There are a few significant astrological changes coming over the next week for all of us to remember and integrate into our lives!

Marika Dragoumis by Nikos Stefanou Dragoumis via Wiki Commons

Marika Dragoumis by Nikos Stefanou Dragoumis via Wiki Commons

On Tuesday, Venus finishes her time in Capricorn and enters Aquarius.
Venus has been in Capricorn since January 23rd. During this time, we have tended toward a serious attitude toward finances and have probably worked overtime to develop serious structures within intimate relationships and business partnerships.
Your ambition and need for accomplishment has been an area of serious consideration; now this will change. The boundaries between friends and lovers may break down as your ability to be more lighthearted in your intimacies grows stronger.
It is easier during this time to openly love and connect with others.
While Venus is in Aquarius, it is the perfect time to examine your long-held beliefs about relationships and sexuality. There are many ways to love and while Venus is in Aquarius, we are able to explore outside the traditional boxes we normally stay within. It is important to consider at this time whether you are truly looking for a significant relationship or if you simply want a lover or a play partner.
On Friday at 12:33 AM EST, the Sun enters Pisces, and we come to the end of the current astrological year. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and signals the ending of one cycle as we prepare for a new beginning at the Spring Equinox, when the Sun enters Aries.
We leave intellectual brilliance behind as we reach to deepen intuition, sensitivity, and mysticism.
During this time, we may need more rest than usual to open our hearts and minds to the less obvious side of life. Take time over the coming weeks to pay attention to your dreams, listen to music, and meditate regularly. Seek a deeper understanding and compassion for others.
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Monday, February 15, 2016:
The week begins with the First Quarter Moon in Taurus. Consider back to Monday, February 8, 2016. How did you spend the day of the New Moon? Can you identify what was the new beginning that occurred in your life?
Considering that what began at the New Moon will come into full illumination at the Full Moon on February 22nd, now is the time to take action that will bring the results you are hoping for. This is the day to take action.
Monday begins calmly enough with the Moon in Taurus. The energy kicks up at 9:35 AM EST, when the Moon enters Gemini. There are many stories to be told and conversations to have on Monday.
The afternoon should be a time for easy connections and lighthearted conversations. Open up to your own vulnerability and encourage others to speak openly. What do you imagine could come out of the conversations you engage in on this day? Think about this and plan accordingly..
Tuesday, February 16, 2016:
The Moon remains in Gemini all day on Tuesday encouraging us to continue the conversations that we began on Monday. Early afternoon this could prove challenging, as the stories you want to share are not necessarily appreciated by others. Pay attention to your audience and choose your stories accordingly. In the late afternoon, this energy shifts and more freedom of expression is available.
By the end of the day, Venus enters Aquarius, remaining there until March 12, 2016. During this time, we have the opportunity to explore new ways of relating to others and to our money and other resources. We will have the opportunity to examine, with a new perspective, the beliefs that we hold without question.
Now is the time to question those beliefs. Perhaps, your relationships don’t need to fit in the box you were told they did. Perhaps, you do not need to make or spend money the way you were told was necessary.
Due to the recent Uranus and Pluto square, the world is experiencing a radical shift. It is time to take our blinders off and examine some previously unexamined issues. It is okay to play with new ideas and ways of viewing the world. Radical change can bring deep expansion, profound connections, and even unexpected joy.
Merida 2015 by Derek Balmer via Wiki Commons

Merida 2015 by Derek Balmer via Wiki Commons

Wednesday, February 17, 2016:
Wednesday begins still on the high note of the active, sometimes jittery, sign of Gemini. Following a trine aspect between the Gemini Moon and the Aquarius Sun at 11:37 AM EST, the Moon becomes quiet until she enters Cancer at 2:24 PM EST. During this quiet spell, we may consider celebrating our own personal siesta. The activity of the past few days has left us just a bit tired.
When the day is done, we are delighted to head home. Nothing sounds better than our own home, a hot meal, and our closest family members or loved ones.
If you are heading home alone, do not fret. We do not need others to expand the internal depth of love we long for.
With the Moon in Cancer, our thoughts turn to family, security, and even the home of our youth. Give your mom, your sister, or your aunt a call this evening. Making contact with someone connected to you from a different time and space will bring comfort, and perhaps deep satisfaction.
Thursday, February 18, 2016:
On Thursday, the Moon continues through Cancer and yet, our minds are not content to rest in a quiet space developing security. There is an edge of anxiety as the Moon links with Pluto and Uranus, turning our minds toward that which interferes with our security. Perhaps, you have family members that challenge your most personal beliefs, which offer safety and security to your life.
This is a day to consciously and whole-heartedly accept the differences between yourself and others. We each see the world, our lives, and our families from a very different perspective. We cannot expect others to see the world from where we stand.
This would be a delightful day to sit in a busy public place and pay attention to your judgments as you watch people. Each person you see or each time you feel an internal judgment, simply say to yourself “This person wants to be happy, just like me” or “This person does not want to suffer, just like me.” This is a powerful practice, which will connect you to the entire human race with compassion and deep love.
Shortly after midnight on Thursday night, the Sun will enter Pisces. The intellect subsides as sensitivity and open awareness blossoms.
Friday, February 19, 2016:
The Sun’s entry into the passive, whimsical sign of Pisces at 12:33 AM EST brings the opportunity to release the past and embrace your own inner terrain. Your view of reality softens.
During the Sun’s time in Pisces, we are able to fully embrace a spiritual viewpoint even as we release the desires of ego. Take advantage of this time to notice what brings us together rather than focusing on what divides us.
The Moon enters Leo at 9:18 PM EST, just in time for a playful night on the town. This is a great date night or time to go out with friends, a night for dancing. Enjoy.
Obra De Ricardo Wagner by Pilarxita via Wiki Commons

Obra De Ricardo Wagner by Pilarxita via Wiki Commons

Saturday, February 20, 2016:
Saturday highlights an opposition between the Leo Moon and Venus and Mercury (both in Aquarius). This could easily manifest as an argumentative tone to the day. Both Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, suggesting that each person engaged in this argument holds a powerful belief that they are right and only they are right.
Please take advantage of this information and allow yourself to truly see the other side of any disagreement or stressful engagements you may encounter. Do what you can to let it go. If you are unable to let it go, do your best to walk away and give everyone a chance to let time change the dynamic.
This is a passing issue; no one needs to win. As long as you don’t engage with the ‘issue’, it will pass and by evening, you will hardly remember what the fuss was about.
It is never worth having anything get in the way of a lovely Leo Moon on a Saturday night. If you are able to manage this well, you have every chance to enjoy a lovely evening with friends, family, or lovers.
Sunday, February 21, 2016:
Sunday provides us with a delightful Grand Fire Trine. With the Moon in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries, excitement and passion are likely to be sparked.  Consider what activity can bring fun and powerful delight. Seek that which engages your most authentic self-expression.
This is not a Sunday to stay home quietly preparing for the coming week. The upcoming week will take care of itself.
If possible, get the day rolling early. There’s much energy at your disposal for fun and connection. Engage it early.
* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.
* The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
* The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.