Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: August 24, 2015 through August 30, 2015
As we settle into the energy of Virgo, we relax into a relatively simple week.

Gorgeous by Deanna Brinkman

Gorgeous by Deanna Brinkman

The Moon is waxing until she reaches her full illumination at the Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday.
Work is heating up with a vengeance as I have begun business coaching and have more than a handful of new clients.
Everyone seems to have judgments about Virgo, but how could we do what we must do without this hard working energy? It is time to get back to work with a vengeance!!
As the Sun enters Virgo, we all become more concerned with our path forward!
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Monday, August 24, 2015:
The week begins with the Moon in Sagittarius encouraging you to speak your mind. This is not a day for subtly or false modesty. This is a day to speak your mind, to tell the truth.
The day may begin with surprising or unexpected news regarding love or money.
The evening may bring a communication you do not want to hear. For all of us, there are times when the truth can be more than we want to deal with.
You may need to be very adept at managing your own discomfort in this situation.
Allow yourself to hear (and deeply consider) what is being said without responding in the moment.
Keep a low profile after 5:04 PM EST with the Sagittarius Moon VOC*.
At 11:22PM EST, the Moon enters Capricorn bringing a serious edge to bedtime. Resist the temptation to begin a work project; get some sleep! You will need your energy for productivity over the next few days.
“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” ~Brené Brown
Tuesday, August 25, 2015:
On Tuesday, you will awaken to the Moon in Capricorn forming lovely aspects to both the Sun and Jupiter. The Capricorn Moon requires that you pay careful attention to your responsibilities and keep an eye on the reality of your situation.
Keep your responses to all things practical and without any hurry.
This will be an emotionally steadfast day, as you accomplish the practical realities that are in front of you.
Late in the evening, you may need to deeply examine an area of your heart you would probably rather avoid. If you notice your thoughts turning toward blame or other negativity toward others, please be honest and take responsibility for where you find yourself.
Tuesday is a serious day, beginning with a great deal of accomplishment and ending in potentially passionate struggles with others.
“When we can no longer change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” ~Viktor Frankl
Homage at Kotoku-in by Juliana Harris

Homage at Kotoku-in by Juliana Harris

Wednesday, August 26, 2015:
The Moon is still in Capricorn throughout Wednesday. Get as much work done as possible early in the day. You may encounter some unexpected complications on the job. Keep your thoughts steady, move with slow determination and this energy will pass.
At 11:07 AM EST, Mercury sextile Saturn. Your thoughts may be focused on finding a serious, yet kind, way to release a certain responsibility. You may be in a situation where you have no choice by to disappoint someone you care about. Remember that your responsibility is to yourself first.
At 5:01 PM EST, the Sun and Jupiter begin a new cycle of expansive generosity. In order for one cycle to begin, the previous one must end. The cycle that is ending now began in July 2014. At that time, the expansion was of fiery playful expression.
The cycle we begin now offers to expand our insightful as we prepare to take more steps toward the expansion of service that we are to others.
Spend the evening in the company of those who truly support the best in you.
Remember, you are not looking for a dramatic or social party; you are looking for the pleasure of understanding and the ability to seek peace within yourself. Make this evening count.
“It is not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of pursuit.” ~Denis Waitley
Thursday, August 27, 2015
Long before we wake up on Thursday, there will be a VOC* Moon in Capricorn, ending when she enters Aquarius at 3:03AM EST. When we awake, the Moon is in Aquarius and Mercury is taking its the last few steps through Virgo.
At 10:44 AM EST, Mercury enters Libra. You are encouraged to look for an intellectual reflection in others. Mercury will remain in Libra until it enters Scorpio on November 2nd. Generally, Mercury spends less time in a single sign. However, Mercury turns retrograde between September 17th and October 9th. Yes, that is coming up soon.
With the Moon in Aquarius, you may notice that you do not need to take yourself so seriously. You are able to take a very different view of your life and circumstances.
Aquarius operates on a very different level from the rest of the signs.
During an Aquarius Moon, you are more able to understand those who have a very different perspective. You may feel more detached from others as your emotional nature is cool and thoughtful.
“Don’t try to change anything at all, just breathe and let go. Breathe and let be… in your mind and in your heart, give yourself permission to allow this moment to be exactly as it is, and allow yourself to be exactly as you are.” ~Jon Kabat-Zinn
Friday, August 28, 2015:
Friday can be a day of imaginative pleasure as we build to the Pisces Full Moon on Saturday. With the Aquarius Moon making a lovely aspect to its ruling planet, Uranus, you can expect the unexpected.
If you encounter or are offered something unusual, something that you normally would back away from, don’t be surprised if this is the day that you find yourself saying YES! Go ahead and embrace an idea that is surprising and unusual. You may feel rebellious in all the areas where people think they know what to expect of you.
You may find yourself acting and behaving in ways that are very unlike your usual patterns of life. Don’t let anything surprise you. This is an ideal time to brainstorm new ideas and look for evidence of the progressive changes you’re seeking.
Open yourself to new ways of doing things and anticipate new ideas that come unexpectedly. Pay attention to those ideas.
When the Moon is in Aquarius, is it time to pay careful attention to all that is unusual and unexpected.
“Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light.” ~Dan Brown
Motherland by Juliana Harris

