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When Uranus stationed direct yesterday, the logjam that has kept us spinning our wheels since October releases.

Each year, we have a period of time when all of the 8 visible planets are in forward motion.  When no planets are in retrograde motion there is a powerful ease of forward motion.

With the recent overlap of Mars and Mercury’s retrograde cycles, we are certainly ready for a break! On January 22nd Uranus ended its retrograde and stationed direct at 14 degrees Taurus. We are given the break from the Universe that we were looking for. This period of time lasts until the next Mercury Retrograde which begins on April 21, 2023. This gives us  87 days of forward motion!

We know that planets do not move backward through the ecliptic

However, we also know that as humans we can be profoundly affected by all kinds of illusions! Planets in retrograde motion are a visual illusion caused by the different speeds at which each planet is moving. All of the planets in our solar system have retrograde cycles on a year or year-and-a-half basis. The periods when planets are retrograde shift our lives and attention to a more inward path. During these times we must reexplore, reflect, reengage, and reintegrate the parts of our lives that the planet in question governs.

As we learn to creatively and consciously work with these times they are powerful gifts to our growth. However, they are not particularly easy. During times when there are no planetary retrogrades, we can move forward with direct action to harness new growth with more ease.

Make things happen

Get clear about what you want to create or manifest. Life is about to move at a more rapid pace than what we are used to. Keep yourself grounded and steady. Commit to the things in your life that ground and stabilize you. Make a list of what you would like to see happen in your life with the support of the planet’s path forward.

Don’t overdo it. Stay grounded in your body and mind. Clarify your intentions and then get to work. You can accomplish so much over the coming months. Life is about to move fast, hold onto your hat and make the coming months count.

Wave Rayne first published about APDM (All Planets in Direct Motion) in 2009 and in 2019. Check Wave Rayne’s website, all about All Planets in Direct Motion

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Monday, January 23, 2023

The week begins on a progressive quirky note with all planets moving forward and the Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign, the sign of innovation and high intellectual engagement. When the Moon is in Aquarius your emotions answer to your intellect and your mood is likely to be informed by ideas, thoughts, and conversations.

At 12:35 PM ET, the Moon sets the intellect aside and enters the profoundly emotional sign of Pisces. Here we encounter a deeper-than-usual level of sensitivity. You may feel that you are drifting on waves of sensitivity or you may feel overwhelmed as you struggle to keep your head above water. Allow yourself to drift, rest, and dream.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The Moon continues through the mutable water sign of Pisces today. When the Moon is in Pisces you can connect with your muse through deep levels of imagination. Allow boundaries between yourself and others to blur. In this way, understanding and compassion flow between self and others. The Moon forms lovely aspects to both Mercury and Uranus. Anticipate that your sensitivity and imagination will support innovative ideas and communications.

At 8:30 PM ET, the Aquarius Sun sextiles Jupiter, currently in fast-acting Aries. This transit suggests an optimistic and exciting day (or two). You are able to see the most positive side of situations and circumstances you find yourself in. Your sense of innovation is strong and expansive. You feel that you are moving in the right direction and can see a broader perspective than usual. Allow your mind to broaden and you may see what has illuded you in the past.  There is something that you are ready to release. Look at the opportunities that will open for you once you let go of what is holding you back. Take a positive step forward, toward the future that calls you.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The day begins with the continued sensitivity of the Pisces Moon. Enjoy the soft acceptance and compassion that you feel for others. It is easy to put yourself in the shoes of those you encounter and understand how they feel. Supporting the suffering of others will help you avoid the unhelpful tendency of Pisces toward escapism.

At 1:47 PM ET, compassion and sensitivity fly out the window as the Moon enters the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries. This moves us into a state of self-focused dynamic action. When the Moon is in Aries look for a personal challenge that will hold your attention without input from others.

Aries is a personal sign that doesn’t necessarily play well with others. The focus is on developing personal courage through facing stress and anxiety. If you know folks with strong Aries placements in their natal chart, you will notice that they tend to have more stress in their lives than others.

When the Moon is in this hot determined sign our emotions require solitary action. If we try to work with others we may encounter frustration and discord. This dynamic action-oriented sign can turn easily toward anger or frustration. Using the strength of your physical body will settle your nerves.


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Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Moon continues through Aries today keeping us all focused on our own needs and projects. You and those around you may act without subtlety or forethought. Everyone may be in a hurry and less sensitive than usual. Spending time on your own and doing your own thing is the best way to get things done today. Your emotions are stirred up and you are bursting to do something with all that energy. Individual courageous action is called for.

It is best to use this energy with your physical body. Stretch and test the strength of your abilities. Get out on the ski slopes or get to the gym and push yourself to go further than you have in the past. Compete with yourself today. It is better to fall on your face taking an action than to hold back out of fear or too much caution.

