Embrace the Bitter Sweet as Leo Season Gives Way to Virgo Season

Within western American culture, the distinction between Leo Season and Virgo Seasons is clearly delineated. As children, we remember the free playtime of Leo giving way to preparations for heading off to another year of school. In some ways, we long to stay at the beach or continue playing in the fields, and yet, we also long to settle down, begin new routines, begin a new study, or simply make a pot of soup and go to bed early.

I am beginning to imagine how it will be here in my new home with my wild kitty boy Kairos. I got my library card this week in anticipation of new interests and spending time in sunny public spaces on cold days.

But that is still a ways off! We have September and October ahead. I have a new interest that I expect will develop over Virgo Season. It is not really a new interest but one I am finally ready to engage with. Cemeteries and graveyards have always intrigued me.

I am now a member of the Maine Old Cemetary Association. I want to learn to restore abandoned cemeteries that hold so many stories and so much history. A curious fact you may or may not know is the difference between a graveyard and a cemetery. A burial area that is in the yard of the church is a graveyard. A free-standing burial area is a cemetery. There! Now you know something that most people do not.

Both astrology and burial sites hold within them the history of time. When we see that an entire family was wiped out in a single year, we can consider the planetary aspects at that time. Behind each gravestone is the story of a life that is bookended between the birth and death dates given on the stone. The family connections surround them with more dates of birth and deaths, beginnings, and endings.

What are you interested in studying or learning about in the coming weeks? It is time to take up a new study or develop new routines for understanding or caring for your body. Perhaps it is time to change your exercise routine or your dietary considerations. Maybe it is time to study astrology more deeply. If that is something that sounds interesting to you, let’s talk!

Click below to talk with me about this interest! I would love to help you find your path forward whether it be by giving you suggestions on where to begin or by becoming your teacher.




Monday, August 22, 2022

We are wearing our hearts on our sleeves as the week begins. With the Moon in Cancer, maintain your awareness of emotional vulnerability. Seek comfort through secure family attachments.

At 5:58 PM ET, Mercury, the planet that relates to our thinking mind and how we use our voice trines Pluto, the planet of power. Because a trine aspect suggests a free flow of energy you can expect this to be a time of inquisitive deep intellectual exploration. Your mind should feel deep, focussed, and penetrating. You are not interested in light conversations about the weather or about the media programming you have been watching. Although if that programming is having a powerful impact on your thinking, it may be the very thing you want to talk about! If you have important and serious communications to deliver, now is a good time. Your words will have a great impact as will the words you hear from others.

Mercury’s impact as a transiting planet is relatively brief. You can expect the influence to last for approximately 24 hours.


The Sun passes through the very end of Leo today before entering Virgo at 11:16 PM ET. I love this shift from Leo season to Virgo season.

Over the past month, we have spent time shining brightly, and, oh, how we have played. Now it is time to slow down and get serious about school, harvests, and cooler days ahead. In the coming days, create a more proficient routine, get your home organized, visit the library, or sign up for an online class. Let me know if you are finally ready to begin a serious study of astrology.

While the Sun is in Virgo ask yourself what you can further develop inside yourself as a service to others. What do you have to give that others will learn and grow from? Offer your kindness, your knowledge, and your humility.



Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Today’s Cancer Moon desires emotional comfort and safety. When the Moon is in this cardinal water sign we would like nothing more than to focus on domestic concerns and spend time at home with loved ones. Your emotions are focused on family, love, and supporting and nurturing others

Although the Moon is very much at home in Cancer due to its rulership of this sign, that does not mean it is an easy time. When the Moon is in Cancer we may be overly sensitive and moody.

The best use of this time is to focus on domestic activities, deep motivations, and connections with close family members. You are drawn to places of safety and people who deeply care for us. You may experience more vulnerability than usual and can become defensive if old buttons are activated.

Practice patience and loving-kindness toward others as you indulge in what brings comfort today. Indulge in comfort foods and allow yourself a bit of nostalgia. Please don’t get stuck there. Use this as a time to consider what is worth revisiting from the past and what is best left alone.



Wednesday, August 24, 2022

If you felt particularly vulnerable or nostalgic yesterday it will be a relief to have the Moon enter Leo at 9:10 AM ET. Set the tears and memories aside and move into a day that is made for expressing your brightest side.

The Leo Moon supports playfulness and dynamic self-expression. Leo is the fixed Fire sign ruled by the Sun. Leo offers the potential for enthusiasm and optimism. All else being equal the Leo Moon simply feels warm. We are able to exude courage and confidence. This is a great time to let the fun-loving child side of yourself come alive to dance and play.

While the Moon passes through Leo is a good time for romantic and creative activities as well. It is important not to let petty or unimportant ego issues get in the way of showing your best side. Step onto the stage of your life and seek attention for all that makes you special and unique. This is a day to shower your friends and loved ones with warmth and generosity. If you are on your own, shower yourself with warmth, generosity, and expressions of self-love. Leo loves gifts, so please don’t scrimp.

At 9:54 AM ET Uranus stations retrograde at 18° Taurus. This retrograde ends on January 22, 2023, at 14° Taurus. Uranus brings surprising changes. When Uranus is retrograde the changes tend to be more inward, possibly not being seen on the surface.

If you have personal planets or points between 13° and 18° of any fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) these dramatic changes will be quite personal to you. A professional astrology consultation would be of great benefit.

