Power/ Empowerment and the Gifts of Pluto

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I recently caught a few minutes of David Letterman interviewing Billie Eilish. He is speaking of her power to hold and carry a massive crowd in the palm of her hand. I confess I have never heard of Billie Eilish and until now had no idea who this person is. Letterman used the word power then backed off, apologizing and stating that power suggests manipulation. I was annoyed and I beg to differ. Power does not need to indicate manipulation. Power can indeed be used as manipulation. Manipulation is a misuse of power.

Think of the word empowerment. Consider Pluto in a clean trine aspect to a personal planet connected to the MC or the ruler of the MC. In Billie Eilish’s chart, Pluto makes a delightful sextile aspect to their Moon which rules their 5th house of creativity (Whole Sign House System). This provides the potential for creativity to be highly empowered.

Eilish also has a t-square that involves Pluto, Saturn, and Mars. Here we have a demand that one must take direct and serious action in order to greatly empower their life. Certainly, Pluto can bring the problematic sides of power but can, even with the hard work required by the t-square, bring great and beautiful empowerment. Never underestimate the gifts of Pluto.

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Unwavering Confidence – Monday, August 14, 2023

As the day begins (6:37 AM EDT) the Moon enters the steady heat of Leo. Notice that as this cosmic shift occurs, it’s as if a spotlight turns on. We want to be in that spotlight. The energy of Leo encourages us to embrace our uniqueness and radiate it outward. It’s like being on a stage where the world becomes your audience, urging you to share your talents and passions with unwavering confidence. This fixed fire sign ignites a spark in your emotions. Throughout the day, you’ll find that your feelings provide warmth and illumination to whatever you are involved with.

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Insights Drive Us Forward – Tuesday, August 15, 2023

The Moon continues through passionate dramatic Leo throughout the day. Your interactions with others will be infused with an extra dose of enthusiasm and self-assuredness. It’s as if we’re all given license to be a little more “extra” as we bask in the limelight of our own warmth. Whether it’s tackling challenges, pursuing creative endeavors, or simply engaging in conversations, the Leo Moon empowers us to do so with a touch of flair.

At 10:34 PM EDT, a clash of energies (a square aspect) is formed between the Sun and Uranus. This occurs twice a year and tends to catch us off guard, demanding that we respond. On May 9th, the yearly interaction between the Sun and Uranus occurred, signaling the beginning of a cycle that jolts us awake to things we were previously unaware of. Can you think of a personal or collective wake-up call in early May that brought unexpected realizations into view? Whatever began in early May is making a reappearance, pushing us to revisit it and take meaningful steps to let those newfound insights drive us forward.


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Leo New Moon: Illuminate Passion – Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Each summer, when the Sun is in Leo, we reach the Leo New Moon. Today that occurs in the early morning at 5:39 AM EDT. Your emotional landscape remains illuminated and passionate. Each New Moon marks the beginning of a fresh lunar cycle, initiating the planting of seeds for new opportunities. This event specifically invites us to recalibrate our self-expression, as we seek to reveal our genuine emotions to the world. This provides a juncture to embark on a renewed journey of self-discovery, embracing novel facets of your identity, fresh concepts, objectives, projects, behavioral patterns, or relationships. As you step into this joyful beginning, it’s pivotal to open your heart and nurture the growth of your most sincere aspirations.

The Leo New Moon is brimming with creative potency, vitalizing energy, and a fervor for life itself. Open yourself to inspiration, act on creative insights, reclaim joy, and ignite passion. Because this New Moon is in an exact square aspect to Uranus, it brings with it an element of surprise and perhaps astonishment. There’s also ample room to challenge conventions. The intention you set and the seeds you plant during this New Moon will move you toward a new trajectory, ushering in substantial changes in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

At 9:53 AM EDT, Mars forms a flowing trine aspect to Uranus. This encourages you to embrace spontaneity as well as take a risk to break free from something that has constrained you. Opportunities may arise that allow you to engage in novel activities, emotions, and connections. New ventures will be infused with enthusiasm. This aspect will be in full force throughout tomorrow.

