What a Week!

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It has been quite a week! I went to my 50th high school reunion, visited my mom’s grave, and received a contract from my publisher for the book I have been working on since 2016.
I hesitate to mention any of these things as they all feel rather private. However, I’ve decided to simply delight in the fact that I have lived on this planet long enough to reach the milestone of 50 years out of High School. Believe it or not, I was married 50 years ago this week as well.
Visiting my mom’s grave was a sweet moment set aside from the alumni activities, memories, and catching up with folks I hardly remember.
As far as the book goes it will be a very public matter once it is published! I will be spending the coming months editing the manuscript and adding the final touches before the publisher takes over. It is an exciting process and you will hear more about it as we move closer to its coming to fruition.

A neighbor’s home. Look at that lush beauty!

Accept the Challenge, Achieve the Goal

Monday, June 12, 2023

The Moon spends the day in the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries. This sign has a natural tendency for decisive thinking, quick action, and dogged determination. Look to the House that holds Aries in your natal chart. In this area of your life, you are most likely to take risks or have a competitive spirit. Such strengths can also present challenges. Like the Ram, its symbol, Aries’ energy is brave and courageous not hesitating to lock horns with people who get in the way. Avoid tangling with others by staying focused on your endeavors.

A trine from the Moon to Mars at 8:36 AM EDT offers super-charged support for accomplishments. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had the courage, today’s your day.

Mars in Leo along with the Moon in Aries today, and you are likely bursting to do something. Is there a marathon you could run? A pile of wood that needs chopping? An inbox piled high with proposals needing decisions? A pop-up food drive for the local food pantry? How much food can be collected in just one day? Identify your goal and go for the gold.

Lyndonville, Vermont

Serious Morning, Afternoon Delight

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

The Moon remains in Aries for much of today. Consider the challenge staring you in the face this morning. The Moon in Aries needs personal challenges that it can manage and complete on its own without outside input. If you feel constrained by others, don’t try to be polite or deferential or waste time arguing. Do stay on task and remember there are times we need to be true to ourselves. If you didn’t quite meet yesterday’s goal, this morning’s vibe helps you move toward the finish line.

You may notice an abrupt break in focus or experience frustration when the Moon squares Pluto at 2:27 PM EDT. Square aspects between planets represent points of intersection, challenges, or changes of course. Consider this your signal to release the driven determination of the past day or so, and allow yourself to change gears.

When the Moon enters Taurus a few minutes later (2:32 PM EDT), breathe deeply. Pay attention to the need to settle into a calm sense of normalcy. Whatever you do this afternoon, keep it practical, and simple. Find ways to slow down, regardless of the morning’s stress level. Make time for relaxation and repose, attending to your body and its needs. Schedule a massage, plan a special meal with a loved one, and put flowers by the bedside. Allow the Moon in Taurus to tuck you into the sheets for a soothing slumber tonight.

The event at Lyndon High School, Lyndonville, Vermont

A Simple, Sensuous Day

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The Moon, in Taurus all day today, makes lovely connections with Jupiter and Saturn in the wee hours of the morning. Hopefully, you slept well, had sweet dreams, and awakened feeling rested and restored this morning.

Taurus provides the support necessary to build and maintain the practical structures in our lives. The Bull is the perfect symbol of Taurus. Think of the classic storybook character Ferdinand the Bull. How disinterested he was in fighting, preferring instead a life filled with pleasure, sunshine, and beautiful flowers. When the Moon is in Taurus, we find ourselves feeling like Ferdinand.

We crave creature comforts and are likely to have more patience than usual. Today’s energy encourages us to take pleasure in life’s simple joys. Gather with friends over delicious food and good music. Remind yourself to slow down and smell the roses, and enjoy the breeze and birdsong. That said, don’t be stubborn or self-indulgent. Every sign has its shadow, and for Taurus, these traits are the ones to avoid.

Lyndonville, Vermont

Say What You Need to Say

Thursday, June 15, 2023

The Moon remains in Taurus for much of today. Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign, steady, stable, grounded, and focused on reality. When the Moon is in Taurus, we are more interested in kindness than competition, in patience than persistence. Relax and enjoy connection, gratification, and contentment. Approach life with reverence. Taurus understands power and strength only engaging them when necessary. Taurus is ruled by Venus’ most sensual side. Taurus connects us to the Earth, the beauty of flora and fauna, and an appreciation for tangible resources. Go for pleasure.

