The Changing Moon this Week

The Moon sets the emotional tone as she moves through the Zodiac day-to-day. It takes approximately 28 days to traverse the entire Zodiac. Learning to work with this rhythm will help you align with and relax into an easier flow with the Universe. The luminous Moon spends approximately 2 ½ days in each sign before she moves on to the next.

The week begins with the Moon in stable slow-moving Taurus. Each month as the Moon passes through this Fixed Earth sign, she accepts the task of calming and settling us after the Moon rages through Aries. When the Moon is in Taurus your mind will calm down in response to your body. This is a great time to give or get a massage, weed the garden, prepare food, or work on an art project.

At 9:24 PM EDT on Monday the Moon enters curious, communicative Gemini where she remains until Thursday morning. As a Mutable Air sign, Gemini encourages curiosity and a desire to engage in simple, lively, and interesting conversations. Gathering information and exploring numerous ideas are good activities with the Moon in Gemini. Contact friends and neighbors for lighthearted conversations. The Moon continues through this active talkative sign until Thursday morning.

By Thursday morning the Moon has had enough intellectual stimulation in Gemini and slips into Cancer at 9:51 AM EDT. As we move toward the New Moon on Friday night, we are in the Dark of the Moon, a time for inner contemplation.

With the Moon in Cancer, you find your attention turning to love, comfort, family, and fierce protection. Other than your deep connections with family and loved ones, give yourself time alone for inner contemplation. The New Moon at 18degrees Cancer is exact at 9:17 PM EDT on Friday.

The Moon remains in Cancer until she enters Leo Saturday night at 8:21 PM EDT. From now until Sunday seek fun times with friends. Enjoy playful self-expression. Find the friends you can be most authentically yourself with.


BY ALL MEANS SAY YES – Monday, July 5, 2021

The Moon begins the week in reliable easy-going Taurus. As the Moon passes through this Fixed Earth she does her best to calm us after the Moon’s passage through the high strung restless sign of Aries.

Use your body to calm your emotional system, engage all your senses. Focus your attention on the experience of living immersed in your physical body. If at all possible get outdoors, take off your shoes, and absorb the energy of the earth into your body. Listen and pay attention to the songs that the birds and the trees are singing. The earth is sending messages, they are particularly clear today. Pay attention to information that comes through sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound.

At 3:14 PM EDT, the Cancer Sun forms a sextile aspect (60 degrees) to Uranus. You will feel this influence for several days. Anticipate a greater than average desire for freedom. Look for opportunities to express your longing for independence and self-expression. It will be easier than usual to ask for whatever you may fancy no matter how odd your desire may seem to others. You may see the world from a different perspective than others and are willing to show up with your eccentric nature on display.

Something outside your comfort zone may call to you. Go ahead. Step forward.

At 9:42 PM EDT, the Moon enters Gemini bringing your mind to attention, waking you from the slower pace of the past few days. Over the next few days, you will have full access to mental resourcefulness and curiosity.

_The Taurus Moon is void-of-course from 12:57 PM EDT until she enters Gemini at 9:24 PM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._



Last night while you slept Mercury formed a difficult square transit to Neptune. Mercury represents the activity of the mind. Neptune may distort your ideas and any communications you engage in today. Stay away from conversations and ideas that require hard-cold reality and rational thinking. You are unlikely to be rational today. Follow your intuition, it may be stronger than normal and more reliable than rational thought. It may be hard to tell the difference. You may be misunderstood by others and you may, in turn, misunderstand others.
Your mind will work best in creative endeavors. Writing poetry or expressing yourself through music will be supported by this transit. If you feel mentally confused or insecure, step aside and allow yourself to rest and your mind to wander. Practical thinking and communications will have to wait.
Over the course of the day, an opposition from Venus to Saturn is building and will be exact at 10:35 PM EDT. Something difficult that occurred last week may find clarity and be soothed today or tomorrow. Think about that and watch for it.
Even so, you may find yourself feeling overly serious and distant from others. This is not a good time for socializing. Spend time alone, weigh the true cost and benefit of your closest relationships. Any effort that you make today or tomorrow in service of partnerships and friends will pay off in the long run, but for now, you may simply feel lonely. Dig in, make an effort, do not expect immediate results.
The Moon is in Gemini today but I expect these powerful transits will override the Moon’s emotional need for simple chatty connections.