Motherland by Juliana Harris

Saturday, August 29, 2015:
Saturday, we awaken to the Moon in Pisces. At 1:35 PM EST, she reaches full illumination at 6° Pisces.
This Full Moon illuminates the places within your imagination that you long to explore and expand. The Full Moon brings us to the highest point of the lunar cycle, which began at the New Moon on August 14.
Whatever began at that time, you are now able to see how far you have come with that situation. This is the time to release full creative energies.
Go dancing, make love. Expand every inch of your heart.
Bring love into every interaction and every conversation. Hold back nothing. Let loose.
“Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light.” ~Dan Brown
Sunday, August 30, 2015:
Sunday, we wind the week down with simplicity and a general sense of dreamy imagination. This is a day to rest from the energy that you released at the Full Moon on Saturday.
I would recommend a leisurely breakfast, a long walk in the woods, spend time on your meditation cushion, or enjoy the afternoon by a body of water.
It does not get much simpler than this. Enjoy. Offer Love.
“We dream to give ourselves hope. To stop dreaming—well, that’s like saying you can never change your fate.” ~ Amy Tan
This week: The VOC* Moon!
VOC* (void of course) refers to the period of time between the final aspect that the Moon makes while in one sign until she enters the next sign. This can consist of several minutes or many hours. These periods are best handled with little expectation of accomplishment. These times are ideally suited for rest and contemplation.
Block off these times in your schedule and avoid making significant decisions or working on important projects during these times. During VOC* Moon, focus on routine tasks. You will be surprised at how this one change will smooth the edges of your life!
Do you have questions about what is appropriate to do or not do during the VOC* moon? A simple way to think about it is to ask a simple question: Do I hope that this activity will amount to something? If the activity does not need to amount to anything, go ahead with it!
If you have an expectation or desire that this action is going to amount to something, do not do it while the Moon is VOC*. Think about the time you bought a book you were certain you were going to love and you never could finish it! Think about the time you bought the perfect article of clothing that you ended up never wearing. That is the Moon VOC*!
Monday, August 24, 2015 the Moon is VOC* (in Sagittarius) following a square to Mercury at 5:04 PM EST, until she enters Capricorn at 11:22 PM EST
Thursday, August 27, 2015, the Moon is VOC* (in Capricorn) following a trine to Mercury at 2:20 AM EST, until she enters Aquarius at 3:03 AM EST.
Saturday, August 29, 2015 the Moon is VOC* (in Aquarius) following a square to Saturn at 2:03 AM EST until she enters Pisces at 3:51 AM EST. Or are hot
* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.
The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

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