At 9:32 PM ET, Venus leaves the cool intellectual space of Aquarius and enters the deep sensitivity of Pisces. While in Aquarius, her values focused on intellectual and humanitarian issues.

Now with Venus in Pisces boundaries between yourself and others blur. You are able to release the past and open to compassion and forgiveness. Reality may be a bit elusive but it is more beautiful due to that fact. The planet of love and values is delighted to be in Pisces where she is considered to be Exalted.

Venus is moving quite rapidly, having entered Aquarius on January 2nd. In Aquarius, her values focused on freedom, humanitarianism, and friendship. When Venus is in Pisces boundaries between yourself and others blur. You are able to release the past and open to compassion and forgiveness.

Reality may be a bit elusive but it is beautiful just the same. Enjoy the soft glow of idealized love. This is a very romantic placement for Venus! Enjoy the soft glow of idealized love. However, it is important to be aware that you may be wearing the proverbial rose-colored glasses. Enjoy this time but don’t commit to a romance or financial investment while Venus is in Pisces as clarity is not her strong suit. Venus remains in Pisces until February 20th.


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Friday, January 27, 2023

The Moon remains in Aries for the bulk of the day keeping energy high and thoughts centered on the self. No one will be acting with much subtlety or forethought today. At 4:01 PM ET, the Moon forms a challenging square aspect to Pluto suggesting power struggles as the workweek ends and the weekend begins. Don’t let this concern you as, whatever the issue, it will pass quickly.

At 6:43 PM ET, the Moon leaves Aries behind and enters Taurus. When the Moon is in Taurus we want to settle into calm normalcy and enjoy pleasure, stability, and beauty. This is the fixed earth sign and its focus is on simplicity.

Change your high-energy expectations for the weekend to quieter plans. You will be most satisfied with a gathering of good friends, good food, and beautiful surroundings.

For this evening, plan a pleasurable meal and a quiet evening. Over the next few days focus on stabilizing your emotions through connections to your physical body. Get, or give a massage and plan to connect with a lover for bodily pleasures.

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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Another full day with the Moon in the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus. Taurus is the sign of steadfast stability and is focused on sensual awareness and the very real world of our physical senses.

Taurus asks that we turn our attention to building and maintaining the practical structures that support our lives. When the Moon is in Taurus we will do well to slow down, quiet down, and spend time in stillness.

In thinking of Taurus, the image of the Bull comes to mind. Taurus is not the raging bull, we see in images of bullfights, but the Bull who knows it can rest in its considerable power. Taurus is a very physical sign that can be as immovable as the earth itself. Taurus asks that we slow down and very deliberately set all hurry aside. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time. We all know who wins the race between the tortoise and the hare.

At 10:19 AM ET, we come to the First Quarter Square of the Lunar Cycle that began at the Aquarius New Moon on January 21st. Consider the metaphorical seed of intention that you planted at that time. It is important that you take action today to encourage the growth of that intention. It does not need to be anything outlandish, a small focused and intentional step forward will do.

Astrologer Dana Gerhardt says that “We decide our futures at the quarter Moons. We turn toward fulfillment or failure, as an incoming tide of possibilities slams against the momentum of what we’ve already known.” Dane Rudhyar says that we are “caught in the wheel of change at these times”. This is a powerful time when the direction we turn in matters. Take a steadfast realistic action today that relates to the seed you planted last week.

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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Today’s Taurus Moon keeps your emotions steadfast and unruffled as exciting dynamics vie for your attention. For the bulk of the day, you can expect to feel high-energy building. Anticipate stimulating and provocative conversations and shifting energies. These will continue throughout tomorrow.

At 8:45 PM ET Mars, still in chatty Gemini forms a flowing trine aspect to the Sun in innovative Aquarius. This is an energetic aspect that will support whatever you set your attention on today. This is particularly good for activities that engage your mind as well as your body. Bring a friend to the gym, skiing, or hiking. Conversations are important and will flow with whatever physical activity you engaged in.

At 9:16 PM ET Mercury forms a lovely trine aspect to Uranus. Due to Mercury’s recent retrograde, the story of this aspect began in mid-December, peaked again on January 9th, and makes its final pass today.

Get clear about the changes in your thinking during this period of time. Share the unusual ideas and unique perspectives that have been building in your mind. You may be surprised at how easily you can express complex ideas now.

Explore new ideas, take a road trip, and allow your mind to open. Watch for unexpected insights! You may receive welcome surprises or find yourself in unusual conversations. You may meet folks who change your perspective in astonishing ways. Enjoy.



In these weekly reports, I explore the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and give rise to fleeting moods. The aspects under consideration are conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions. The planets I work with are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.