CHANGE IS COMING – Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The seriousness and loneliness from yesterday’s transit of Venus opposing Saturn are still with you today. Think about how you can increase security in your relationships and your finances. Make an effort and take action toward that desire. Do not expect immediate results. Serious actions taken now will shore up relationships and finances that need stabilization.
With the Cancer New Moon coming on Friday we are now in the Dark Phase of the Moon, waiting for a new cycle. During this time we all need extra rest and contemplation. However, with the Moon in Gemini, you will still want to reach out and talk with others. Perhaps your conversations will be more contemplative. You are perhaps looking for or offering support as you prepare for the changes coming in your lives. Ask for any information you want. Your friends and even strangers will open up more easily under the influence of the Gemini Moon.


A TIME TO BREAK FREE – Thursday, July 8, 2021

Get any gossip or light chatter out of the way early before the Moon leaves Gemini. At 9:51 AM EDT, she enters Cancer turning your attention to emotional considerations of family and loved ones. With the Moon in Cancer, your feelings are close to the surface, leaving you vulnerable and fiercely protective in the coming days.

At 3:25 PM EDT transiting Venus forms a challenging square aspect to Uranus. This is stressful and often reflects events that may be unusual, unexpected, and even shocking. Keep your eyes on the local, national, and world news over the next few days. This tension will likely be reflected in the headlines.
Personally, you or your partner may act in ways that seem irrational and unhelpful. It may feel that the relationship itself is at stake. There may also be unexpected changes regarding finances.

This is not a good time to try to solve disagreements. Neither of you will want to compromise and are likely to dig in your heels. Impulsive decisions may cause unexpected problems. Hold your horses and slow down. Don’t try to fix things and don’t spend money you hadn’t already planned to spend.

Enough about what not to do! This is a great time to break free of a personal pattern of behavior that has held you hostage. It is a great time to make an exciting change to your appearance. It is also a great time to meet or get to know someone with a very different personal or cultural perspective to your own. You can learn something surprising and delightful that may change your forward path.

_The Gemini Moon is void-of-course from 12:20 AM EDT until she enters Cancer at 9:51 AM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._


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We are at the very darkest point of the lunar cycle today as we approach the Cancer New Moon which is exact at 9:17 PM EDT. Each month we end one cycle in darkness at the New Moon in order to begin another. Seeds germinate in darkness and grow toward the light of the Sun.
At the New Moon, we release what is complete and take a fresh step forward to begin something new. Ritual helps support the process. Today releases a cycle of communication and intellect as it begins a cycle of emotional connection with loved ones. Performing a ritual to signify your aspirations to the Universe is a powerful practice.


Cancer New Moon Ritual

Perform your ritual within 24 hours of the New Moon, but not before. The first thing is to determine where (what house) this New Moon is transiting your natal chart. This is determined by your rising sign. Plant a metaphorical seed in the area of your life indicated by the house that holds Cancer in your chart.
If you do not know your rising sign, read for your sun sign or simply go on instinct. Where in your life are you looking for new or deeper connections? Bring the qualities of Cancer to your individual path.
Write down the sensitivity you want to develop in the next 2 weeks and onward to the next 6 months. Plant a seed of sensitivity, emotional intelligence, and cautious vigilance. Where do you need to become more tender, vulnerable, and fiercely protective?
Have two candles available. Light the first to represent yourself as you are now. Light the second candle as inspiration for the change you want to create during this cycle. Take a moment to focus your intentions as you light each candle. Imagine drawing the change you desire toward you as you physically bring the two candles a bit closer each day. When you are done with the ritual blow out the candles. You will come back to them performing the same ritual each day for two weeks.
At the Aquarius Full Moon on July 23rd, the candles will finally touch for the first time. Look at and acknowledge what you have created. The energy you infuse into this cycle also begins the larger cycle which will come to full illumination at the Cancer Full Moon on January 17, 2022.


The Cancer New Moon is exact at 18° Cancer at 9:27 PM EDT July 9, 2021

As you consider the seed of new growth to plant at this New Moon, find the house that holds cancer in your horoscope. Cancer is the cardinal water sign bringing to attention the need to nurture, protect, and create a loving family or clan.

