A Simple Plan to Manage Mercury Retrograde
MERCURY turns Retrograde (13 degrees Pisces) on Sunday, February 16, 2020, at 7:54 PM Eastern time. Mercury will return to direct motion on March 9, 2020.
Everywhere I turn these past few days someone is asking me (with trepidation and a touch of fear in their eyes) is Mercury turning retrograde AGAIN??
There is so much unnecessary fear and misinformation around Mercury’s retrograde cycles. Let’s keep this very simple.
#1. Don’t be afraid, worried, or concerned
Yes, that is easier said than done, but please forget all the terrible things you have ever heard about Mercury retrograde. There are no astrological conditions that we need to block ourselves from in fear. We simply must learn how to make the best use of the planetary cycles as we encounter them. I have come to deeply appreciate Mercury’s retrograde cycle. These are wonderful times to catch up on what has been left undone and are a true gift if we learn how to use them.
#2. Get a notebook and a pen and make a list of everything that you began but have NOT completed since November 20, 2019

Start with a clean sheet of paper, quiet your mind and think back over the past few months. On November 20th Mercury turned direct at 11 degrees Scorpio. Since then, Mercury has zipped through the remainder of Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and well into Pisces where it now turns retrograde at 13 degrees. Think about what you have been doing since late November. Look through calendars and notebooks to find reminders of what you have been thinking about and working on since then. Now, make a list of all the things that you have begun but not completed. Dig deep; there are probably more things than you are aware of. Consider that appointment you have been meaning to make? And how about the project that you finally tucked into a drawer because you couldn’t find the time to complete it? You probably have all sorts of paperwork and emails that have fallen through the cracks. You can finish that 500-page novel you began a month ago and gave up on as life took over.
#3. Get to work
Once you have this list, it is easy to prepare the perfect plan for the next three+ weeks (Mercury turns direct on March 9, 2020. Get to work completing the things on this list. Nothing more, nothing less. Our lives are so busy; we zip from one project to another, from one communication to another. We never seem to have the time to slow down and carefully complete the tasks that we have begun. Mercury retrograde brings us the gift of time to wrap up loose ends.
#4. Don’t be tempted to start new projects, begin new commitments, new relationships, or new jobs
Don’t buy the new car, the new computer, or begin working with new software that has any kind of a learning curve.

Mercury is the time for clean up only. Don’t move forward until Mercury turns direct on March 9, 2020.
If you follow these simple steps, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish during this 3 week period. Good Luck and Get to Work!
These are guidelines; not Rules. There are things that can not be put off. Please be practical and do what must be done.

Please keep in mind that transits to your natal planets can override these more universal ones. A personal consultation offers deep understanding.


Today the Virgo Moon supports focus on specifics beginning the week with productivity and attention to detail.

Begin your list of unfinished projects to complete during the upcoming Mercury retrograde. During the retrograde (February 16 – March 9) you will do well to focus on completing what is on that list without taking on new projects.

Set aside any expansive plans and big ideas for another day. Today, go ahead and dig into the details of practical tasks. Work on your budget, pay the bills, do laundry, and color-code your spice rack!

Intellectually based activities are supported this morning as the Moon opposes Mercury at 9:51 AM EST. The evening is colored by the Moon trine Jupiter expanding your awareness of others. Bolster your inner kindness toward others while sidestepping unnecessary judgment. By the time the Moon opposes Neptune at 10:30 PM EST, you are able to drift to sleep while seeking lovely dreams.


FRESH FLOWERS THIS EVENING – Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Today begins with a similar focus to yesterday. The Virgo Moon continues to concentrate your attention on detail-oriented projects. This morning as the Moon trine both Pluto and Saturn, your focus pays off with feelings of stability and empowerment. This is a great day to write a grant, for instance, or sit down and get a jump on your taxes.

Early this afternoon you will need to let off some steam as the Moon squares Mars at 1:26 PM EST. Go for a run, get to the gym, or play a game of tennis. t

At 6:38 PM EST, the Moon enters Libra ushering in an evening of shared intimacies, the creation of beauty, and time well spent together. If you have a partner set the dinner table with candlelight and enjoy a romantic evening. If you are single do the same for your self.

Fresh flowers on the dining room table will support an evening of beauty and pleasure.

The Virgo Moon is void-of-course from 1:26 PM EST until she enters Libra at 6:38 PM EST. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact.

THE ROLE OF PEACEMAKER  – Wednesday, February 12, 2020
Today brings an amiable day as the Moon moves through pleasure-seeking Libra. Regardless of your personal Moon sign, you will often feel the transiting Moon almost as though it were your own.

