I had the wonderful experience this week of doing a ‘reading’ for a couple. It was a different way of working for me, a ‘Reading’ rather than a consultation; a recording rather than a conversation. I made a recording directly from the charts without real-time feedback from the folks involved in the relationship. This is not the way I have worked with couples in the past. I enjoyed the process very much and the response (see below) I got was quite gratifying.

Let me know if you are interested in having a ‘Reading’ done for yourself and a partner. The deep understanding provided can be a game-changer for your relationship.

An Astrological Relationship Reading will help you understand yourself, your partner, and the relationship itself. This work is for new or long term romantic relationships, parent/child relationships, sibling relationships, business partnerships, or friendships.

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“I love and appreciate your ‘reading’ so much! I feel like you put into words things that I’ve never been able to voice before. All that you said feels intuitively spot on. There is so much there that I was able to travel between decades and see my partner and me at different junctures throughout the years. Thank you for your work on this. It is so very helpful”. ~ MB Chicago

Please keep in mind that transits to your natal planets can override these more universal ones. A personal consultation offers deep understanding.


Throughout the year of 2020, There is no avoiding the challenges we are living in the midst of. However, it is important that we look for the joys and pleasures of the individual days and not dwell always in the heavy issues of our times.

Our souls continue to need rest, play, pleasures, and connections. We can and must find ways to give them that.

The Moon enters Aquarius at 6:09 AM EDT as she pulls away from yesterday’s very intense Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse. If you are part of Astrolore’s Patreon Group you received the video that Jennie and I made for that dramatic Full Moon. If you are interested, go HERE for more information.

Today’s Aquarius Moon allows your experience to be more objective than usual. This can provide the rest your heart is looking for. Sometimes it is helpful to allow the heart to be more intellectual and aloof. When the Moon is in Aquarius emotions lose their power to control your actions, allowing you to be more thoughtful in your responses.

Sometimes your eccentric rebel needs to say what needs to be said without emotions getting in the way.

***The Capricorn Moon is void-of-course from 5:36 AM EDT until she enters Aquarius at 6:09 AM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact.

REST AND REJUVENATE – Tuesday, July 7, 2020

With the Moon having pulled away from the Full Moon we are now in the Disseminating Phase when gifts of understanding are dispersed. Perhaps you can think about what occurred in your life over the weekend with new clarity.

The Moon continues through Aquarius today making no major aspects all day and well into tomorrow afternoon. This is a very long void-of-course Moon, a time when the Moon and our emotions are adrift.

Don’t expect to accomplish much. Don’t spend time on plans or projects that you have high hopes for. Nothing much is likely to come from efforts engaged in today. It may be hard to decide what to do or make any decisions whatsoever. Action is unproductive, so don’t bother. Don’t have expectations of others, everyone gets a pass.

Lay on your bed and stare at the ceiling. Lay on the riverbank and watch the clouds go by. Rest, read a book for pleasure, go for a walk, engage in small talk. No plans, no efforts, no big concerns. Relax and restore. Take time off to rejuvenate and replenish your internal batteries. Enjoy this time, we all need the rest.

***The Aquarius Moon is void-of-course from 12:38 AM EDT until she enters Pisces tomorrow at 2:13 PM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact. Wow. This is a very long VOC.


At 6:41 AM EDT Mercury (retrograde) forms a challenging square to Mars, newly in rather aggressive Aries. Be cautious of impulsive actions, conversations, and decision making.

The good news is that with the Moon still void-of-course, if you get pulled into an argument, or start one, it won’t amount to much in the long run. You can also use this opportunity to say what you have been hesitant to say. Not something impulsive but something that you have needed to express that you don’t want a long term reaction around. Think this one through carefully and deliver the communication before 2:13 PM EDT.

Today’s void-of-course does not end until the Moon enters Pisces at 2:13 PM. Not much will result from actions earlier in the day. As we move into the afternoon and evening the aggression of Mercury square Mars will subside. Now you can embrace the elusive qualities of the Pisces Moon.

Plan an evening with a glass of wine, a book of poetry, a good film, and a hot soothing bath. You can make similar plans for the next two nights as well.

***The Aquarius Moon is void-of-course until she enters Pisces at 2:13 PM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact.


As the day begins the Pisces Moon sextiles Uranus encouraging your heart to open, bringing new ideas and innovative solutions to the challenges you face.

The Moon passes through Pisces in her Disseminating phase as she continues separating from the recent Full Moon. The Disseminating phase of the Moon occurs three to four days after each Full Moon. This is the waning time when magic is released through sharing what we have learned.

In these challenging times, you have the opportunity to learn deeply and understand what was not clear in former days. Life as we know it truly has transformed courtesy of the cycles begun at the Capricorn New Moon 6 months ago.

What have you learned that you can share today? How can your growing wisdom illuminate the life of another? You may never know the magic seed you have planted that will grow in the heart of another soul you encounter.

FEEL THE SWEET SOFT BREEZE – Friday, July 10, 2020

As a day separate from the challenges of our times this is a sweet one as the Pisces Moon makes lovely aspects to the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn.

Set time aside to enjoy the soft feel of the breeze on your face and the way love flows through every fiber of your being. Allow yourself to dream and escape into a world of inspiration and imagination. Don’t feel guilty, there is no danger that you will forget the challenges the people of the world are dealing with during this wild year of 2020.

It will be helpful to the ongoing work that must be done to allow times of escape, this is one of them. Be clear that you are choosing an escape that is feeding your soul not sucking the life out of you. An extra glass of champagne is fine, but in general, you will do well to avoid drugs or alcohol altogether.

Time on your meditation cushion, allowing yourself to get lost in movies, music, or poetry are all good ways to spend the day. Reality will return tomorrow with a bang.

***The Pisces Moon is void-of-course from 11:49 PM EDT until she enters Pisces tomorrow at 1:06 AM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact.

SOLITARY ACTION – Saturday, July 11, 2020

When you wake up this morning you will feel the crackle of very different energy. There is no more room for dreamy contemplations. You are ready to move forward with passion and perhaps some aggravation. You may feel that the past few days were wasted. They were not, but don’t look back, trust that you used them perfectly. That was then, this is now.

With the Moon now in Aries you want to turn the page and start new with dreaminess left behind. You may feel energetic, enthusiastic, and in a hurry to move forward. Hold steady a bit longer. Tomorrow Mercury stations direct which will help information and ideas to once again move forward.

The best way to use the Aries Moon today is through physical activity. Solitary activities will work best, take your kayak out on the lake, go for a hike or bike ride. The self-assertion of Aries makes it challenging to deal with others, hence solitary activities will prevent confrontation.

***The Pisces Moon is void-of-course until she enters Pisces at 1:06 AM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact.


By the time you start the day Mercury has stationed direct. What a relief that is for most of us. After three weeks of backtracking and readjustment, it is now time to start planning for moving forward. Because Mercury’s retrograde has been in the sign of Cancer look to the house that holds Cancer in your chart. That will help you understand where in your life you can expect forward motion over the coming days and weeks. It takes a few days to get up to speed but this is cause for celebration.

At 2:42 PM EDT with the Sun trine Neptune increases your sensitivity and empathy for others. With the Moon in Aries, you are motivated to take direct action to help those who arouse compassion.

At 7:29 PM EDT, we reach the Moon’s Last Quarter Phase suggesting a release of tension as you prepare for another Cancer New Moon (July 20). It is unusual to have two New Moons fall in the same sign but this Cancer season gave us just that. This suggests an unusual level of significance for the seeds of protection and kindness that must be planted this year.

* In these weekly reports, I explore the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and give rise to fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.

The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.

The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.