The tea images are intended to add a bit of calm and simplicity. I send love to all. Best, Laurie


There are so many difficulties in the world right now I think I will start with some astrological simplicity. We all love to hear things about ourselves and most of you know your Sun Sign and Moon sign. Read for both and contemplate.

  • Aries is learning tolerance while leaving behind the desire to walk away in an argument.
  • Taurus is learning that pleasure is not the best life goal while leaving behind a reluctance to what is new.
  • Gemini is learning that cooperation is necessary while leaving behind impatience with others.
  • Cancer is learning to release past attachments while leaving behind a fear of ridicule.
  • Leo is learning to edit impetuousness while leaving behind obstinance and overconfidence.
  • Virgo is learning to tolerate imperfection while leaving behind the judgment of self and others.
  • Libra is learning to be resolute and function alone when necessary while leaving behind wanting to be liked.
  • Scorpio is learning to share powerful feelings while leaving behind brooding resentments.
  • Sagittarius is learning to be subtle sometimes while leaving behind the avoidance of intimacy.
  • Capricorn is learning personal integrity while leaving behind isolation and melancholy.
  • Aquarius is learning patience when misunderstood while leaving behind stubbornness and immovable opinions.
  • Pisces is learning to listen to deep intuition while leaving behind being easily influenced by others.

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The Changing Moon this week:

The Moon sets the emotional tone as she moves through the Zodiac day-to-day. Learning to work with this rhythm will help you align with and relax into an easier flow with the Universe. Every 2 ½ days she leaves one Sign behind to enter the next.

Monday begins with the Moon in Sagittarius. She enters Capricorn at 8:30 AM EST on Monday morning where she will remain until 11:43 AM EST on Wednesday. While the Moon is in Capricorn you are ready and anxious to get to work. You may find yourself inclined toward serious activities. You will need to feel productive so plan out your intended accomplishments. Capricorn is a cardinal Earth sign that means business!

The Capricorn New Moon occurs one minute after midnight on Wednesday morning. Wednesday will be a powerful, intense, and unpredictable day! The Moon conjuncts Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter and squares both Mars and Uranus before the day is done. This is a day to watch! What occurs Wednesday will have important ramifications moving forward.

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At 11:43 AM EST (Wednesday) the Moon enters Aquarius where she remains until 5:17 PM EST on Friday. While the Moon is in Aquarius you’re able to see beyond your personal interests to the larger situation at hand. It is easier to stay objective and not let your emotions trip you up.

At 5:17 PM EST on Friday the Moon enters the quiet sensitive waters of Pisces where she remains for the remainder of the weekend. Pisces is a mutable water sign, offering changeability and sensitivity. Use the time when the Moon is in Pisces for rest and renewal. This will be a good weekend for creating imaginative works of art, meditation, and simple rest. Go ahead, end the weekend with a long nap! Your body and soul need the rest.

Please keep in mind that transits to your natal planets can override these more universal ones.

UNDERSTAND YOUR TRUTH – Monday, January 11, 2021

We are embroiled in yet another intense week. Keep breathing.

With the New Moon occurring just as Wednesday begins we are currently in the Dark of the Moon. Clarity and light are not available to us yet.

The Moon enters Capricorn at 8:30 AM EST bringing your attention to the seriousness of what needs your (our) attention. Think about this in relation to culture and country as well as your own private life.

At 12:19 PM EST Mercury joins with Jupiter in Aquarius. It is important that you learn to speak your most authentic truth even when it is difficult. Mercury conjunct Jupiter begins a cycle of expressing your true beliefs unflinchingly.

Plant a metaphorical seed that will help you develop the courage you may need to speak what is most true for you. Speaking with quiet confidence will never require bullying anyone else to agree with you. Plant a seed of unfettered expression and understanding of your truth that respects the right of others to disagree.

