Yay! It Happened. Astrolore is now a Resident of Maine!

A Lovely Pebble Beach – close to my New Home

Although I am still deep in the process of unpacking and trying to set up my new home, I am very happy to be here.

Moving day last week was certainly an adventure. A sincere thank you to the crew who helped with the move.

Thank you, Dave, Tom, Carol, Ken, and Dave.

At some point, we realized that we had overestimated the amount of space available in the vehicles. Or perhaps we underestimated the amount of stuff I was moving. Due to this miscalculation, another trip will be necessary to retrieve what was left at my friend Martina’s home.

We finally got on the road at 11 AM and arrived at the new place at 6 PM. By the time we arrived, I was crispy and exhausted. I set the kitten up in a safe area and went to get pizza while Dave and Tom lugged everything up the stairs and into the apartment. Again, Thank you to Dave and Tom!! Thank you also to Kairos the kitten for being a most amazing traveling companion. He slept for the bulk of the trip and didn’t complain at all.



Monday, July 18, 2022

The Moon enters Aries at 7:17 AM ET, Mercury opposes Pluto at 3 AM ET. The combination of the Moon in Aries and Mercury opposing Pluto could cause some problematic issues today. It is important for us to keep a close eye on all our communications. Be clear about what you want to say and how you want to say it.

When the Moon is in Aries we can easily jump to conclusions and react without forethought. If we are not paying attention, once our emotions are riled up all bets are off. Your energy is high and you are ready to take action. Remember, the Moon in Aries is hot and dynamic.

Yesterday Mercury and the Sun came together in Cancer, today Mercury opposes Pluto, and tomorrow the Sun will do the same. This suggests a powerful few days of struggling to understand the full picture of what is happening in our world.

Please don’t engage in useless arguments and power struggles. Do ask the big questions that will lead to understanding. Understanding clears the way for powerful communication. Superficial communications are not going to satisfy anyone today. We feel a great need to dig deep and get gain clarity on how to protect those we love. Profound insights and understanding may arise over the next few days.



Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Moon remains in Aries today suggesting that our emotions remain on edge and stirred up. We are itching to take action to change whatever issue has gotten under our skin. Engaging in a personal challenge or expending physical energy is helpful. Go for a hard run, a bike ride, climb a mountain, or lift weights. Using your physicality and strength will help put things in perspective, allowing you to see what action will best suit your needs.

At 8:34 AM ET, Mercury enters Leo where it will remain until August 4th. Mercury is the planet that represents how we think, our intellect, and how we communicate. Leo is a Fixed Fire sign ruled by the Sun. While Mercury is in this grand, confident sign our thoughts and communications turn in a more positive direction. Our thinking reaches for confidence, positivity, and inspiration. Creative ideas come into focus as we seek attention for our dramatic stories and ability to entertain others and bring them to our way of thinking.

By the end of the week when the Sun enters Leo on Friday, we step fully into Leo Season. While the world may be crazy around us, we can all enjoy the more theatrical side of life and soak up the warmth of the Sun!

I should also mention that Mercury is Leo can get rather arrogant and tunnel vision can also be an issue. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that a positive outlook is all that is needed.

At 9:38 PM ET, the Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. This exposes the required balance between Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer reveals issues of mothering, protection, and nurturing. Capricorn reveals issues of immovable systems such as government and business. We know the current conflict in our world between these two.

Don’t let the warmth of the upcoming Leo season distract and get you off track, there are power plays and manipulations going on behind the scenes. Keep your eyes open and your awareness intact. Your attention is required to counter in any way you can the manipulations and power struggles in play.



Wednesday, July 20, 2022

At 10:18 AM ET, we come to the Last Quarter Phase of the Moon. She is still in the courageous action-oriented sign of Aries. During the First and the Last Quarter phases of the Moon, she is positioned in a challenging 90-degree square aspect to the Sun. These times in the cycle imply difficulties, challenges, and opportunities. We must make a choice or take an action. The future resides in the choices made and the actions taken at these times.

In the Last Quarter phase, we are between the Full Moon and the upcoming New Moon. The cycle is closing down, something must be released as we begin preparing for the new cycle to come.

At 2:23 PM ET, the Moon leaves Aries behind, asking that we settle down and create comfort and calm in our bodies and environment. Taurus is the most physical, deliberate, and pleasure-seeking sign of the zodiac. While the Moon is in the realm look for steadfast security, stability, and beauty.

Taurus is a very physical sign that can be as immovable as the earth itself. Taurus asks that we slow down and very deliberately set all hurry aside. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time. When the Moon is in Taurus we know that the tortoise will win in a race against the hare.



Thursday, July 21, 2022

Today the Moon continues its path through the stable calm realm of Taurus. Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign that seeks pleasure, security, stability, and beauty. The Moon in Taurus offers us a day of sensuality and creature comforts.