Uranus and Saturn have been in a long cultural conversation/ battle for well over a year now. Uranus’s retrograde brings this battle into greater focus as Uranus moves closer to the interaction with Saturn again. Rising tensions and sudden, expected changes within the culture have a profound impact and can be very frustrating and hard to manage. Do your best to stay patient, flexible, calm, and open-minded.

Watch for the ongoing issues of natural disasters and political instability to ramp up yet again. I repeat: Do your best to stay patient, flexible, calm, and open-minded.



Thursday, August 25, 2022

 The Moon continues through dramatic showy Leo today. Leo brings larger-than-life drama and creativity into focus. Leo is warm so with the Moon here anticipate an upbeat vibrant day. Folks tend to be more generous inclined and more ready to get on stage and show their true selves. Because we tend to be less reticent about showing our true nature creativity gets a big boost from this expressive Moon.

At 9:02 PM ET Mercury enters Libra. Mercury is the planet of the mind. It is the planet that represents how we think, speak, communicate and interact with others. When Mercury is in Libra our thinking takes on the qualities of this cardinal air sign. We are more rational in our relationships, more diplomatic, and friendly. This is a time to work on the development of our negotiation skills.

As Mercury enters Libra it is slowing down in preparation for the upcoming retrograde. Mercury stations retrograde on September 9th at 8 degrees Libra. On September 23rd, it will retreat back into Virgo, and turn direct on October 2nd, reentering Libra on October 10th.

It is never easy to make decisions when Mercury is in Libra as we are able to see both sides of any situation and want to please others by staying ‘on the fence’.

Use this time to listen to others and develop more understanding of the points of view that are counter to your own. Hold your own understanding even as you listen, learn, and allow your understanding to grow.




Friday, August 26, 2022

The Moon remains in playful expressive Leo for the bulk of the day. Enjoy feeling outgoing and playful with your friends and coworkers today. If you want to make plans for the evening, pay attention! Go ahead and make fun exciting plans for the early part of the evening but make those plans include being home before 8:30 PM ET.

With the Moon in Leo is easy to think that you will be in the mood to party, go dancing, or otherwise have a fun evening extending into the night. When the time comes your mood will probably have other things in mind.

When the Moon moves into Virgo at 8:25 you will be glad to be home and getting a good night’s sleep before the weekend. A prominent theme for Virgo is its meticulous attention to detail. It is practical to get a good night’s sleep in order to focus on the practical tasks and projects you will want to work on tomorrow.

This weekend is a good time to perfect, analyze, and refine a project that has the potential for positive change in your own life or others’ lives.



Saturday, August 27, 2022

At 4:17 AM ET, we reach the Virgo New Moon. At each New Moon, the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, thereby we see no reflected light. The idea of what is coming and what is possible is felt in an intuitive and subjective manner.

At the New Moon, we plant a metaphorical seed of our intent. The seed we plant germinates in the dark and reflects an important desire as we move forward. In Virgo, we understand the potential within ourselves and even of humanity as a whole. We want to help ourselves and others reach that potential.

The illumination of this cycle and the growth of the seed you plant now will come into focus at the Pisces Full Moon on September 10th. The longer cycle brings us to the Virgo Full Moon on March 7, 2023. The seed planted now will enliven your understanding at that time.

Plant a seed that will result in your coming closer to your full potential. Perfectionism may feel like the goal, it is not. We do not need to be perfect to be useful, helpful, and of service.

Several other planetary transits bring complications to the weekend. The Sun square Mars in the wee hours of the morning may result in feeling competitive, irritable, or aggressive toward others. Don’t take comments from others too personally. Find physical ways to relieve stress, and use caution when handling tools or machinery of any sort. The Sun’s impact as a transiting planet is relatively brief. You can expect the influence to last for approximately 24 – 48 hours.

Venus forms a powerful and challenging square aspect to Uranus, the planet of upheaval and excitement. Venus’ impact as a transiting planet is relatively brief. You can expect the influence to last for approximately 24 – 48 hours.

There may be a great deal about your relationship or your understanding of values and desires that are not stable at this time. Tomorrow Venus will oppose Saturn. These two tranists are linked together by the long term square between Saturn and Uranus.

Expect internal and external discomforts and upheavals throughout the next few days. Anytime Uranus is in conversation with Venus your relationships and your finances will be tested. You want freedom and excitement (Uranus) at the same time as you want stability and structure (Saturn). Push, Pull – Push, Pull

Allow yourself to be surprised by others. Look for excitement in the patterns of your relationship. Do not get stuck in your expectations, allow and enjoy the eccentricity of others.

Save shopping for another day, leave your credit cards at home, and for goodness sakes, give yourself and your partner a lot of space.




Sunday, August 28, 2022

Spend the day at home catching up on household chores that will support the week ahead.

The Moon in Virgo is always a time to catch up on paperwork, laundry, housework, yard work, and any other household chores. Make a list of your desired accomplishments and pin down any plans you have with others. Your attention is on practical matters, you are aware of your physical health, and can make changes to your health care routines.

At 2:27 PM ET, Venus forms an opposition to Saturn. Coming right after yesterday’s square to Uranus, the two are clearly connected. Feel the excitement in your relationships, your changing values, and/or your financial situation. At the same time feel and understand the restriction that may be necessary. Get clear on what really matters to you. What is most important in your relationships and your values and how do you use your resources?


In these weekly reports, I explore the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and give rise to fleeting moods. The aspects under consideration are conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions. The planets I work with are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.