_The Sagittarius Moon is void-of-course until she enters Capricorn at 8:30 AM EST. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._

WAITING FOR THE OTHER SHOE TO FALL – Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Today the Moon travels through Capricorn encouraging you to stabilize and bring order to your life and environment. This is a day that you would like to work with structured, practical, and concrete ideas and projects. That may be what your emotions want today but there are other forces at work. Don’t get to attached to accomplishment!

At 9:59 AM EST Mercury forms a (Third Quarter) Square aspect to Uranus. You can expect a fair amount of anxiety as you wait for the other shoe to drop. Don’t expect your thinking to retain its normal tempo. You may feel unsettled as though things are moving faster than you can keep up with. Give yourself extra time to accomplish anything as you are likely to feel somewhat distracted by forces beyond your control. Give others the benefit of the doubt as they are having a challenge focusing as well.

The positive side of this aspect is that you may unexpectedly have a new and different perspective on an old problem. Watch for original ideas and breakthroughs in projects and plans. If someone brings you an idea that seems impractical, do not dismiss it out of hand. Something brilliant may emerge out of anxiety.

CAPRICORN NEW MOON – EFFORT AND FOCUS: – Wednesday, January 13, 2021

On the east coast, the Capricorn New Moon occurs just after midnight. If you are on the west coast the New Moon happened yesterday. Regardless of where you are, this New Moon will impact you today. A New Moon indicates the beginning of a new cycle. It is time to plant a metaphorical seed for what you wish to grow over the next 2 weeks. There are longer cycles involved as well, but let’s keep this simple as there is so very much to consider today.

If you have never done a New Moon ritual before, do so today. We all need to stand together and accomplish the work that must be done to bring our lives to a better place. See the New Moon ritual below*

Before the day is done the Capricorn Moon forms challenging aspects to Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus. Keep your eyes open and anticipate powerful and unpredictable changes.

At 6:01 AM EST Mars Squares Saturn suggesting the forces of Mars and Saturn at cross purposes. You have a powerful need to passionately express yourself but when you try to do so you meet solid resistance. The result may be extreme frustration. Breath deeply, release tension in your breath.

As the Moon enters Aquarius at 11:43 AM EST you can see the situation at hand with more objectivity. You are not at the center or the only one being impacted. The tides of change are affecting all humanity. Ensure that your thoughts and actions are for the good of all.

At 7:21 PM EST Venus trine Uranus waking you to the importance of truly understanding your deep values. This is a lovely aspect offering a renewed belief in our shared desire to humanitarian growth.

_The Capricorn Moon is void-of-course from 2:22 AM EST until she enters Aquarius at 11:43 AM EST. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._


First, write down what you would like to see increase or develop in the next 2 weeks and extend that to the desired growth of the next 6 months.

The Capricorn New Moon suggests that this is the time to plant a seed of hard work, accomplishment, and determined effort. These are qualities that are so very important right now. We all need to step us and face the work required in order to support our lives and our democracy.

Plant a seed that resonates with your heart and your current understanding.

Have two candles available. Light the first to represent yourself, and where you find yourself right now. Light the second candle as inspiration for the change you want to build during this cycle.

Take a moment to focus as you light each candle.

Imagine drawing hard work and determination to you as you physically bring the two candles closer together. Do this each day for two weeks.

At the Leo Full Moon on January 28th, you will bring the candles together as you acknowledge the strength and resiliency you have developed.

Remember the energy you infuse into this cycle will continue over the next six months until the Capricorn Full Moon on June 24, 2021.


The Moon remains in innovative, unconventional Aquarius today. It is easy to remain cool as a cucumber as your focus is on the greater human family rather than on your individual self.

The Moon is VOC for the entire day offering you a time to consciously rest and try not to take yourself too seriously. The earth continues to spin on its axis bringing the Sun over the horizon each morning regardless of our personal or cultural challenges.

At 3:36 AM EST Uranus stations direct, ending the retrograde that started on August 15th. Uranus brings unexpected changes, shocks, and surprises. Something that has been building below the surface since that time may come into full view over the next few days. Expect the unexpected.