The cycle between Mercury (communication) and Saturn (structure) began in March and comes to its opening square today. Whatever conversation or thought process began in early March is now at a point where change hits demand. You may feel backed into a corner. Get clear about a change you must make in the rules between yourself and others, or perhaps a change within your own thinking. Face reality and speak up. Say what needs to be said.

Words will come more easily when the Moon enters Gemini tonight at 9:46 PM EDT. With the Moon in Gemini, let the conversations begin! It is important to use your intellect and your voice to manage your emotions. Your mind is busy and you want to explore and share ideas and conversations with others. You may find it difficult to settle down to sleep, preferring instead to sit up late talking or writing. Keep your mind occupied and try to keep it light-hearted.

A place of memories, West Burke, Vermont

Bounce Like a Tigger

Friday, June 16, 2023

The Moon spends today traveling through sociable, distractable Gemini. Stimulating conversations and mental gymnastics support emotions when the Moon is in this Mutable Air sign. Without mental stimulation, you may become irritable or anxious. If you find yourself without a chatty companion, keep your mind occupied with intellectual activities. Crossword puzzles, word searches, sudoku, or online social connections will engage your mind.

When the Moon squares Saturn late this morning, you may feel boggled by too much communication. You might find yourself temporarily talked out. Allow your mind time to rest.

Mental gymnastics return with vigor when the Moon makes energizing aspects to Mercury and Venus this afternoon. Head out this evening to a local cafe or park to find friendly folks to converse with, make music, or play games with. Relationships with co-workers, siblings, and causal friends will be particularly well supported today. Writing, speaking, socializing, and engaging in mental creativity are highlighted.

The Lush Beauty of Late Spring

Saturn Retrograde: Revisiting Karmic Lessons

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Today’s Gemini Moon pulls us toward interesting conversations and social gatherings. Check out your local farmer’s market and find out what’s happening in your community throughout the summer.

You’ll want to connect with others when Mercury forms a sextile with Venus in Leo this morning (11:29 AM EDT). Consider a luncheon with casual friends. This is a good day to improve your relationships through light-hearted conversations. Talking around the table while sharing a meal will encourage easy discourse.

At 1:27 PM EDT, Saturn stations retrograde at 7° Pisces. Saturn is the authoritative teacher of the Zodiac. Its job is to insist we take responsibility, be accountable, and face reality in some area of our life.

If you have personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) or points (Asc, MC, Nodes) between 0° – 8° of Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), pay particular attention. You are currently processing a year-long pattern of facing something that has long been a challenge in your life.

When Saturn is retrograde, lessons of the past are brought forward. Karmic debts are sorted, and we come to understand the results of our actions. This is the work of maturity. Look to the House that holds Pisces in your chart. This is the area where you are facing karmic lessons from the past. Consider what you are learning and how to use your new understanding to correct past mistakes. Saturn remains retrograde until November 4th.


Gemini New Moon

Sunday, June 18, 2023

The New Moon occurs at 26° Gemini at 12:37 AM EDT (be sure to adjust for your Time Zone). At each New Moon, we plant a seed of intention. Our hope is that this metaphorical seed will grow and develop to its full potential.
The seed we plant now, under the auspices of Gemini, is to nurture our intellectual curiosity. We seek an increase in communication and understanding. This metaphorical seed may also reflect the birth of an idea, a project, or a significant discussion. Consider the growth and changes you’ve witnessed since the New Moon on May 19th.
Full illumination and blossoming of the seed planted now will occur at the Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd. The longer Moon Cycle brings us forward to the Gemini Full Moon on November 27th, 2023. The seed you plant now will further blossom at that time.
The Moon enters Cancer at 6:58 AM EDT. This is the sign that rules Cancer suggesting it is content and empowered here. The Cancer Moon turns our attention to emotions, family, home, and the need for security and safety. When the Moon is in this cardinal water sign, we may be happy to nestle at home in the company of those who love us for our most authentic selves. Be mindful that moodiness and over-sensitivity can be overwhelming at this time as well. It is easy to feel more vulnerable than usual and become defensive if old buttons are pushed. Your best bet is to practice patience and loving-kindness, as you indulge in what makes you happy. Enjoy preparing and eating your favorite comfort foods. Prepare food for those you love as well.

At 11:53 PM EDT, the Sun forms a challenging square aspect to Neptune. This will last several days and may leave you feeling dreamy and unfocused. The Sun square Neptune wants us to forget reality and spend the day in an unfocused state of daydreaming. Take breaks throughout the day for daydreaming, meditating, or unfocused creativity.


In these weekly reports, I explore the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and give rise to fleeting moods. The aspects under consideration are conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions. The planets I work with are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.


Contact me with any questions you may have.

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