  • If you have Aries Rising the Cancer New Moon falls in your 4th House. Plant a metaphorical seed for the growth of love, support, and protection of your home and family. If values of nurturing and emotional support are not a part of your home/family dynamics, plant a seed that will support that change.
  • If you have Taurus Rising the Cancer New Moon falls in your 3rd House. Plant a metaphorical seed to develop deep emotional sensitivity in communications. Perhaps you need to begin defending, protecting, or caring for your sibling(s). Plan a writing project, a speech, or a conversation with your sibling.
  • If you have Gemini Rising the Cancer New Moon falls in your 2nd House. Plant a metaphorical seed for the growth of tender nurturing values. Spend money to support those you love most dearly. Open a savings account for your children or grandchildren.
  • If you have Cancer Rising the Cancer New Moon falls in your 1st House. Plant a metaphorical seed for a renewed expression of self that shows your sensitivity as well as your strength. Allow others to see your caring protective personality.
  • If you have Leo Rising the Cancer New Moon falls in your 12th House. Plant a metaphorical seed for the growth of emotional intelligence and a loving understanding of your hidden nature. Begin a dream journal or determine to explore a symbolic language such as astrology or tarot.
  • If you have Virgo Rising the Cancer New Moon falls in your 11th House. Plant a metaphorical seed to find, develop, or grow a nurturing, receptive, caring community. Invite like-minded folks to begin the conversation that may lead to creating a community to protect and serve all of you.
  • If you have Libra Rising the Cancer New Moon falls in your 10th House. Plant a metaphorical seed to bring care, nurturing, and protection to the forefront of your career path. Begin updating your resume or plan your retirement if these values are not a focal part of your career.
  • If you have Scorpio Rising the Cancer New Moon falls in your 9th House. Plant a metaphorical seed that will increase your sensitivity to the cultural realities of others outside your inner circle. Make a plan for a trip to visit family, begin creating a family tree, or research your family legacy.
  • If you have Sagittarius Rising the Cancer New Moon falls in your 8th House. Plant a metaphorical seed for the sensitive defense of other people’s values. Have a tender and fiercely supportive conversation about deep issues. Find out someone else’s sensitivities around sex, death, or money.
  • If you have Capricorn Rising the Cancer New Moon falls in your 7th House. Plant a metaphorical seed to develop emotionally supportive, tender, fiercely protective partnerships. Plan a heart-opening connection with your partner or closest confidant.
  • If you have Aquarius Rising the Cancer New Moon falls in your 6th House. Plant a metaphorical seed to develop personal routines that support caring, defending, and protecting others. Consider how your emotions are impacted by your exercise, dietary, or spiritual routines. Start a daily practice that strengthens your emotional intelligence.
  • If you have Pisces Rising the Cancer New Moon falls in your 5th House. Plant a metaphorical seed for bringing your open heart to your creative endeavors and all the ways in which you give love to others. Find a way to express deep caring, support, and love to your children and grandchildren. Support your own emotional nature with a new creative project.



With the Moon continuing through Cancer today accept, protect, and embrace your emotions. You may feel terribly nostalgic and need time alone to indulge in introspection or contemplation of the past.
At 12:10 PM EDT, the Moon opposes Pluto bringing the shadow side of Cancer to your attention. Watch that your insecurity does not lead to controlling or manipulative behaviors. Pay careful attention and, if necessary, spend time alone for a few hours until this passes.
Allow that early afternoon difficulty to pass and then make yourself cozy. Call your mom, cuddle your babies or pets, and indulge in the foods and activities that nurture you.
At 8:21 PM EDT, the Moon leaves sensitive Cancer behind to join Mars and Venus in Leo. Once you feel that shift of energy, make a plan for tomorrow. When the Moon is in Leo you will want to shine for others and enjoy your most expressive colorful friends.
_The Cancer Moon is void-of-course from 12:10 PM EDT until she enters Leo at 8:21 PM EDT. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._



Today’s Leo Moon asks that you express yourself with pizzazz. Wear your most dazzling colors and dramatic jewelry. Do not scrimp on expressing your inner radiance.
Meet up with your most playful friends for an impromptu afternoon dance party. Express all the joy you can find within yourself. Even in dark times, you can find joy. Express that joy today, paint your life in bold beautiful colors. Show the world your warmth and generosity.
Since May 3rd Mercury has been in Gemini, spending 3 weeks in retrograde motion. During that time your mind has been focused on social curiosity, communication, and the gathering of information.
At 4:35 PM EDT Mercury ingresses into Cancer, it is moving quickly and will remain here only until July 27th. Keep tissues nearby. You may need them as your mind is likely to go to very tender places. As your thinking will be filtered through feelings, you can expect conversations to go deeper than they have in recent months. You will be able to think, feel, and speak with more connection to your emotions. With the intellect so closely tied to emotion, you may find it challenging to remain objective in conversations. Do your best and pay attention.


In these weekly reports, I explore the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and give rise to fleeting moods. The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions. The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.