The Moon enters Virgo at 7:15 PM EDT, slowing us down for the evening and a few more focused days ahead.

Leo New Moon Workbook

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The New Moon Workbook will lead you step by step through the Lunar Cycle that begins with the Leo New Moon. Click on the image to check it out!

Tracking these lunar cycles offers insights into your personal emotional patterns and timing. It’s like tuning into your internal rhythm and understanding how the moon’s phases influence your moods and decisions. This is very helpful for planning activities, self-reflection, and connecting with the flow of nature’s patterns.

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Practicality Takes Precedence – Thursday, August 17, 2023

As the Moon journeys through Virgo we feel the shift from dynamic Leo to practical Virgo. The vibrant and expressive sentiments of the previous days give way to a more pragmatic and detail-oriented atmosphere. With the Moon in Virgo, our focus turns towards productivity, meticulous organization, and a genuine desire to be of service to others. This mutable earth sign inspires us to channel our energies into tasks that demand careful attention and systematic thinking. You might want to address responsibilities before considering leisure activities.

Additionally, remember that the Virgo Moon’s influence extends to health-conscious activities and mindful self-care, making this an opportune time to address your overall well-being.

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A Methodical Day Ends with Passion – Friday, August 18, 2023

As the Moon continues through the sign of Virgo, the prevailing emotional environment underscores the importance of pragmatism and a keen eye for detail. Organizational skills and efficiency will be called for and you will find that you naturally gravitate towards scrutinizing and enhancing various facets of your life, both on the professional and personal fronts. An analytical and methodical approach will bring you the best results regardless of the endeavor at hand. As the day unfolds, allow this energy to facilitate strategic thinking and the adept handling of practical concerns.

At 5:52 PM EDT, the Moon trine Uranus suggesting an evening surprise on this otherwise ordinary day.  At 8:58 PM EDT, with the Moon conjunct Mars, you may have a choice to make. Perhaps the surprise this evening brought you out dancing or you find yourself in a decidedly passionate encounter. Whatever you choose, direct and active energy must be expended. Don’t waste this energy on a fight, go for the passion

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Harmonious Interactions – Saturday, August 19, 2023

At 7:54 AM EDT, the Moon shifts from Virgo to Libra, signifying a change from focusing on details to placing more attention and value on relationships. The upcoming days highlight teamwork, cooperation, and the search for diplomatic solutions. Pay attention to, create, and appreciate beauty in yourself, others, and your environment. Adorning your dining room table with flowers will open your heart and change your perspective.

In the realm of relationships, the Lira Moon urges connection, understanding the perspectives of others, and maintaining an open mind in discussions. This lunar position emphasizes the importance of tolerance and respect, leading to common ground even in disagreements. Pleasure, order, and collaborative decision-making take precedence with the Moon in Libra. Remember that although most choices can wait, harmonious interactions shouldn’t.

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Create Beauty – Sunday, August 20, 2023

The Moon remains in Libra today keeping your attention on connecting with and pleasing others. With the Moon in Libra, allow your desire to turn to the creation of beauty in your environments and pleasure in your relationships.

In all interactions, we are better able to understand the perspectives of others when the Moon is in this cardinal air sign. We long to create a sense of balance between ourselves and those close to us. During this time we see both sides of situations and issues that are being discussed. The downside is that it can be difficult to take a stand or make a decision.

As always when the Moon is in Libra, make your home a beautiful place to be. Beauty will make your heart sing and settle any emotional anxiety.

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Virgo Season Journal for Astrological Time Tracking

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The second workbook leads you step by step through the upcoming Virgo Season. Learning to work with and follow these changes month by month will change your life by providing a way to understand the themes and patterns of your life. It’s like watching a cosmic weather forecast and helps you prepare for shifts in energy, challenges, and opportunities. This is a great tool for self-awareness and planning.

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