of you today?

The energy of the day is further enlightened when Mercury forms a sextile aspect to Neptune at 5:14 PM EDT. Sextiles offer opportunities, and this one relates to communicating empathy and compassion. You are able to be more understanding of others, and yourself. Who is it in your life that could use a kind word or someone to listen to their concerns? This is the day. Be kind, be gentle, be there.

Early June Beauty

Last Quarter Moon in Pisces

Saturday, June 10, 2023

There’s no better time to enjoy a lazy restful day than when the Moon is in Pisces. Lay in a field of dandelions, drift on a body of water and ponder the shapes of clouds high above. While the Moon is in this tender insightful sign, profound insights about yourself and others ebb and flow like waves.

At 3:31 PM EDT, we reach the Last Quarter Moon. This is the closing square in the current Moon cycle that began with the New Moon in Taurus on May 19th. At the First Quarter square we take action to build the cycle, at this Last Quarter square we take action to break things down and begin to release the cycle. Think of the Last Quarter square as a time of preparing for relinquishment. You are now able to identify what is no longer needed in your life or circumstances. The full release will come when we begin the next cycle at the Gemini New Moon on June 18th.

You may experience a flash of excitement in the early evening when the Moon makes a sextile to Uranus. If it feels good, go with the flow; if not, let it pass.

The Beauty of Early June

Phew! A Very Active Day

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Pluto, which has been in Aquarius since March 23, dips back into Capricorn early this morning.  In this short period of time, we’ve gotten a taste of the future Aquarian style, with the expanding use of artificial intelligence in every corner of our culture. However, as it backs into Capricorn once again, Pluto is telling us there’s still fundamental work required to transform government, religion, health care, and banking systems (Capricorn interests). Look to the house that holds Capricorn in your natal chart. There you’ll find the area of your life that needs attention once again in order to complete a transformation in that area of your life. Pluto is in Capricorn until January 21, 2024. Put your gloves on, there’s serious work to do before then.

Mercury makes a delightful shift into Gemini today at 6:26 AM EDT. The planet of communication is right at home in Gemini, one of two signs that it ‘rules’. While Mercury is in Gemini, we are especially curious and interested in social communications. We may also find that our minds are in overdrive, and easily be distracted. Mercury makes haste as it moves through Gemini, camping out there briefly until June 27th. This is a perfect time for quick visits and picture postcards—use up leftover ones from old vacations. Jot down a “Hello”! pop it in the mail, and keep moving!

When Mercury makes this shift into Gemini, it does so under the influence of a trine to Pluto, the planet of empowerment. Don’t let others assume your position on ideas and plans. Make your thoughts and needs clear to those who need to know. Folks will listen and hear you today. Pay attention to how you can contribute to and benefit from changes occurring in the world around you. Listen and speak, all voices are powerful today.

At 9:20 AM EDT, the Moon leaves Pisces and moves into direct, dynamic Aries, simultaneously making a sextile to Pluto. With this combo, you will no doubt feel Aries’ stressful push for forward motion. This will provide you with plenty of chutzpah to take action on the many themes of the day. If you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and remember that stress enables us to develop the courage necessary to start something new. What personal projects have you been putting off? Today brings the energy to dive into those.

Lastly today, Venus in Leo forms a challenging square aspect to Jupiter. Even a difficult conversation between these two agreeable parties won’t cause many problems. However, desires could get pretty out of hand. Pay attention to your finances. There are many ways that we can overextend ourselves, whether it’s being overly generous, indulging in extravagances, or eating that last piece of cake. Distinguishing needs from wants will go a long way to helping you conserve precious resources. Considering the rest of today’s swirling energies, allowing yourself to indulge in a nap this afternoon could be a big splurge. You deserve it.

The beautiful Atlantic


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