You may notice that you and those around you have more patience than usual and are more interested in creating comfort and pleasure. This is a time to relax, connect with loved ones, create beauty, and look for gratification in simplicity and contentment.

In thinking of Taurus, the image of the Bull comes to mind. Taurus is not the raging bull that we imagine from images of bullfights. Taurus is the Bull who knows it can rest in its power as it has absolutely nothing to prove.

If you remember the children’s book Ferdinand the Bull, think of this as the perfect symbol of Taurus. There is no need to engage power and strength when it is not necessary. Taurus is far more interested in sitting in nature, connecting with the trees, and smelling the flowers. Taurus is ruled by Venus and here we see the sensual side of Venus. Taurus connects us to reverence, the earth, sensuality, and tangible resources.




Friday, July 22, 2022

At 4:06 PM ET, the Sun enters Leo, the Fixed Fire sign ruled by the Sun. Of course (in the Northern Hemisphere) the hot bright Sun of summer seeks the spotlight this time of year.

The Sun is very much at home in this proud, outgoing, and playful sign. Leo is the sign of the Lion, the leader and the top royal figure of the jungle. Just like the lion, Leo is not content to be one of the crowd. They must be the one wearing the crown and shining the most brightly.

While the Sun moves through Leo (until August 22nd) we are more generous, dramatic, grand, and like cats of all sizes, perhaps a bit lazy and arrogant as well. During this time we want to be seen, shining, and playful. No wonder this is the time of the year we head to the beach in droves to show off and soak in the sun. Playfulness, self-confidence, the need for full expression, and a touch of laziness are on clear display.

Find the house that holds Leo in your natal chart. This is the area of your life that is full of the light and warmth of Leo, this is the area of your life that you can best express with generosity.

If you have Aries rising Leo falls in your 5th house of creativity. If you have Taurus rising, Leo falls in your 4th house of home and family. If you have Gemini rising, Leo falls in your 3rd house of communication. If you have Cancer rising, Leo falls in your 2nd house of resources and self-worth. If you have Leo rising, Leo falls in your 1st house of self and personality. If you have Virgo rising, Leo falls in your 12th house of the hidden unconscious mind. If you have Libra rising, Leo falls in your 11th house of community. If you have Scorpio rising, Leo falls in your 10th house of career and reputation. If you have Sagittarius rising, Leo falls in your 9th house of worldview, travel, and education. If you have Capricorn rising, Leo falls in your 8th house of other people’s beliefs and values. If you have Aquarius rising, Leo falls in your 7th house of intimate partners and ‘capital R’ relationships. If you have Pisces rising Leo falls in your 6th house of health and self-care.

During this time look for and create opportunities to shine, enjoy occupying the spotlight, express yourself, and have fun. Engage your leadership abilities and passions.

With the Moon in Taurus today, we may take the excitement of this ingress in stride, at least for today.



Saturday, July 23, 2022

In the wee hours of this Saturday morning, the Moon entered Gemini, a highly active and engaged sign. Your emotions are tied to your thinking and vice versa. Your thoughts cover a variety of topics quickly with a light touch. You are able to pull away from more somber or difficult topics to enjoy interesting conversations with many types of people. The Gemini Moon is light-hearted and is not interested in deep, profound, or challenging topics.

If the entrance of the Sun into Leo didn’t seem very bright, shining, or dramatic yesterday, you may feel more enthusiasm for it today.

At 1:52 PM ET, Mercury forms a trine aspect to Jupiter. Because the Moon is in Gemini and Gemini is ruled by Mercury, this transit is extra strong today. This is a wonderful transit that brings optimism, progressive, open-minded thinking, and a desire to expand your mind. Your mind is open to new ways of thinking about issues such as education, religion, philosophy, and other cultures. You may suddenly realize how much your worldview has changed when you weren’t paying attention.

If there are agreements to make or contracts to sign this is a great time to do those things. This can be a positive time for ongoing legal matters, social activities, making friends, and planning for the future. You may receive some good news that increases your level of happiness and general life satisfaction.



Sunday, July 24, 2022

We are all adjusting to the Sun being newly in Leo. Pay attention to how your enthusiasm and generosity are heightened. If possible go to the beach today with your most light-hearted companions. Today’s Gemini Moon will pull you toward social gatherings. Look for interesting conversations of curious and youthful concerns.

Stimulating conversations and mental gymnastics will keep your emotions stable. while the Moon is in this quick-moving mutable Air sign. Without mental stimulation, you could easily become irritable, anxious, or restless.

Keep your mind occupied with a variety of light-hearted tasks, activities, and friends to talk with.



In these weekly reports, I explore the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and give rise to fleeting moods. The aspects under consideration are conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions. The planets I work with are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.