At 9:18 the Sun conjuncts transformative Pluto. This begins a one year cycle of shining light on a path of transformation ahead. The job of Pluto is to destroy what is in the way of necessary transformation for full empowerment. The Sun shines a light on your understanding of what needs to or is being destroyed, transformed, and /or empowered. Watch how you come across to others, you can access great power at this time. Use it with kindness.

If something dramatic or upsetting occurs today (or within a day or two) understand that it is for the purpose of higher development. Necessary transformation does not come without difficulty.

This is also a powerful time to address any dark or sinister issues in your personal life. Flush out clogged drains and eliminate what no longer serves the highest purpose of your life.

_The Aquarius Moon is void-of-course from 4:29 AM EST until she enters Pisces at 5:17 PM EST tomorrow. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact. WOW! This is a very long VOC!_

A COOL IMPASSIVE DAY – Friday, January 15, 2021

For the bulk of the day, the Moon remains in cool unflappable Aquarius where she makes no aspects to other planets whatsoever. This brings us a day supportive of intellectual explorations and interesting conversations. Explore innovative solutions to the problems that beset your life and our world. Your attention does well to focus on the greater good of all rather than personal issues.

At 5:17 PM EST, the Moon leaves the detachment of Aquarius behind and enters the deeply sensitive sign of Pisces. Oh, please, we all call in unison, let us rest. Listen to serene music, go to bed early, and allow yourself a much needed dreamless sleep.

_The Aquarius Moon is void-of-course until she enters Pisces at 5:17 PM EST. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._

A WELCOME DAY FOR REST OR DREAMS – Saturday, January 16, 2021

There are other factors at play but let’s stick with the simplicity of today’s Moon. Tomorrow we will deal with more of the complications.

The Moon is in dreamy Pisces today. If you think you have to do things that require determination or fortitude you will not be happy about it. If you are an artist, a dreamer, or a poet you will welcome a day where you can float in a gentle mystical emotional space. While the Moon is in Pisces we all feel softer, more adaptable, sensitive, and compassionate than usual.

Remember this in your interactions with others. They may put on a brave face but underneath they are aware of their human vulnerabilities.

Find an emotional retreat for the day if you are able. You may be drawn to water, poetry, film, and/or music. Compassion, intuition, and imagination are easily tapped into. Spend time on your meditation cushion, enjoy a movie, a glass of wine, or a hot bath.

PROCEED WITH CAUTION – Sunday, January 17, 2021

The Moon continues through passive mystical Pisces today. However, the complications of the day won’t offer time for relaxation or rest.

At 5:49 PM EST Jupiter forms a square aspect to Uranus. This aspect indicates restlessness, rebellion, and change. The willingness to accept change is important in our lives. Change is at the heart of everything. We know that change will come and yet so often we fight against it. Then there are times we jump into it without clear thought for the consequences.

This aspect will be a powerful influence for several days.

During this time you may long for freedom and are willing to take risks, not always wise ones, for the sake of personal freedom.

Slow down, do not leap into new ideas, investment, or enterprises. There is great instability in this aspect. Impulsiveness can lead you to make unnecessary mistakes. Use the energy of this transit to explore unusual exciting ideas and conversations rather than taking risky actions.

Erratic behavior without the willingness to take responsibility for your actions may lead to a significant loss. The important thing is to proceed with caution. Do not take risks you are unwilling to take responsibility for.

_The Pisces Moon is void-of-course from 10:45 PM EST until she enters Aries early Monday morning. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact._

In these weekly reports, I explore the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and give rise to fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its void-of-course, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the void-of-course.
The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

“The cosmos is a vast living body, of which we are still parts. The sun is a great heart whose tremors run through our smallest veins. The moon is a great nerve center from which we quiver forever. Who knows the power that Saturn has over us, or Venus? But it is a vital power, rippling exquisitely through us all the time”. – D.H. Lawrence