Focus on issues of creating beauty, peace, and harmony in your environment and your relationships with others.

You may find yourself in the role of Peacemaker. Disharmony and friction feel painfully uncomfortable causing you to take action against it. Libra is an active sign reaching for diplomacy, negotiation, and charm.

With the Moon in Libra, folks are more accommodating and want to bring forth pleasure and grace. In the quest for beauty and harmony, there are two things to watch for. Don’t go overboard to please others and watch the tendency to overspend on items of beauty.

BREATHE AND RELEASE – Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Moon remains in Libra today forming square aspects to both Pluto and Saturn. There will be challenges to your desire for beauty and harmony at every turn.

At 9:20 AM EST, the Moon squares Pluto sliding your emotions into turmoil. Don’t let your anger condone the manipulation of others. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you couldn’t possibly do so. Consciously or unconsciously we all have the capacity to manipulate others. Whatever the situation that is bringing this difficulty to the surface, allow it to pass without doing anything about it. Breathe and let it pass.

At 1:47 PM EST, the Moon forms a challenging square aspect to Saturn. At this point, your anger may shift to uncertainty and sadness.

At 4:40 PM EST the Moon sextile Mars. Get outside and shake off any negativity that has attached itself to you throughout the day.

At 7:37 PM EST, the Moon enters Scorpio. Set the evening aside for quiet, privacy and deep inner considerations.

Resist the pull toward negativity and you will end the day on a note of deep contemplation and self-healing.

The Libra Moon is void-of-course from 4:40 PM EST until she enters Scorpio at 7:37 PM EST. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact.


SINGLE OR COUPLED: CELEBRATE LOVE  – Friday, February 14, 2020

Whether you are single or coupled, go ahead and celebrate Valentine’s Day. It is always of value to glorify LOVE.

Utilize the Moon in sultry, passionate Scorpio by bringing deep emotion to your relationship or to yourself. Make a powerful commitment to love and honor yourself and your partner today.

Whatever you would do for a partner today, do for yourself if you are single. Yes, buy yourself flowers and chocolates, take yourself to dinner, or cook a special meal. Take a long hot bath and pamper yourself excessively.

Scorpio favors deep passion and intensity in all forms. Scorpio has no patience for superficiality or small talk. Do not accept a date with someone just to NOT be alone for Valentines’ Day. That would be a prescription for a miserable evening. Time alone is of high value, bring heat and passion into your life on your own or with a partner.

THE GIFT OF AN OPEN HEART – Saturday, February 15, 2020

Spend today quietly with a lover or on your own. Typical weekend endeavors such as casual social connections or general errands and tasks will not be your cup of tea.

The introspective Scorpio Moon wants passion, power, and significance in all your interactions.

At 5:18 PM EST, the Moon reaches her Third Quarter Phase. This is a time of reflection and release. The Moon is waning in energy and losing light as she reaches out toward the end of her journey. The intention you set at the Aquarius New Moon (January 24) will be complete at the Pisces New Moon (February 23).

For this evening go deep in intimate connections. It may be difficult to show vulnerability but the gift of an open heart will serve you well.

The Scorpio Moon is void-of-course from 5:20 PM EST until she enters Sagittarius at 11:07 PM EST. This suggests that what occurs during this time will not have much impact.


MERCURY RETROGRADE AND OTHER NEWS  – Sunday, February 16, 2020
You may notice a considerable change on this astrologically significant day. The morning sees Mars entering the realm of Capricorn where he will encounter Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn over the coming six weeks.

Mars, the planet of action has been in Sagittarius, the sign of exploration since January 3, 2020. Now as he joins the crew (Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn) in the buttoned-up Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn things get serious. Your actions become more deliberate as you are more intent in consideration of the future and of the consequences of your actions.

You may be slow to anger but can become cold and even cruel if frustrated. Over the coming weeks, it will serve you well to find a way to keep your heart soft and open. Vulnerability (within the context of safe relationships) is a skill worth developing with Mars in Capricorn.

At 7:54 PM EST Mercury turns retrograde as it will remain until March 9th. Mercury retrograde supports productivity when used properly. Focus your attention on unfinished projects. Don’t start anything new; don’t purchase electronics or big-ticket items. Completed past projects and past communications. Mercury retrograde can be used as a powerful reset button.

* In these weekly reports, I explore the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and give rise to fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.
The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

“The more one is consciously in touch with one’s own life, the more astrology offers- not sensational surprises or a way of manipulating fate- But rather a means of clarifying the stages of self-development which we should welcome and use as opportunities for personal transformation. ~ Stephen Arroyo